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  1. We have a 2014 Auris with the 1.33 petrol engine, engine code 1NR-FE. I'm looking to get an oil filter ordered online for an intermediate service. I'm getting conflicting advice as to which filter I need. Some sites show this filter as 04152-YZZA7 and others as 04152-YZZA6. Obviously want to make sure I order the correct filter - anyone know for sure which the correct one is please? Thanks Paul
  2. Been a few months now - is there any more news of 2nd Gen Safety Sense? Any news on when it may arrive on the Yaris? The Yaris current safety sense is TSS-C, will the second gen include pedestrian detection or is it also TSS-C (i.e. no radar)? Cheers Paul
  3. Thanks Mike....not unexpected! I'll keep an eye out for further news. Paul
  4. Sorry - I missed this at the time. I'm interested in getting a new Yaris with 2nd gen TSS. On the blog post, someone asked when the Yaris would be available with this feature, and Toyota said "ask your dealer". So I went to ask my local dealer yesterday, and they said "sorry, we have no idea". Anyone any idea when UK cars with 2nd gen TSS will start appearing? The blog post just says "during 2018" - which could be next Xmas! Cheers Paul
  5. Currently got a gen 3 plugin which I'm very happy with, apart from the fact that the indicators are too quiet! I was after a solution which did not involve cutting or splicing any wires. Got myself a little project box, mini speaker and panel fuse holder from maplin, and a £3 12v mono power amp, £3 contact microphone (both from china via ebay). The box sits in the tray behind the heated seat switches, takes 12v power from the nearby socket, and the contact mike is stuck to the indicator flasher relay with cables zip tied out of the way. Mike feeds the amp via a volume control so I get the same
  6. Hi Michael S. Well it lasted from when I did the repairs until when I sold the car 6 months later, and I confidently expect it to last the remaining life of the car! Paul
  7. Only just noticed this so apologies for delayed reply. I have a 2009 1.33 Yaris which has the same engine. I had an "odd noise" which could be what you describe. In my case it was like a "pinking" noise (I'm old so I remember when engines used to pink). Like a light metallic tinkling noise. It only happened very occasionally, and in the end I noted it always happened when I took the engine over 4000 rpm (as I occasionally would when accelerating down a motorway slip road for example).Long story short Mr T sorted under warranty. A piece was missing from the air con pump pulley, causing vibratio
  8. And a further update for anyone else who has this problem. I had this two years ago on the drivers seat, and now the passengers seat has just gone with the same problem. As all above have said, the pins are not fit for purpose. They are 6mm in diameter and made of reconstituted baked bean cans or something. The fix I used for the drivers seat, which I will now have to do on passengers side as well, is to take the seat out (disconnecting airbag wiring and battery), turn it upside down, you will probably see one pin OK and the other broken. The pins stick out from a U shaped frame tubular frame.
  9. My experience of this - the fitted Toyota relay is proprietary and hard to get at. Generic flasher relays won't fit. Getting at the wiring to wire various "extras" in is fairly easy - there is a plug on the circuit board behind the glovebox. I have tried buzzers - cheap to buy from Maplin - didn't like them. Also tried extra LEDs in "line of sight" - not bright enough in sunshine, also you can miss them if traffic very heavy. Then I got a couple of matched 12v car relays, 1 per side. Fitted them inside dash just behind steering wheel, they sound at the same time as the fitted Toyota relay and
  10. Paul E

    Yaris 1.3 Sr

    OK you say the fan is not kicking in, so that sounds like you need to sort this first. if the fuse is OK then that points to the fan either being blocked or maybe a connector has come loose, wiring is abraded or the fan motor has failed. If you have access to a test meter or a friend who has one than you can check these. Rather than run the engine until it overheats, test as much as you can by checking continuity of wiring, feed the fan motor with 12v supply and see if it runs. I would definitely sort your overheating problem out quickly, you don't want the engine to run too hot for very long
  11. Paul E

    Yaris 1.3 Sr

    May be two separate problems. If the car is overheating check the obvious - coolant levels, thermostat, fan. When the temp goes up the fan should definitely cut in, so if it is not doing this that is your first problem. Even if there is enough coolant visible in the overflow tank you may have an airlock. Or a radiator or hose leak - can you see any coolant dripping, or dried coolant stains? Make sure you top up with proper Toyota antifreeze, otherwise you may get corrosion which can also lead to overheating. Difficult to say any more without more details. MAF or O2 sensor faults should cause e
  12. And in case anyone else wants to know, I have now answered my own question, via a circuit diagram from a "usually reliable source". In a 2009 UK Yaris with the 6 speaker setup (2 front, 2 back and 2 tweeters) the front door speakers and the front tweeters on each side are wired in parallel. The wiring seems to go from the HU to the tweeters on each side and then down into the doors. This means - - that the tweeters at least must have a cap mounted on each tweeter to roll off the low frequencies - that the front door speakers may have a choke mounted on the back to filter out the high frequenci
  13. I have a 2009 Yaris SR and am thinking of replacing the headunit and the front door speakers and tweeters (with component speakers). Lots of threads on the american forums about replacing headunits and door speakers, but I can find nothing about replacing the OEM tweeters. If possible I would like to put my new tweeters behind the existing grilles for neatness. Reading the Yaris manual I am nervous of messing with the A pillars since there are airbags there. So - anyone done this? Is it possible to get the tweeter grills and/or tweeters off the A pillars without removing the entire A pillar in
  14. Just posted this in the Yaris forums. Will also apply to 1.33 Auris - http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=133352 Good luck, hope nobody else has my problem! Paul
  15. I have an 09 Reg Mk2 Yaris, will be 3 years old end of April 2012, done 19k miles. I normally drive the car quite gently, but last week I had to hold low gear and accelerate hard while joining a motorway. As the revs passed 4000 rpm I heard a nasty noise - a bit like loud pinking for those who remember when cars used to pink (metallic tinkling / tapping noise). Wasn't happy so went to my local Toyota dealer. The fault turned out to be one which my dealer had never seen before - part of the aircon pump pulley (which is metal) had come off. I don't know if this same pump is fitted to other Toyot
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