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  1. PeteB

    Winter tyres

    Winter tyres use a softer compound are are generally thought to wear more quickly in warmer weather with drier roads. This may be useful:
  2. PeteB

    Winter tyres

    or as another alternative, this works for me... For my last 2 cars (A gen 3 and Gen 4 Prius - which both used the same tyre size so the winters did for both cars) I used Nokian winter tyres, and they seemed to work well on snowy icy roads winter before last. My current car is all wheel drive and I've gone with 5 Vredestein Quatrac All Season tyres. They've not been properly tested yet, but there have been quite a few days where the temperature has dropped below 7°C, below which the tyre experts suggest winter and all season tyres will give better grip than summer tyres, which tend to harden at that temperature. Until my original tyres wear out, I'll get my dealer to swap them every October and March, then just use the all seasons all year round unless something persuades me back to winter tyres in the meantime.
  3. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have this capability.
  4. I do agree they are too far forward, astonishing error for a manufacturer that's been making cars more than a year or two. Quite a few people on various groups and YouTube reviewers have complained about their position too.
  5. PeteB

    Cd drive

    Found found the standard audio of the demonstrator I had for a couple of days was surprisingly good with my USB stick music (just MP3 too). My car has the JBL upgrade (not that I wanted it, I got it to get the panoramic cameras) and that's very good too (can't actually tell the difference myself!).
  6. Not had the problem with my current RAV4, nor my last Gen 4 Prius (same height as your car). The Gen 3 Prius I had before that had the issue once or twice, but it went away after the car went through a hand car wash where they use pressure jets.
  7. PeteB

    Cd drive

    and portable USB CD players work fine with PCs/laptops if they done have one built in. The portable players don't cost very much either.
  8. Did you press the start button while holding the key against it? As Keith says, the lock symbol means the immobiliser has activated.
  9. The only things I can think of: needs fuse somewhere faulty switch one or more connectors not securely engaged wiring damaged somewhere The brake switch isn't relevant - if that doesn't work properly, it won't prevent the CC from engaging, but will stop it being cancelled when the brake pedal is pressed (not something you'd want though). Just a final long shot - you are pressing the button on the end of the stalk first to switch the CC system on, aren't you? The word "CRUISE" should light up in green on the dash. Once it's done that, you need to be going over about 28 mph for it to work, flick the switch down and it should then hold that speed.
  10. I also find that it will keep high beam on when vehicles in front are a little further away but still close enough for it to potentially bother them (it would bother me!). So mine stays permanently off.
  11. I also had a company 2007 T3 fitted with the cruise control switch and brake switch (although with official parts obtained by and fitted by my dealer) and it just worked (as it did on two Gen 1 and one Gen 3 Prius). They may have needed to install a fuse, but I do remember on the first Gen 1 they did they said it was already there.
  12. Absolutely - with you 100% on that. Personally, I don't like opening roofs (glass or otherwise), but why must the switches be way up there anyway? When electric sunroofs started to appear the switches were on the centre console - much easier.
  13. 33 psi all round, both 17" & 18" wheels (3 psi extra if towing).
  14. Hi Stephen I bought my tyres from my dealer, they are storing the old ones and will swap them back in March. They will continue to do this each October and March until the summer tyres wear out, after which I will probably stay with all-seasons permanently. (I also have a full size spare - which fits nicely under the boot floor - so it's five tyres affected, not just four). I haven't been able to notice any difference in mpg because of the big drop with the colder weather - it's hard to say if some or any of it is due to the tyres. I don't have that much faith in the performance codes, but for what it's worth both the factory tyres and the Vredesteins are rated C for economy. One thing I was pleased about that there was no increase in noise (rated 70/71 dB for old/new), unlike the Nokian winter tyres I used on my last 2 cars - I also had the impression they did worsen the mpg very slightly, but I have no hard evidence). see also:
  15. While the engine goes though its warm-up procedure, the engine input to acceleration and cruising is almost nil unless you accelerate very hard or go pretty fast. The car will feel like an EV during this time because essentially, it is. You may also notice the HV battery gauge depleting quite quickly at this time. During the warm-up phase, the variable value timing is held at an extreme setting (I can never remember whether it's advanced or retarded) but the purpose it to make maximum heat for rapid warm-up (which also causes the drive power to be reduced - this is why the engine is seemingly divorced from the drive process during this period). It still fascinates me even after 18 years and over 320,000 miles of Hybrid driving. My car usually reaches the normal temperature in just one mile from a cold start, and during a few quick glances at the temperature gauge I can see it moving!