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  1. You see... if it was a Lexus hybrid - i'd get that - its two fat fingers up at Ken... driving either a 4x4 or V8 limo without paying the charge, thats funny.. What i do get is people who buy a Prius 'to save the planet' - and people genuinely do... as it really doesn't, and as Ed mentions, manufacturing it is hugely harmful to the enviroment..
  2. So, the times decided to test the Prius' enviromental claims.. and pitched it against a BMW 5 series diesel - to see which one really was more economical... http://driving.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_...icle3552994.ece To summarise - the bigger, heavier, faster 520d completley destroyed the Prius on MPG, averaging more than 50mpg, while the Prius only got 48. Now that doesn't sound a big difference, but they made sure it had all kinds of driving, including 100 miles of urban driving where the Prius should really win - but throw in the fact the BMW had its a/c on, stereo on, whereas the Prius driver did everything possible to keep the economy up... well, I know which i'd rather have. Throw in the fact the Beemer doesn't need enviromentally damaging nickel mining, or toxic disposal of the batteries at the end of its life... and well, I'd say the Prius is for people who want to 'pretend' to care about the enviroment, rather than actually doing so...
  3. so, finally the sun came out, and a chance to drive it with the roof off and to get some snaps!
  4. its not that bad - the FIL 2.0 Auto Rav 4 is only going up the same as my elise.
  5. Its got the Probax seats, which are supposed to be really good for distance driving... though i'm just taken it out for a spin (in the dark, wet, rush hour traffic) and my neck hurts! you certainly are part of the road though, and that engine is a touch noisey (the test drive was with the roof off)... as for the charger, well current 0-60 is 4.9 - when i start to get bored its something to knock half a second off that! B)
  6. i'm pretty sure it was 3 times... and you weren't exactly taking it easy with it ;)
  7. wait. arent we the sort of friends that don't let them drive each others cars? :P Did you really WANT to drive my Aygo...? I doubt it.... you're just being stubborn... that's so unlike you Ian Besides last time you sat in my car in the drivers seat you complained about the "poor visibility" IIRC.... I let you drive the S3 loads... I ask to drive the Aygo at the weekend and got a firm 'no'. but yes, i did say i didn't like the rear 3/4 vision in the past...
  8. VVTLi :D and what an engine - up to 6,000 revs its fast - then the second cam comes on line and OH. MY. GOD. I think its got 230bhp/tonne... and no traction control - so while being stuck in the office is frustrating, its probably safer with the rain! (oh, and i'm doing my best to ignore the exhaust kit my mate has on his exige that sounds lush... oh, and the supercharger kit...)
  9. wait. arent we the sort of friends that don't let them drive each others cars? :P
  10. happy birthday... (a sense of deja vu here...)
  11. thats fair enough - but you would need to want to keep it, as its pretty much going to be worthless to sell on. and if you'd be happy with a LHD car and the extra costs then do it... But you'll be throwing money at a car that will lose most of its value the moment it arrives... i'd still sell it on in the US to maximise its value and buy something new when you get here..
  12. the biggest problem is, you'll have to pay import duty to bring the car in - which will bump up the cost. Add to that shipping, eSVA, re-registering, modifications for Euro standards. You'll be looking at spending a lot of money to bring a LHD car to the UK, which will be hard to sell. Whereas, in the US, residual values are much better, so selling it over there and buying an equivalent UK used car would probably work out cheaper.. Now, if you were talking about a Corvette ZO6 or Shelby GT500, i'd be saying a very different thing ;)
  13. my friends aygo does the same - so i would assume it doesn't..
  14. are they electric seats then? Generally memory functions are an additional extra to the electric function - my Lexus didn't have it.
  15. For those of you that know him, Bobski (Rob) from LOC (he's been a various meets such as JAE etc) and his missues Caz had their first child on Sunday... http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/ind...c=48897&hl=
  16. Dont apologise - i found it an interesting discussion... not to mention a lot more intelectual and applicable than the other topic i've participated in today! B)
  17. fair shout but i dont see where the personal insult is me neither.. though im being very restrained as i'd have no issues with the thread being closed... especially now im actually agreeing with you????
  18. hi and welcome.. bangernomics only really work if your handy with a spanner.. but i'm guessing you probably are ;)
  19. I've just had a nosey in my owners manual (because I recall reading it)... and even though its 4WD (audi S3) - it says that if you replace only 2 tyres - you should always ensure the newer tyre is on the front... So, perhaps this is a new school of thought? Though im still not convinced..
  20. My problem is, your complete lack of punctuation, sentance structure, oh, and the text speak which creeps into your post. Oh, and the whole you've been here 5 minutes and desperate to find out who the female members are.
  21. Though - you have to admit - an inexperienced driver is much more likely to lose grip on the front end of a FWD car? You need to know what your doing, or be pretty stupid to get oversteer in a FWD car - and lets face it - if someone takes a tight bend too fast and stomps on the brakes, the back's going regardless of the rubber on the end... Though accepted, that scenario in the wet the better tyres on the rear would be safer - assuming the driver didn't get plough-on understeer or aquaplane the front tyres ;) i think we'll just agree to disagree on this one mate...
  22. nah, completley disagree there T600.. I've done enough skid pans to know in a FWD car when the back goes its very easy to catch if you know what your doing up front.. Though I do agree that in mid engined, rear wheel drive cars specifically the rear tyres do need the best tyres due to the snap oversteer - but even then, once its gone, only the recovery of the attitude of the car and the velocity (lateral) will allow them to grip again. I still stand by the fact, you want the best tyres on the driven wheels...
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