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  1. Hi, How many litre of fuel (Superplus 98) your car drinks for 100 km. I'm with a Carina E, 1.6, rarely on the highway or traffic jam, and it's about 10(l) ... x 1.3 € :-) khdung.
  2. I think I know how to deal with this problem. I don't go immediately but wait for a few minutes for warming the motor, then I turn on the fan and take the air from outside ... it worked when it was raining very hard today. Of course the glasses is slightly blur at the beginning but when the air is hot, it is very clean >> maybe we'll have this problem when the summer comes, we can not turn on the heating. The glasses for passengers is regularly blur, but it doesn't matter for the driver. Thank you for your all responses, I understand better and better my car. khdung.
  3. Thanks, I like your suggestion, before I didn't know which air (outside or inside) is good. But any way, I think I must wait for engine warming, if not the outside air will make the problem even more serious, is it right? khdung.
  4. Yes, I read all thread conerning about "Carina E rattle" including yours, they are helpful. I bought the car when I had only one driving course (2 hours, because I wanted the car for training myself). I didn't know anything about car, even how to drive. After some phone call, I made an appointement with the seller at the train station. He took me to his home where I saw his parents and they said it was a very good car ... I think old people is more serious than young people. Then he drove me at home and said if any problem he would help me (unfortunately, I have no way to contact him now, neither phone or email ...) I took risk, I know but I didn't have other choice, I'm a foreign student ... I will go to a Toyota garage soon, I can take risk for money but not for my life. Now I've got a provisional driving license. Some time my car rattles and I said to myself that is because I'm not yet a good driver. The ridiculous thing is even when I do nothing, neither clutch nor gas, brake (on high way) just keep the same vitesse and I heard the noisy (it will disappear if I reduce the vitesse a little). ... just for sharing with you what's been going on with my car. khdung.
  5. Hi, I'm currently downloading some files by emule, quite slow, but it sounds free so I can wait :-) I saw you posted some messages about Carina E rattle ... My car has also this strange noise, someone explained in another thread that is because of alternator belt. In fact, I went to garage, and the mechanic tried running my car for a while, and he thought, there was nothing special, but he recomended me to do a maintenance. I just bought my car, and don't have much money if it is a big maintenance ... so let it be, may be in a next few months I'll comback to garage. If you have any advice for me from your experiences, don't hésitate. Have a nice week, khdung.
  6. Does anyone have the manual guide of Carina E? Please send me a copy, or if you know where I can find it? Many thanks. khdung.
  7. Thanks, there's nothing on the sunroof of Carina E and I checked the floor, it's OK, not at all wet ... I had it again this morning (and it didn't rain). I opened the doors for a few seconds and turned on demisting, that's all I could do. khdung.
  8. Hello, I'm a new member ... Hi all, I have a big problem with my Carina E 1994 : when it rains, the glasses is quite wet (of course inside) and I can't see well the road, it's very difficult to drive. The heating can help a little but can not fix it, especially when it rains hard. I thinks may be water come in through the doors, but I can't see it clearly. Does any one has experience with this problem? Thank you for your help and sorry for my poor english. khdung.
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