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  1. you'll be the first in the UK and the last my friend :)
  2. Hi Alex. Congrats for getting a ST205. Now I think you need to do a bit of research about your Superstrut. http://gtfour.supras.org.nz/superstrut.htm The superstrut wasn't designed to last. Unfortunately it'salso very expensive. Identifying which part is making the noise is also difficult. Often when one part of the superstrut the rest of the whole mechanism would need changing pretty soon. Quite often it's just the bush joint called fig8 that goes first. Then the Lower arms and so on. my WRC ST205 has done just over 100K and I've spent little over 1K for a compleat change. Hope the link helps
  3. What car gen, model year is your car? I have a spare Gen 6 driver side.
  4. Ok. Unscrew the kick panel on the passenger side right in the corner and take off the triangular panel. Take out your glove box. Behind you'll find a rubber grommet which leads to the engine bay. Use a coat hanger to feed the power cable thorough. Run the power cable along the side. Snap off the door trip (without breaking it) and run the power cable along the rest of the wires you see there. Rip out the rear seat. Run along the edge ad into the boot. Make sure you put on before you feed the power to the amp. The earth cable is easy. Just bolt it to the bolt in the middle behind the rear seats
  5. I have a set which I don't use. PM me an offer.
  6. Looks nice but these seats aren't good for my celica or to any coupe as they don't recline.
  7. Don't trust the domestic Sat Nav. It's not that accurate especially at high speeds. What you want to your SS2 is limited to your wallet mate. It's got a tough engine that can take quite a lot. Most of us do the usual stage 1 mods to sort out the breathing. Remove the air box and put in an induction. De-restrict the engine. Decat your exhaust and you'll get a lot more response and a bit more bhp.
  8. Is your car is an import it's a ST202 with a SSII 3sge Engine. If your car is a UK model then it is a GT with a 3sge engine in it. Is your car Jap or UK?
  9. Whatrims have you got mate? Some rims have a lip which is easy to scratch and quick fit would know better then to take the risk. Some other place will most likely do it but they don't exactly care about your shiny rims. You're in Kent. I'r decamend you slap on that spare wheel and go to Elite on the A13 after ilford heading to essex. They'll have all the tools to do it and prices are fantastic too. http://www.elitedirect.com/
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. One thing though. I wouldn't want to fill in the wrighting though because I no longer own a ST202 but a ST205 :D
  11. It looks like it's running lower thennormal also I'm nt getting much spring rate because there's this rubber coil wrapped round the spring I believe it's to stiffent them becasue I think it's weakened.
  12. no this curren is quite rare in the UK. I've only seen 1 a year ago and I fallowed it trying to figure out what it was. Might have scared the guy giving him the eye ball for 2 miles. hahaha Anyway I don't know much about the spec but I would say don't bother becasue parts for that car is near impossible in the UK.
  13. Stuck on!!! OMG I thought they'd use some kind of extr long screw which goes throught the block and into theorigional holes in the spoiler or something? Looks like I'll have to take the spoiler off and wrap it up in news paper then spray the blocks whilst still on. :(
  14. Ok I have an external rear fog light. It's wired from the back and into the dash where I've installed a cradle switch with a LED. Now I'm stuck on where to source the power from. Initially I was thinking of sourcing the power from the wires coming out from the fuse box to the front head lights but upon looking at the fuse box I realised I had no idea what I was doing. For MOT Purpose I know the fog can not stick out further the rear bumper. It must be able to be switched on from the drivers reach. It to be enabled when the dip and main lights come on. And must have some form of indication once
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