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  1. SORTED!! Gague fuse it was ..mamzing a small 7.5amp fuse could control all that! Thanks for your help!! Gary
  2. the old Gauge fuse failure eh? I will have a look, am due a few days off so will check it out then. thanks again for your help I will let youkknow how i get on. Gary
  3. Hello all, after the last post (Power steering failure) I tried the switching on and off the ignition, but had no improvement. I have lost use of the Power steering, dash instruments, Air con and heater controls and the electric windows. Is there a master fuse anywhere or does the relay for the power steering control all these as well? the engine cooling fans run once the ignition is switched on and do not turn off. The car will start and drive but none of the above work. It will be a few weeks before I can get the car to a garage so any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your time and help Gary
  4. Typical, I only put the car through its NCT (oversimplifed MOT) 3 weeks before......
  5. Thanks for that guys, I will give them a try, anybody know how much that relay costs? I reckon this only happened Coz I talked about selling it!! Gary Apparently its hard to fit a baby seat and the missus. Am thinking of a celica maybe GT4
  6. Any chance anybody can pass on the coeerct fuse/relay locations to control the instrument cluster and power steering? Thanks Gary
  7. Hello all, Can sombody help please? I was forced to use a set of Jump leads to start my 2 today and after it started i noticed no power to the Aircon, speedo, rev counter and power steering , everything else seems to be working, but I also noticed that the cooling fan is permenantly running. I am hoping that it is a fuse blown ...any suggestions? Thanks Gary
  8. Hi All, Just got my beloved "2" back on the road. It is fitted with the "premier" sound system (92 G Limited import). The CD played is now dead. Can i fit a replacement slave CD player to the existing stereo, or better again can i fit a replacement cd/mp3 player to the existing system? any help or suggestions as always appreciated Thanks
  9. Sorry for the late reply, if i remember correctly there are 4 mounting points (where it is bolted to the door frame) for the window regulator. On mine two of these mounts were broken and when i tried to open the window it would either not move (makes a fair bit of noise as well!) or mabye move the back or top of the window only. I chanced bringing the regulator (minus its motor) to a local welder/ workshop and got it welded for €20! (beats payin over €300!) :) Merry Christmas to ALL...
  10. Hi , Dont know if this helps but I had some probs with the drivers window in my 2 as well. I discovered the mounts on the regulator were broken causing the window to move sometimes (I was able to have this welded). But also the control panel was intermittant. I took it apart and found it was filthy inside (1992 MR2 G LTD). about 10 mins with a dremel cleaned it all up and no probs since. Might be worth a look its an easy bit to take out and not too many pieces to loose!
  11. are they any good, what is the quality like? how well or poor do they fit? I take it that once it is fitted there is no going back.
  12. Thanks guys, I have booked it in for a transplant. good thing to avoid ballache! hopefully it will all go well. I should have it back before christmas too.
  13. Hi All, Im new to this forum, hope you can help. I have a 92 G-Ltd which (Im ashamed to say) ran low on oil and (I think, ) has eaten its big end bearings. (knocking on start up then a quite idle and knocks above 2500rpm) Question is, is it a more viabile option to replace the crank and bearings or just replace the whole engine. I have a quote from a company in Ireland to supply and fit a recon unit (1400 euro). Any suggestion greatly appreciated missing my 2 Thanks
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