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  1. Adeel

    Radio brackets

    I have tried amayama but they gave come back that they are not available. What site did you find them on?
  2. Adeel

    Radio brackets

    I have a jap built carina e GTI, very much the same thing as a corona/caldina
  3. Does anyone have a pair of radio brackets for sale? Almost ready to put my car back on the road after a long time and just needing the last few bits to finish, I have tried new but sadly not available any more. Thanks for the help Adeel
  4. Bit late i know but no the celica ones are diffrent, the lower arms from the AE100 corolla are the samenot sure about the struts. The ball joint in the struts are replaceable and are the same as the celica GT4
  5. Hi, guys just a quick question got a complete 1.8 celica st engine it is in good nick from a low milage car but has a nackerd bottom end. Now heres the question is there any thing i could use from it to to help boost power in my 1.6 sr maybe a change of cams, possible bigger injectors inlet and exhaust manifolds or maybe even the whole head! i dont know what do you guys think and any one had any experience with these types of upgrades. Many thanks Adeel oh for got to mentin it is a 1998 Ae111 corolla and a 1998 St205 celica 1.8 ST
  6. try www.pro-alloys.co.uk or give him a ring on 0121 7074554 and ask for Ibrar he comes highly recomended on www.mkivsupra.net
  7. this happens to me and mine only started about 2 weeks ago but have had the car a couple of months now but mine is a ae11 and i think all yours are ae12's whats going on
  8. Dude try www.ultraleds.co.uk or better yet this link http://www.ultraleds.co.uk/default.php?cPa...d150511a8d4f03c
  9. hi, mate the best place to look for one is www.rtoc.org as i also own a R5 gtt (long term project) but they aint that expensive from renault dealers brought one last year for about 70 quid
  10. can reconmend www.pro-alloys.co.uk for a good place to buy tyres well cheaper than black circle and my tyres and DO NOT buy firestone fuel savers(on the car when i brought it) the car will slide and wheel spin all over the place am saving for a set of goodyear eagle F1's fantastic tyre :D
  11. it is a ae111 1.6 SR it is just like a little probe not like the usual large round maf sensors
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