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  1. Bit late i know but no the celica ones are diffrent, the lower arms from the AE100 corolla are the samenot sure about the struts. The ball joint in the struts are replaceable and are the same as the celica GT4
  2. Any one PLEASE!!!!
  3. Hi, guys just a quick question got a complete 1.8 celica st engine it is in good nick from a low milage car but has a nackerd bottom end. Now heres the question is there any thing i could use from it to to help boost power in my 1.6 sr maybe a change of cams, possible bigger injectors inlet and exhaust manifolds or maybe even the whole head! i dont know what do you guys think and any one had any experience with these types of upgrades. Many thanks Adeel oh for got to mentin it is a 1998 Ae111 corolla and a 1998 St205 celica 1.8 ST
  4. try or give him a ring on 0121 7074554 and ask for Ibrar he comes highly recomended on
  5. this happens to me and mine only started about 2 weeks ago but have had the car a couple of months now but mine is a ae11 and i think all yours are ae12's whats going on
  6. Dude try or better yet this link
  7. hi, mate the best place to look for one is as i also own a R5 gtt (long term project) but they aint that expensive from renault dealers brought one last year for about 70 quid
  8. can reconmend for a good place to buy tyres well cheaper than black circle and my tyres and DO NOT buy firestone fuel savers(on the car when i brought it) the car will slide and wheel spin all over the place am saving for a set of goodyear eagle F1's fantastic tyre :D
  9. Adeel

    Induction Kit

    it is a ae111 1.6 SR it is just like a little probe not like the usual large round maf sensors
  10. Adeel

    Induction Kit

    so should i make a hole and put it into the rubber inlet pipe or bung my air box back on What do i do?
  11. Adeel

    Induction Kit

    Hi, guys bought a nice stainless steel induction filter and fitted it to the car but in the side of the air box in the top half there seems to be a sensor/plug so A) what does it do and B) is it ok if i leave it off and out of the way Thanks guys p.s. any one know the price of a g6r front lip, grill and side skirts from toyota or atleast their part numbers
  12. meguires gold class it top dod as far as polishes are concerned in my opinion
  13. Hi, guys bought 40mm lowering springs and shocks off my mate who had them on his 1.3gs ae111 corolla until he crashed it now what i need to know is will these fit on to my ae111 corolla sr. and how hard are the rear shocks to change was going to swap the shocks and springs over complete not just swoping over the springs on to my sr shocks think it is easier that way but what are ur opinions. p.s. merry christmas & happy new year
  14. Hi, dudes just bought a 98 rolla sr and have got a few questions so here we go. are the seats the same as a g6 they have got red and black flicks and look sporty. can i fit a g6r front lip to the normal bumper. how do you change the drums to disks on the back. can you get electric side mirrors for them. can you get pop out rear 1/4 lights for the back. that all i can thing of now but feel free to tell me ay thing else i need to know. Regards Adeel (toyota lover) :D :D
  15. dude how much for the box want 1 for my SR
  16. Adeel

    Corolla G6

    Looking for a corolla G6 got to be a three door and not red would not mind a G6R either. what have you got for me, willing to travel contact me on 07977596048 if no answer i'm either at work or uni so please leave a message and will get back to you Adeel
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    Money aint the real problem it's trying to get one that i like every time i look on there only seems to be 5 door models and i'm after a 3 door and any colour other than red. if any one knows of one for sale PLEASE let me know and when i do get one i'll sign up to a gold membershp
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    eek please help need a car fast as i travel to coventry uni every day so need a car but need to know which one to buy wether it be optin 2 a corolla sr or battle on a get a g6
  19. Adeel


    hi, guys new member alert. Ii'm looking to buy a 3 door corolla g6 and have had no luck in finding one with in my budget of 2200 pounds and have been looking for 4-5 months so have almost given up SO would it be better to but a corolla sr or stick to my search for a g6 and can any one fill me in on differences in performance, spec, body kit etc etc and i know there will be a difference in insurance due to one being a 1.3 and the other a 1.6 but it makes very little difference to me. T :) hanks in advance Adeel