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  1. i have a set for sale all with tyres if you havent got a set yet.
  2. i'm breaking my 2002 toyota corolla t sport and i have the standard stereo if you interested
  3. Where did you get quoted Black Diamond Drilled and Grooved Front Disks - £127? Mad Motors from Halifax
  4. Looks good mate... I was thinking of doing somat like this but never got round to it....
  5. Hey all, recently bought a corolla ae86 gt apex. My friend was checking it out and said its got a blue top engine in it. What is the differences with the blue top and the standard 1? All info needed...
  6. Isnt there anything we can do to get our T sports to give us more power...?
  7. have you got any pics the c one engine cover?
  8. my mate has a Corolla ae92 GTi and his car is really fast, dont know the 0-60 times but he has got 140mph top speed on his car, (i know its a old car and the speedo wont be accurate but thats what it was showing). His mods are only mongoose exhaust and a cold air intake from front bumper into standard box...
  9. Welcome mate, Glad you like your CTS... I think the lift puts a smile on every1's face...lol
  10. read half of it and thought f*k the rest...... too long mate...lol
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