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  1. yeah your right, it did cost something stupid... i believe around£180,000, some of you probably remember Oli who used to be on the site who had a Blue yaris t-sport, well he rung the company that built the yaris with the 1.8 VVTI-L engine in and they told him it cost that much to do. his responce was "i could buy a ferrari for that much" lol he then went and bought a celica t-sport, and now has a Evo 8 FQ 350 which he has had tuned to 398 bhp, not bad to say he is only 24, lol
  2. right peeps, looks like i mite be selling the old yaris t-sport so unless someone would like to buy it with all the mods on etc witch i very much doubt ill be selling the items seperate... just getting a idea if any body would be interested in the bits i have..... Tein Coilover suspension Buddy club condenser Blitz sus power air filter ( will also have a Pipercross viper kit soon as they developed the kit on my car a couple of weeks ago and im waiting for it to arrive :D ) modified Bonnet lexus lights eye brows carbon fibre engine cover blue hose kit HKS Exhaust megan manifold envy sports cat system dastek uni chip cusco front upper strut brace if i think of any more stuff i mite have for sale ill add in on, but for now i think thats it. like i sed just getting a guide for any interest cheers! Tom!
  3. Macca.17

    Yaris T-sport

    Yaris T-Sport door cards!! i need both the front door cards anybody got some they want to get rid of? or know anywhere where a yaris t-sport is being broken at a breakers yard or anything? cheers!! tom!
  4. no problem mate was just unsue if it sent properly the other day that was all
  5. Blitz Stainless steel mesh filter type!! fits yaris t-sport Sounds awsome, reason i am selling is because funds are looking abit low and i need to sell something... looking for around £90 ono
  6. Anyone remeber oli off here, who had a blue yaris t-sport, well he wanted that engine conversion from the celica t-sport, so he got in touch with that company, and they said it would cost over... wait for it... £120K. So he sed :censor: that, he could of had a ferrari for that, so he went and bought a celica t-sport instead, and now he has a evo 8, not bad considering he is 21! Tom!
  7. hi mate... welcome aboard!! :D Tom!
  8. Looks mint mate, ive give up doing that wiv mine cus evrytime mine looks shiney, sum one scratches it for me keep it up though mate! Tom!
  9. Ive not long had some avons put on mine, the grip is brilliant in the wet, only a tad of wheelspin, and that was from a hill start! really good in the dry too! im very impressed with them!
  10. yaris only sounds gud!! id b up 4 that!
  11. Ive still got these, someone must want them!! Ill let them go for a gud price!! Tom!
  12. Yes mate they do, i bought them for mine but have bought teins before i had chance to get these fitted!
  13. I have a brand new set of lowering springs up for grabs, not even come out of the box!!! wana make me an offer? Tom!!
  14. If i can get the day off work, ill be there! Tom!
  15. £51 plus NO postage cus ill be picking them up cus they aint far away! i thinks me got a gud deal! :D Tom!
  16. ive just bought a set of TTE's off ebay! Gud price too!! ;) Tom!
  17. ill try and be there!!! Tom!
  18. Cheers kim, it feels good to be back too! :D Tom!
  19. Mr T wanted £1200 to repair my scratches!
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