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  1. Do you park yours in the rain? I did with mine. Loved driving it, but gave up on my 107 after five years of leaks put in the trade (in another county did n't want to set eyes on it again, though I saw it for a grand more on autotrader and I was n't upset, thought I was well rid!) when I spilt some paint in the boot, I took the carpets out of the sides to clean them, and saw rust in the wells around the top of the rear suspension towers. Don't get me started on clutch ware and the oil consumption. The car's build quality and attention to detail was a real disappointment, a shame because it was always light on fuel and a nice drive, but it will be a while before I put a Peugeot or a Toyota again on my list. I am sharing a Golf (I find it hard to park ;o) ) at the moment, but am thinking of a Fabia Greenline II if I get another car, they are 89CO2, wondered if anybody else had tried one? By the way thanks for the high ratings on my photos who ever looked at them :) ) And good luck with your Aygos, they are a nice drive, just a shame the penny pinching lets them down, guess that is what is known as globalization and we are just little people,(it's not just Aygos either I was talking to a guy with a diesel Hyundai which is rated at 62mpg and he said he was lucky if he got 45mpg on an A road run to work).
  2. Sorry, but I wouldn't accept that. How can a component over which you have no control fail and you be held liable? Its not like a manual car where you have full control over the clutch. This is a drive by wire vehicle - user input only and it decides what to do and how to do it. Sorry, but I'd take the Dealer/Toyota GB to Small Claims Court and given the poor publicity Toyota have had, I think they would want to avoid any further. People have to be willing to stand up for their rights, rather than accept whatever the Manufacturer/Dealer tells them and empty wallets at each occasion. Know what you mean, mine is a Peugeot, about going to court though, just had other priorities more important at the time and life is short, thanks.
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  4. Ours has 89k on it, cat light is on, and is going through a litre of oil every 1000miles is going for diagnostics on friday
  5. Had the clutch done at 60k, never had a clutch go before, and I did 170k in the last car, it was n't covered by warranty, cost about £560 once fitted. Sorry :( Hmmmm...... possible £560.00 against guaranteed £600.00 for 2 years. I think I'll take the gamble and hope that my "gentle" driving will prevent failure. Touchwood, doesn't seem to be a regular failure. At 60K, was it smelling / slipping? How do you drive? Lots of slow traffic and agressive or open roads and gentle? Cheers. Ian. When the clutch goes you will hear a warning beeper going uphill and I think a lamp came on, then you will push it just to see if it really is going and then you will realise it is xxxxxx! Mainly open roads, there is not much traffic where I live, occassionally smell the clutch when parallel parking on a hill. It is very hilly where I live, so the gearbox will select third at 70mph on the M65 :o have noticed a characteristic of the transmission is to slip the clutch at low speeds rather than select first, the ratios are too far apart, and this Toyota is really one car that could do with six gears, the gaps have now got annoying. Have just noticed you live in Chapeltown you will know about hills then, I grew up in Fulwood. I miss Sheffield, great City you use to be able to hear the hammer in the forge, even in Fulwood! Wow it was loud.
  6. There's water inside the car, the door seals are rubbish. (Though could it be because of condensation because of all the bare metal? Just thinking out loud.)
  7. Looks normal to me. ;) Remember though when washing, stick the preassure washer up its front and rear wheel arches, there are no plastic liners, also there are lips on the wings which are dirt traps too (becareful not to cut yourself) loads of crud will fall out.
  8. Had the clutch done at 60k, never had a clutch go before, and I did 170k in the last car, it was n't covered by warranty, cost about £560 once fitted. Sorry :(
  9. Passed 80808, reminded me of 808 state, though that was along time ago, anyhow the car has had a clutch, might get it some new door seals, as they leak a bit, seat cover now totally worn through, lost count of the tyres. Still like the Flintstone feel of the car.
  10. If it ain't broke don't fix it, probably the best thing about the Aygo is its motor which only weighs 68kg, you start putting extra stuff under the bonnet you run the risk of messing up its balance, good handling and steering feel (on skinny 155 tyres), which I think they must have achieved by accident. Also there would probably be even more rattles if it had a stiffer ride. The Toyota 1.3 lump I guess will weigh more and does n't get great write ups when it is in the IQ3. Though now I am thinking, what would be a definate improvement is front seats you don't slide off when cornering, though you can't slide far the car is so narrow.
  11. Still running fine. Had one clutch, and one set of brake pads plus 10k services, oh and loads of tyres.
  12. Thought the idea of a facelift was to make you want the new one, this facelift seems to make current owners want to hold on to their old one. IMHO think the Aygo got off lightly compared to the C1 and 107 (I thought the C1 was the best looking originally, but now :( ), latest rear lights on the Aygo though I think look a bit naff.
  13. Sounds like you might have a problem. Monday driving up along hill, it had selected third gear and was at 3500rpm, the clutch started to slip slightly so altering the accelerater slightly up and down in a half second sequence (not enough for it change gear up or down though) for approxamately 10seconds, making it worse until 3beeps coming from the dashboard in quick succcession could be heard. Repeated this about three times, next stop the garage. At the garage they looked at it they said they could smell the clutch burning and the three beeps were a clutch temperatue warning sensor (can't find this in the handbook) The car has now done 59,000miles though have suspected a fault for the last 10,000miles (first was still engaged at about 3mph when on the brakes so there was a light kangaroo effect occasionally when coming to a halt). Clutch lasted on the last car 'til shut of it at 170,000miles, and the one before had for 140,000k miles, has slightly soured the experience but still like the car, tried for some goodwill from Peugeot but all that was received was a gallic shrug and the blanket excuse it's a Peugeot what do you expect? Have also always noticed a clutch burning smell when parking the car in a tight space on a hill, also it stays in second at 10mph and the revs rise slightly sometimes (typically when taking a tight left turn). Sorry to be of no help but I just thought I'd share my experience, good luck! If anyone knows of clutch kit prices I would be interested though I have now already ordered one. Thanks :)
  14. Does it cover the clutch, mine has failed today They want over £500 for the job.
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