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  1. Just got this dodgy email from you:

    Dear Customer,

    This e-mail was send by toyotaownersclub.com to notify you that we have temporanly prevented access to your account.

    We have reasons to beleive that your account may have been accessed by someone else. Please run attached file and Follow instructions.

    © toyotaownersclub.com

    no way am i opening the attachement - so is someone spamming your memberbase?

  2. dunno wot the fuss is aboot. Paying £120 per 1 BHP seems extravagant. Great that it paints wavy coloured lines on the road as well - part of the package?? Seems to be the highlight of the car - me? I'd just buy a roller.


    Theres more to cars that a BHP figure...

    Shopping for this i tried all sorts - 400+ RS4's, 500bhp M5's, and nothing felt either as fast, or as complete a solution as the Z4M..

    For me its the perfect balance between a long distance GT cruiser and sports car.

    I could of easily spent much less on buying something cheap and spending the difference on making it stupidly fast, but strangely, that isnt what i wanted to do - i wanted to start with a good car so i could get on with enjoying it and not feeling i need to justify its performance at any given (or ungiven) opportunity, and seemingly spend my life critising everyone else's choices because of some deep-rooted inferiority complex...

    The Elise was a beaut.... I'll even admit in public that I made a mistake with that, it really was a stunner and before anyone asked, it was the pure emotion that made me cry, not for the fact I was scared in it! :lol:

    Also if you hadn't slowed down in the Z4M I would have painted your lovely interior a lovely shade of puke..... was a good job we didn't eat beforehand let me tell you! :lol:

    Yeah.. i loved that elise.. just the sensation and feeling when driving it was amazing, very intoxicating. It pains me I didn't use it more when I had it, but c'est la vie..

  3. Dude seriously.... I can handle Ian and his fast cars... I've experienced enough of them.... but that one genuinely made me feel ill! And I love fast cars!


    Thats true though - I took you down some lanes at full pelt (but observing and obeying all posted limits and traffic laws) in the Lotus and you were fine - well apart from it making you cry...

    I think the Z4 is the first time you've ever asked me to slow down..

    I wish I could give a genuinely good reason for getting whiplash.... he braked. That's it. The force of the car braking hurt my neck! :lol: I trust Ians driving implicitly but I do not trust that evil evil car! :P

    It does have good brakes.. but im glad to hear its not my driving that caused your distress and injury :)

    I don't know if i'd call it evil, but it does need a bit of respect - its one of the things i love about it... you have to be awake to drive it fast!

  4. Yes, it took a couple of days but the whiplash subsided.... frickin fierce that car is.... :lol:


    I'm sorry...

    I know I don't sound like I am... :lol: but really, I am sorry... :lol:

    Actually, in all honesty, for the making you feel sick, i'm not that sorry... but I was worried about your neck - i do feel bad about that...

    Though i can't believe you actually turned down the chance to drive it! :o

  5. while most cars do fly through their first MOT... you have to be aware it will be the first time its been inspected (usually) since it left the production line..

    So any small damage you may have not noticed could have started corrosion that may cause a fail... but as long as you've looked after the car it should okay!

    If you want to go over your car quickly to check it, have a look here for what the MOT checks: http://www.ukmot.com/mot_check.asp

  6. I ran one for 4 and a half years, putting 60,000 miles on it..

    Running costs were very reasonable, servicing was pricey, but at that age you wont be taking it to Lexus anyway, so it won't be a problem.

    I had one small issue in the 60k (which was a speaker going), other than that it was flawless..

    Fantastic chassis, very compliant, but also very controllable... though the OEM dunlops didn't like ice and standing water.. and can be pricey if you dont shop around.

    Downsides are, its very smooth, but not exactly fast - it has the characteristics of the larger engine BMW's, but with the performance of the smalls ones.. and with all the power coming at the redline, you have to wring its neck to get the best (which can be both ace and annoying) - it translates into reasonable fuel economy though, but it'll always lose to a 4-cylinder.

    All in all, its a great car - the longest i ever owned one, and i spent 2 years looking for a replacement (it took a 911 to get me out of mine!) so I'd say go for it.

  7. ONLY 260bhp/tonne :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: - must be disappointing. Can do better than that with RAV number 2. You should get it modded and maybe it'll get near RAV number 1 :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Have fun....might pass you one day unless I blink.

    Clearly your Rav is faster then you are as you just quoted him talking about his old car ;)


    yeah, plus the new car only has 263bhp/tonne...

  8. Thats why I asked ;)

    I wasn't sure if it was just new cars or new cars I have experianced... but my M3 doesn't feel that well made.... combined with a string of issues I have had already!

    Do the Z4s have the "new" 12 year anti corrosion warranty?

    I'm not sure about the warranty - its a 2007 car, so don't know if that helps..

    But yeah, the old cars just didn't seem that well put together, and the new ones were light years ahead - but seemed to have lost a little soul in the process...

    Oh, and ive just seen your signature ;) :lol:

  9. Just as an update, due to a change in circumstances the Elise (sadly) had to go...

    So I got a new car - with some big tyres to fill (it wasn't just replacing the Lotus, but also an Audi A4 TDi!)..



    So unfortunatley I am now a BMW driver! :unsure:

  10. Hi guys, thanks for the invite to the xmas party, I admit it would've been nice to catch up with some of you, but unfortunatley i'm pretty sure I can't make the 7th.

    So, I hope you have a good time, from what I remember its a good laugh, and anyone thinking of going I would highly reccomend it :)

    And Andy... of course I remember the BBQ incident - I'm pretty sure that JAE was the first time we had met, though I don't think it was the last time was it?

    Oh well, anyway, a shame I can't make it, but don't worry, knowing me I'll keep popping up like a bad smell and probably surprise you all by turning up to some random event... :) Have a good time! B)

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