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  1. Thanks for the info regarding my clutch, my mind is at rest now. However thats not all that I have wrong with this car. I have to hold on tight to the steering wheel so that the car does not go to the right. The tracking probably need adjustment. I get a bit of vibration through to the steering wheel, which is uncomfortable. The paint on the bonnet has camoflag stripes in the base coat. Whats happened to Toyota's quality control?. Cheers I am happy otherwise.
  2. I have had my Rav 4 XTR 2 weeks now and I am having difficulty with the gear change, when my lazy foot does not put the clutch pedal right down to the floor. The clutch byte point is about 25mm of the floor. Is this noraml?. I have already been back to the dealer, to get it sorted. The mechanic at the dealer says that it is correct and the pedal will raise as the clutch wears. My previous car was a focus which is completely different, it was so easy to drive.
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