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  1. Have a look at but give that the cost of the oil feed pipe is peanuts compared to the Turbo, why wouldn't you want to do it?
  2. redlew

    MOT advisory

    Per rear pads £130 , front discs and pads £260 suggesting front discs alone £130. Grand total £260 so that's a benchmark
  3. redlew

    satnav or not

    I've always found maps quite satisfactory
  4. I think it is because the mark 1 & mark 2 were affordable to the private buyer but the later models became more for the richer who can afford Mr T or company cars. The youngest mark 2 is getting on for 10.5 years old.
  5. Diesel, petrol? 3dr/5dr? Regardless what is the service history and what bills for major surgery are there? Price -stick the reg into webuy and add a bit on. The world is awash with used cars despite what the owner or dealer might say so if it doesn't feel right, walk away, don't turn back and as soon as you are around the corner, run.
  6. Was it pinched? I've got a lock at the bottom which could be cut with a cropper but stops casual theft
  7. redlew

    Cycle Racks

    If you have a tow bar, have a look at the Thule range -but they are not cheap.
  8. I cry when I can't use supermarket diesel and couldn't agree more with "given how many thousands of motorists fill up from supermarket filling stations every day, if the fuel was that bad there would be queues of cars packing up all over the place and it would be all over the news ! "
  9. I don't think there is much you can do but how certain are you that the belt was replaced at 74K before you bought it?
  10. I think that part is for the mark 3 -hough why the mark 2 price should be so much more expensive...
  11. The mark 2 manual is no good for reversing a trailer up a slope -it does burn the clutch out.
  12. Same problem as with velcro I think -if you want to open the visor you will be pulling on the lining . Who is Khan?
  13. I had the same problem -velcro doesn't really work as you get a tugging of the headliner when you try to pull it down. Visor part number is 74310-42360-B0 . Buying a used one is unlikely to work as it will be at least 10 years old and jsut as used. You are over a barrel.
  14. Visor part number is 74310-42360-B0
  15. It is a difference of opinion that makes a horse race but I would disagree with your comments about supermarket fuel. If there was anything wrong with it, it would be the subject of investigative journalism and no win no fee lawyers would be suing . Bring on Aldi, Lidl & Netto filling stations, say I. There is an interesting discourse here .
  16. I buy the cheapest supermarket fuel -come on Aldi and Lidl -and agree with Tom. If it was that bad there would be investigative journalists making programmes about it.
  17. You can also replace the pin part number 68617 20020 for about a fiver.
  18. redlew


    2006? A mere youngster
  19. If going up and down a steep hill is the only perceived need for 4wd, I'd buy a cheap 2wd with a set of wheels with winter tyres and a set of wheels with summer tyres. Strange but true is that a 2wd with winter tyres outperforms a 4wd with normal tyres. Google it because it is hard to believe but there are videos of tests going up ski slopes. Of course the ultimate is 4wd with winter tyres.Don't get me wrong , the RAV is a great car but not a cheap car to run -I've the diesel which is now over 10 years old and stuck in the cycle of I've spent £500 on a repair and want my money's worth but just before I get it, something else goes wrong.
  20. Once you get to that age, repairs can cost a high % of the cars value and reliable thought they are, things do go wrong. Check out the costs of a new power steering pump, alternator, exhaust -they are not Fiesta prices. Why does he need a 4 x 4 to avoid getting wet?
  21. If it helps . quotes for the clutch and dmf on my diesel ranged between £1200 and £1700. Labour would be a lot of that
  22. The part number for a mark 2 prop shaft is 37100 42060 but Mr T doesn't sell the UJs separately . Cost of part is over £700! I have got to put a new UJ on for £80 . They aren't a garage so you need to get the propshaft off , to their premises then back to a garage to replace but still a large saving. The UJs hardly get a mention here or on RAV4 world so maybe I've been unlucky but it did need doing at 120k miles.
  23. redlew

    Lamda Sensors

    Is that for both the diesel and petrol, please?