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  1. Hi John.

    My partner has a 2013 yaris and needs lhd headlights as we have moved to france. Perhaps we could swop if it is not too difficult

    Regards richard 

  2. Thanks, I've replaced the speedo already (surprisingly easy) and there are two fog lamps on the rear. Reason I asked about the headlights is I noticed there were two 'adjusting looking nuts' :D and on my old car (IS250) the lights were adjusted without completely replacing them
  3. Hello All, I have a 2013 Yaris Hybrid (bought in Belgium where I'm currently living). I'm in the process of moving back to the UK and would like to import the car too. As I understand I need to ensure the headlights are dipped to the correct direction - does anyone know if this model of Yaris has adjustable headlights.. or I need to purchase UK headlights and replace them etc. Thanks John
  4. Happy Birthday Johndcfc!

  5. Was daft enough to buy GAP insurance on my last car, the commission from that probably bought the guy enough money for a night out!
  6. One of my mates works at a huge electronics company and HR sent a company wide email to everyone saying all employees should wash their hands when on foreign trips, with a pdf of a diagram on how to wash your hands!!
  7. I could recover old data from your reformatted hard drive ....... so the only secure way is to remove it from the PC and hit it very hard with a hammer .... i'm being serious here! Or you can buy an external usb enclosure and fit your old drive in it to use as extra storage/backup for your laptop. Sell your old PC without a hard drive once you have shown the buyer it's working. Regards Pete. Yep, only way to do it well is to physically destroy the drive, or whack it in an enclosure. And I'd have to agree that you'd probably get most money for that selling it as parts. No need to destroy the hard drive, just run this on it: http://www.dban.org/ As for the PC, its worth no more than a bag of peanuts. Stick it in your local paper you might get someone to pay 50 for it....
  8. Water and a Fry-up - its not for everyone mind
  9. Quite frankly, I am dismayed and angry at your simplified and arrogant summary of what you see as a "male" driver. Berating male drivers is insulting. I and my male colleagues are renowned as being much better drivers. Unfortunately we have to be at the butt end of your jokes, and we pay extra for all the accidents you cause (insurance for men is miles more expensive!!!!). Most drivers I see using mobiles phones and lipstick are female yaris/ka/micra drivers steering their vehicle with 1 hand on the lipstick and 1 holding the phone - even when negotiating roundabouts. The next group of inadequate female drivers using phones when driving are the classic "white van woman". Then we get the utterly arrogant wags who drive their large 4x4s, turning corners at traffic lights while holding the phone to their left ear not to mention the school run. And woe betide any male driver to come in the way of the female sales representative rushing to get to the hair salon at the end of her shift....calling all her mates to meet for a 'bacardi and coke' before going home to "the husband". I think you should pay more attention to other road users and actually look properly - then you will see the main culprit is your own colleagues! Terrible rant really, it's both idiot men and women drivers that use their phone whilst driving. :lol:
  10. Mine's next to the spare wheel in the boot, try there.
  11. If he got it from the Italian's directly I'd say ignore it but as its from the hire company they'll probably sell the fine to a debt collection company.....
  12. 25k on a golf? Don't care how good it is it'll lose more money than Paul Merson in a betting shop!
  13. Mine varied last year from 400 to 3000! It's just how the different firms calculate the premiums, for example elephant used to be the best by a country mile when I started driving - now they are average at best. Here's a tip, before you buy your insurance check if they are listed on www.quidco.com as you may be able to get some cashback (I got 40 from swiftcover last year which was like a 10% discount)
  14. There's one born every minute.
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