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  1. steriods are pretty much accepted in the sport, its not right but thats how it is. Check it out, they actually have "natural" shows!! Where the chaps don't take roids! How !Removed! is that...
  2. He was found dead in his home gym! Prob through steriod abuse, I have a few mates on the gear...nasty stuff
  3. def rather have the Integra than the civic! I'm seeing tons of the civics about down here in Devon
  4. if your thinking about insuring a GT4 import, add on about £200 :!Removed!:
  5. Anyone going to castle combe this Sat for the Rally Supercar Day?? Best day off the year! You GT4 chaps wanna be there! ;)
  6. with 101 Ron fuel it should be 220BHP, but with normal petrol it will be around 200BHP But, you can use Optimax(98ron) and if needed use an octane booster which will be around 100 ron all in all!
  7. ....That will be the NOS!!! :hokus-pokus:
  8. I was looking round an import garage in Bristol and they had a new Integra Type R, very nice, i dowt it is as raw as the last 1 but it looks as good! Nice 1 Honda! :hokus-pokus:
  9. It's quite cool sometimes to go 120/30/40 or if u can 150/60, but not often and only when it's quiet!!! The main thing that was stupid about the 2 beasts racing was the fact that they were RACING!! Thats mad, we all know that its hard to control a car at that speed, they were riskin peoples lives.
  10. :P sell it and get a standard GT4 st205!!! :P
  11. I'd really like to see Rambo V's crocodile Dundee!!! :crutchy:
  12. I got the same car as u "me old mucker!!" I had it de restricted strait away! It will hit 145! Does ur beasty run better on Optimax mate?? I never know if it's in my head??!?
  13. Oh my god! What a fool! At least he has good taste in cars!!!
  14. I don't race very often but I'm not going to lie to u all just to "fit in" So, u all have these wicked cars, u spend lots of cash insuring them, lowering them, chipping them, upping the boost etc.. and all for 1 or 2 days a year when u can use the track!! Even on the track its FAR from a race as we have disscussed before as u can't over take on the corners or drive close to cars blah blah.. :meet: blah, Ok, I now all of u don't race or speed but comon! So if ur out driving and a u see a scooby or a Prelude up ur ***** u don't speed up just a tiny bit I NEVER RACE IN BUSY TRAFFIC OR BUILT UP AREA'S!!! :o But on a fast road when its very quiet I do, and I think more of us do than are really saying
  15. Hi ya'll! Havent been able to use the site for a ages as my work has got VERY keen on sacking people for using the net!!! The last jap meet was a real beauty, well worth turning up, lots of jappy beasts, the next meet is set to be better!! :group-cuddles:
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