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  1. Hi, Selling as RAV now sold. Great condition. The Alloys are WSP Italy replicas. 17 inch. Winter Tyres are Good Year Ultragrip. Looking for £650. Collection from Warrington.
  2. Hi, I have sold my RAV4 T180 chip (2006) on a well known site, however the buyer has said its for a Avensis T180. Not sure on reg. Will this be compatible. cheers lee
  3. Still running on spacers, no issues so far.
  4. Price for scrap is a joke. They offer you nothing, yet they make a fortune selling spares. Latest quote for me is a sun visor 54 quid delivered, by the time they sell the spares it would pay for half a new car.
  5. Still running 30 mm spacers, no issues. Tire wear normal
  6. Any progress Andrew on your issue? Mine is narrowed down to accelerating more heavily than normal, cold or hot engine. Gonna get it booked in for an investigation ASAP.
  7. Hi, I have t180 too, and i am noticing a small amount of whitish smoke on acceleration. I recently had the back box replaced with a stainless steel box. Never noticed it before.....although maybe i am only paying attention now after it's been fitted. My EGR is due for a clean, going to see if that helps. Hoping its not turbo, or injectors. My air filter is new also. Seem to only notice it for first few miles of a journey though, and maybe only since temperature has dropped.
  8. Check these ones out:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-RAV-4-2-2-D-177HP-2005-2008-Exhaust-Central-Silencer-/151396358900?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item233fed1af4 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Rav-4-III-2-2-D-Cat-Centre-Exhaust-Muffler-/400807744274?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item5d5200d312 You'll need to find a garage who will retro fit into the existing exhaust system though. That's why i used a custom exhaust maker, less hassle
  9. Sounds the same to me, very happy with the outcome.
  10. Finally got around to having this sorted, box replaced with stainless steel equivalent by a company in Bromborough called Cybrand £150 all in and a great job. Car was with them all in all just under 3 hours. The rest of the exhaust was in very good condition.
  11. Hi, My mot had an advisory for centre exhaust box leak. Replacement over £1000. eBay has replacement centre box for £125, stainless steel. Made by KFZ Anyone used these? Are they ok to use on t180. Looks ok to me, but just want second opinion. Thx Lee
  12. Lol, straight forward.....no wonder I always take mine to the garage!!
  13. Knowing what I know now, and having had an engine swap on a 2006 t180......I would say NO.
  14. Liverpool Victoria...very good. As long as the wheels and size are the same they don't class it as a mod, just mention no longer run flat system. I have different size wheels from factory spec for use as winter tyres so classed as a mod (spacers fitted also but comes under same section as wheel mod and also a chip fitted. So for two mods about £60 extra. But premium was one of the best. Did mine through comparison site and allowed me to list mods. Style pack as a dealer fitted option was not classed as a mod.
  15. Worth bearing in mind regarding insurance, I was charged extra because I had side steps fitted. It was only later on when I wanted to make another modification to my car that I managed to negotiate having the side steps not classed as a modification. This was because they were dealer fitted genuine Toyota parts.
  16. As much as I love diesels, for your milage it would have to be petrol.
  17. All I can say is replaced mine with a Varta G8 830cca battery, better spec than Toyota original. Muchus improvedus.
  18. I used the cigarette lighter fitting, but all cables are well hidden in trim, only shows just as the cables leaves from under the glove box, but even that is very neat.
  19. I can't speak about any other unit, but I am impressed with this one. Has inbuilt GPS, and shock detection. The unit is supplied with some software, this enables the video capture files to be played via the software app. When played it shows speed, and a map (like google map! and you can select map / street view). Your position is shown on the map....moving along to show the route you have taken. If for example you were 'rear ended' a movement is detected and this also shows by way of an embedded display. This is good for providing reliable evidence. Sits just in front of my rear view mirror, very discrete. Captures audio also. I removed the audio from mine so the expletives were removed!
  20. No, he was going to fast!!! I tend to find that if I can see the reg ok with my own eyes than the camera will capture the plate ok.
  21. I recently fitted a Road Hawk HD to my RAV4, thankfully the interior trim was very obliging in allowing a neat installation. Just thought i would show the quality from the camera and a quick clip of some pratt in an audi almost ruining someones day. http://youtu.be/GF0CK5firZA?t=30s
  22. Just realised wanted a link for the car you are looking to buy...sorry! Been out and had a few. Damn the booze. Made a few poofah's now on this forum after the pub!!
  23. Forgot to say....oh so very shiny. Mint
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