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  1. go to http://www.chiltonsonline.com they do a manual for the ST205. ;)
  2. I have a 1995 GT4 and the imports have very poor brakes in comparison, smaller disks and no 4 pot calipers due to japans speed limmits being so low. there are lots of problems like this but on the up side imports do come with folding electric mirrors as standard, mine cost £75 from a breakers yard. my insurance with axamotor.co.uk cost £523 fully comp no claims protected, an import would have cost 1027 (not with axa they dont touch imports.) im 27 with 9 years ncd. parts are a !Removed! to get for a brit car and much worse for imports so buy a uk speck you will save in the long run! you may also want to bare in mind that some import parts are upto 12 weeks delivery. uk parts take 5 days max. fancy a 12 week walk? dint think so! B)
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