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  1. Could I ask how old your tyres are? I have something similar on my rav that the local garage thinks is due to their age. They are going to look at it tomorrow. I've been there with thoughts about bearings , oil , exhaust etc. Your video keeps buffering for my connection but your description rings a few bells for me.
  2. pmb

    Obd code

    The heater circuit goes open circuit (measure between the black wires) and puts the light on as it is not in the range expected. Us petrol Rav 4 owners have all been there. Several times for me but I have had mine since new. It may clear but it may return.
  3. This has been covered before. Mine were a tenner from Mr T. The copy and paste didn't quite work but click on battery cover.
  4. Petrol or diesel it doesn't say in your profile? It's well known the battery in the petrol is a 'bit small' and most owners fit the diesel size one. That includes me , just watch out for the polarity unless they are the same way round in the 4.3. edit: It appears I made this comment 4 years ago earlier in this thread. Couldn't see a way to delete this post.
  5. pmb

    Tyre sizes

    The VX 5 door that you have (looking at your previous posts , It may be an idea to add that in your profile) also had 235's (like mine) but the NV and the GX had 215's.
  6. I can't help you on a part number but this has been covered before on here as it is quite common. I believe there was a thread about cleaning the screen and what to seal the seal with. In your case however your seal has gone awol. In my case both sides are loose and I just keep putting them back in place for now.
  7. Are the front and rears the correct match? On my 4.2 5 door the top picture has the ones like my rears but the bottom picture has the ones like my front ones. There is only 1 hole in my drivers one although that hole does appear nearer to the centre than mine is. Yours confused. Great offer btw.
  8. pmb

    p1155 and p1135

    Never heard of 2 alarming at the same time but this fault is very common on the petrol engines. I've had 3 or 4 replaced over 16 years of ownership. The heater circuit goes open circuit and causes the light to come on. Sometimes I found that resetting the code would clear it for so long. The heater circuit is the black wires if you want to measure the resistance between them.
  9. Now you mention it mine do sometimes when reversing out of a parking space that I have driven forward into.
  10. Despite having mine since new I wasn't aware of this. Page 207 in the manual mentions about a squealing or scraping noise then have the pads checked. I have a noise from the rear sometimes when braking on downhill roads. I asked the garage to check them at the last mot and they said they were fine. You have got me intrigued as to why they do this.
  11. When I bought mine new I recall the dealer saying don't go through a car wash where the mechanism comes back over the car as it would damage the spoiler.
  12. Just done a search on this forum for petrol battery and within the first 4 pages there are several threads you may wish to read.
  13. There have been threads about this before on here. Many people (including me) have fitted the diesel sized battery to a petrol 4.2. Be wary of which way round the polarity is as I recall it's different between the two fuel sources. If you have the terminals the wrong way I think you can still fit it but there is more strain on the cables. You will have to move the battery securing rods at the bottom and top to the other holes. Oh , and don't get me started on the battery cover clips. The part nos. of those have also been a topic, £10 a set from Mr T when I bought them. I had this going flat issue after several days of not using the car and once the battery needed recharging it never seemed to recover properly but I thought it strange.
  14. As you can see from these 2 threads there has been confusion before. Someone did once on here attach the battery the wrong way round.
  15. Yes , it is normal but crazy imho. There was a mod published some years ago to fix this. I thought mine had a fault until I mentioned it to the dealer.
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