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  1. Sounds like bad news. Anyone want to buy a 2002 Avensis VVTi 1.8 GS petrol. New exhaust system including CAT. 5 good tyres with alloys. £40 worth of petrol. Located in ILKLEY West Yorkshire. cheers Ken
  2. Hi everyone. my 51 plate 1.8 vvti avensis broke down on the motorway. The oil warning light started flickering on and off. It then came on permanently and shortly afterwards the engine stopped. There is still oil in the engine so don't know cause of failure. The AA man thinks it could be a serious mechanical failure. I guess i will need a new engine but how much is this going to cost ? Also will it be worth it, should i just scrap it. If i scrap it, does it have any value ? Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated regards Ken
  3. Having just purchased an Avensis and having had a great deal of help from members on this site here small contribution from myself to other members. Here is how to make a backup copy of the TNS200 CD for your own personal use ONLY. You will need:- PC with at least 800MB spare disk space CD writer 1 recordable CD 700MB ( you may get away with 650MB but I haven't tried ) Method. Download trial version of Alcohol 120%, available from website below. Reboot PC after installation Insert original TNS200 disk in CD Writer Run the Alcohol 120% software. Select 'Copy Wizard' In bottom left corner - Datatype - select Safedisc 2/3 Follow the prompts - ie clicking 'Next' as requested. That's it.
  4. Just like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me out with this, I have received a CD and link to the 'SatNav' manual from 2 generous members. I didn't expect a great response from my request for help but i was totally wrong. Best wishes to all for the festive season Ken
  5. thanks chis, my email is Ken
  6. Hi There, I have just bought an Avensis 1.8 GS. Unfortunately I don't have the instruction booklet to operate the Radio CD or Sat-Nav. I have figured out how to use the radio but am completley bamboozled with the Sat-Nav system. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Do I need a CD and if so where does it go ? In the CD player ? - I have noticed a box in the boot of the car thanks in anticipation Ken