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  1. I have a 2001 Sequoia w/ a 4wd automatic. I want to pull it behind my motorhome on a tow dolly (rear wheels on the ground). Can I do it w/o disconnecting the driveshaft? Can I put the 4wd into nuetral at the console or something similar? TIA,
  2. Lurching once coming to a hard stop is a simple fix. Crawl under your Sequoia w/ a grease gun in hand (they are cheap at your local parts store). There is a grease fitting at the forward end of the main driveshaft where it slips into the transmission. This grease fitting lubes the slip fitting. Hook up the grease gun and give it a few good pumps until you see grease start to seep fromt he slip fitting. Waalaa! no more lurch. It worked like a charm on my 2001 Sequoia w/ 81,000 miles.
  3. I've searched high and low for a used mirror for my Sequoia. The dealerships want over $400 for the entire assembly. I've called more junk yards than I can count. If anyone knows of or has a driver's side view mirror w/ heat you'll be my forever hero . If you've seen a Sequoia Limited in a local junk yard please let me know. Thanks you, Mark Schoenholz 2001 Sequoia
  4. Sounds like a trip to my local junk yard is in order :)
  5. TSb's and recalls can be found here... http://www.alldata.com/recalls/ Mark
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