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  1. Hi mate, Do you have any pics? What year/model corolla are they from? cheers Panzer
  2. Just thought I'd add some pics I took today due to the glorious sunshine. A few hours cleaning has really shinned things up Front: Rear: Mmmm Check out that shine: Side View, showing off my Toyota Alloys: (I have Corolla GXi side skirsts going on on tuesday) I mounted my tweeters in the front pillars: (I have custom door pods awaiting a spray, I will post again when they are finnished) White Dials \0/: Gotta love Meguiars car products for cleaning! Panzer
  3. Looking good mate, you have done more or less exactly the same as me except mines black. I've got a front grill like yours waiting to go on Cold air intake Debadged Square plate 15" Toyota 7 spoke rims Tinted rear clusters to match the back of the car De-Arialed with a bee-sting put on White dials Got a twin exit back box, will post pics Rear Spoiler ICE: Orion P6.2 front comps with custom door pods (will post pics when I take them) Genesis 4 Channel amp Custom-made twin Eminence LTD 12" subs About to do: My side skirts are getting sprayed as we speak and will be fitted next week (so Ill take all the pics when they are on. You can get a front lip for that bumper but it’s hard to come by. De-tangoing side repeaters and indicators. Future plans: Upgrade the breaks to rear discs and bigger fronts Semi leather and Alcatara re-trim of the seats and door cards Xenon headlight kit 4E-FTE engine conversion ;) You gotta love the E-10 keep us posted mate. Panzer
  4. LoL Red, you are the font of all information :D thanks again for the reply! If thats the case I won't bother all these ideas seem like too much hassle and expense. Cheers Panzer
  5. Lo all, I've got the 1.3 1993 3door E10 and the steering is a bit 'light', the back end steps out quite easily and the (steering) wheel goes very loose after a certian degree of turn making cornering at speed difficult. I have already lowered the car (40mm springs and shocks) so please don't suggest that. I've read that the early CTS had a similar problem so maybe Toyota just can't do PAS but correct me if I'm wrong. A mate of mine has said that changing the PAS is quite easy but I was wondering what others on these boards have done. Do you just put up with it or is there alternatives. Are there other versions of the Corolla that have better/uprated PAS? I have heard that my model was one of the first PAS cars and I would have thought that like all new technology updates come out quite fast. Cheers for any info or advice. Panzer
  6. Ok thanks again for the info Red. I'll be giving up on the ABS idea then. I'll just have to try and find a superstrut model to steal the brakes from. Cheers Panzer
  7. Thanks for the info Red, that has helped a lot! I had always wondered about the difference between normal and SuperStrut. So If I found a Superstrut model and took the calipers from that how easy would it be to put my current front calipers on the rear axel and replace the drums, what did you have to do exactly? You mentioned that the fronts lock up before the rears, whats the story with ABS, surely that would compensate for it? I had my speedo dials out the other day (fitting white dials) and I noticed that there is an ABS warning light its just not connected. I'm assuming therefor that there is a model with ABS but again I have no idea about how it would be fitted. Thanks again Red. *Edit* Just thought of something else, if I got the front brakes from a SuperStrut would they fit under my 15" alloys? Cheers Panzer
  8. Lo all, I currently have a 1.3 (4E FE) 93-97 type 3 Door 'Rolla with 15" wheels. I'm looking to improve the braking performance and I was woundering if there was another Corolla (or any Toyota) I could source the parts off, rather than going after-market. Does the 1.8 have the same brakes as the 1.3? What about the model with all of the body kit and colour coded electric mirrors etc (think it was one of the last models GTi maybe?) I'd also like to know if I could source the ABS kit and how hard it would be to install (I.E the process) and Finally I was woundering about fitting rear calipers (If I put bigger ones on the front could I use my old front ones on the rears?) Cheers for any advice Panzer
  9. I've just thought of something else I would like to know about this, didnt think a new thread was worth it. If i did the engine mod what steering/break upgrades could I do to this model because they are pretty bad as it is now.... can you upgrade the power steeering? Cheers Panzer
  10. I have a green cotton (cone) air filter for the 1.3 4E-FE engine. £80 new you can have it for £50 inc. delivery if you want. Panzer
  11. Ok cheers mate. I shall look into this a bit further and keep everyone posted. Panzer
  12. Thanks for the info lads :D Nathan, if I was to change the pistons I wouldn't need to change the Head Gasket? Would it be wise to uprate to HG anyway (not thicker just uprated). Cheers again! Panzer
  13. Lo all, I was talking to some people 'in the know' and they seemed to think it would be possible to attach the turbo from a 1.3 Starlet GT Turbo to the 1.3 engine in my Corolla. Now they are both 1.3 16v and the engine code seems to be the same other than the 'T' which I assume stands for Turbo ;) Does anyone know if it has been/can be done. does the manifold come streight off of the Starlet and onto the 'rolla engine? what about other bits that would need to be swapped? Cheers all! Panzer
  14. Sounds like you havnt bedded them in propperly. You have to go 250 miles on new pads driving like a grandad. What happens is as you break the heat from the pad and the disc causes carbon to melt onto the pad in little blobs, then the next time you break these carbon bits scratch the disc and make that horrible noise. Now with bedded in breaks you have to break really hard to get the heat needed to melt the carbon but with new pads the heat capacity is much lower and so moderate breaking can cause what you are describing. What you need to do is take them off, sand down the carbon bumps and they should be fine... then bed them in propperly! Panzer
  15. Well the best thing to use is bolts strangly enough. For best results drill a hole in the bottom of your boot and bold the sub box to the floor. But if you dont like the sound of that use non-slip matting or velcro. Panzer
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