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  1. Hi conor i also own a 72 corolla coupe and a 75 corolla,, get in touch if you need any help 07746098614 jibby
  2. Hi chris get in touch with me i might be able to help you 07746098614 jibby
  3. Am after a flywheel and a clutch of a 3sgte engine need one asap please get in touch 07746098614
  4. Latest buy by toyota classics a 2 owner from new (1986) Toyota corolla GT AE82 in black known as the limited edition model... The corolla has been owned by a old lady since 1988 up untill now well cared and maintaind with full main dealer toyota service history :-)) Was really impressed on the condition of the car when i got there to view it she was well happy to see it go to a good home as she has many memorys in this little toyota which she bought 24 years ago, it had only coverd approx 2,000 miles since new when she purchased the corolla GT in 1988 :-))) Any way here she is, a few pics of the old girl i took when i was there more will be updated VERY SOON www.classictoyotas.piczo.com
  5. How rare is this then a mitsubishi GALANT GTO GS- R ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D What a sight KEEP TUNED ON ALL 16 CARS JOIN MY FACEBOOK PAGE FOR MORE UPDATES http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Toyota-classics/144049032290002
  6. Well lads a little bit of an update on the celica I pulled out of the barn a year or so................... My plans are to do a full nut and bolt restoration on the car and over the past few months have been slowly stripping the car down to the shell. (link) http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cg....d=108471&page=1 My intentions are to get the car looking as though it has just been rolled out of the factory..................yep I thought this was the one to make my dreams come true..........at last. Tireless nights and days were spent on the internet. phone and mail looking for parts around the globe and sourced new seals carpets and some trim from as far a field as Australia Japan,,Singapore,Malaysia,New Zealand and America. Mechanically the car sounded great it moved up and down the gears and revved up nicely........................ I was pleased, my dad is a mechanic and he will be reconditioning and tuning the engine for me . Gathered up all the nuts and bolts and of they went for nickel plating and chroming This leaves me with the body to sort out and as many of you know I have set up car respray business and this is my field, so I started to get the shell down to bare metal. At this stage you are probably thinking why are there no PICS!!!!!.bear with me I will get them up towards the end of the thread need to gain the courage and control my adrenaline...... bear with me Back to the car anyway the panels are all solid and the floorpans rust free HOORAY I was well chuffed, however my happiness was short lived when I got the telephone call from one of my workers saying that few of the panels have been repaired and filled I DIDNT WANT ANY FILLER Everything was going so well to this point and I was hoping to get the car out nearer to christmas. darn I was gutted, no chance now I thought to myself. Days turned into nights and nights into sleepless ones I was once again on the lookout for brand new parts, searched eveywhere in Japan as I thought this was going to be my best bet,[ my uncle has an importation business and imports from china regularly and I thought if I could get one from japan I could save some costs by placing it in one of his containers} there was absolutely nothing there, searched everywhere I could just not work on the car I wanted it to be perfect in every way and it made me almost abandon the whole project. My luck was about to change though when I was put in touch with an old fellow who I later found out had some original toyota parts which he had collected over the years. Maybe my luck was going to change again in my way.................and guess what it did , I was offered all these. Pictures speak for themselves, no more talking from now.......... enjoy Once I got near the barn my heartbeat was beating like never before thinking all sorts what sort of cars are in there.. ;D ;D Right here they all are 1970-80s Toyota celica's ;D ;D ;D ENJOY
  7. I have a spare windscreen with rubber on let me know if intrested 07746098614
  8. ra28gt

    Carina Ta12

    I have a spare servo give me a call 07746098614
  9. I have the part you require call 077460 98614 jibby
  10. Best if you give me a call will give you as much info as you need,, i also have the same model and the liftbacks celicas.. number 07746098614 jibby
  11. I have some spares for the corolla gt get in touch 07746098614
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