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  1. Mine's a standard non-plug-in Excel too. That's the auto dip beam - yes mine are turned off, as it's too much of a recipe for getting flashed by 9 out of 10 oncoming vehicles. What I can't turn off is the Auto main light feature (except by manually turning on parking or head lights). They come on randomly in bright conditions when passing under overhanging tress or shade from tall buildings (even though they're set to minimum sensitivity), particularly on a couple of roads I use frequently, and I've had three near misses so far when at the moment they come on people think I'm flashing them and start to move immediately. I'm short leg/long body, plus rather well padded. Local taxi firms seem to be moving away from the Prius because of the headroom - when I book a car I ask them not to send a latest generation Prius for this reason and apparently I'm not the only person to make this request. A shame, because rear legroom is excellent, and it's very comfortable in every other respect.
  2. Absolutely agree, except I'd add dangerous auto headlights that can't be overridden and bad rear headroom to the list - if I travelled in the back much I'd have had to delete the Gen 4 Prius from my short list - at only 5' 10" I'm amazed I can't sit in the back without cranking my head to one side! But apart from that, the best car I've ever driven, never mind owned. Here's a summary of my likes and dislikes:
  3. PeteB

    Gen 4 Prius with 15" wheels - Combined (mpg)

    At least if you can get the required temperature whilst still plugged in it will help a bit as the battery only has to maintain the temperature rather than warm the cabin up.
  4. PeteB

    Prius PHV: It's Wizardry on Wheels!

    The only one I wanted to change that wasn't on the user menus was the continuous beeping when reverse is selected (on top of the parking sensor beep). Fortunately my dealer made the change for me before the car was delivered (foc), as they did on my previous Gen 3 Prius.
  5. PeteB

    Gen 4 Prius, PiP and Hybrid C-HR Recall

    In any case, any official dealer worth their salt should see that the car is safe and working correctly, and all recalls done before selling. I certainly wouldn't want to deal with a dealer that didn't.
  6. PeteB

    Prius PHV: It's Wizardry on Wheels!

    that's what I was saying about my Gen 1 Prius 16 years ago... 😁
  7. PeteB

    Radar cruise control query - don't do this at home!

    Hmm, what Ian says works on my 'ordinary' (non plug-in) Gen 4 Prius. Surprised if the PiP is different in this respect. In Adaptive Cruise mode, flicking the stalk gives 5 mph up or down, holding it gives continuous increase/decrease in 5 mph increments. In Standard Cruise mode (obtained by holding the on/off button in for about 5 sec), flicking the stalk gives 1 mph up or down, holding it gives continuous increase/decrease in 1 mph increments. In Speed Limiter mode, flicking the stalk gives 1 mph up or down, holding it gives continuous increase/decrease in 5 mph increments. Personally, I find these setups ideal. My only beef is that Cruise can't be set to maintain a speed below 28 mph, and Speed Limiter can't be set below 20 mph.
  8. PeteB


    Most Toyotas, including all version of the Prius have double locking. When you press the lock button on the remote (or touch the keyless locking area on the door handle) it just locks the car normally and sets the alarm. When you do it a second time within 5 seconds, the double locking 'deadlocks' the doors, so that it's not possible to release the lock from inside the car, which is why the books says don't use double locking if you leave someone in the car. The idea is that if a thief breaks a window they still can't open the doors. All my cars since the the late 1980s have had double locking.
  9. PeteB

    Hell Is Buying a Used Toyota...

    Some of them not even sure about that! 🙄
  10. PeteB

    Hell Is Buying a Used Toyota...

    Maybe it's changed, but the AA (used by Toyota's recovery service) didn't 2 or 3 years ago. I heard of a PiP (original model) owner who got a puncture 3 miles from home at 10 or 11 on a wet Friday night. The gunge didn't work. He waited for the AA until 2 am, they dumped him at home, flat tyre and all, leaving him to get himself and his wheel to a tyre shop (and back) by some other means the next day! (At least Jay has his stock of spare wheels at home! [your car does look nice in that colour BTW]). I was delighted when I ordered my Gen 4 Prius and: got a £400 rebate for choosing 15" wheels had (and took) the no-cost option of a space-saver spare wheel instead of gunge However, I was rather dismayed when I saw in the manual that in some markets cars with 15" wheels come with a full size spare wheel and under-boot storage to accommodate it. So why, oh why, couldn't I have specified that on my factory order? I'd have happily (well, grumpily actually!) foregone the rebate, and maybe even paid a bit extra for that!
  11. PeteB

    Hell Is Buying a Used Toyota...

    Yep, that's the one. For a few years they've also had a branch up the road in Lowestoft, but I've had such a good relationship with the people in Norwich I've stayed with them. In fact, when I bought my Gen 3 Prius, I wan't planning to, but whilst in for a service or something I bumped into my salesman and stopped for a chat. The original Gen 3 Prius didn't have a combination that suited me, but the post 2012 facelift versions did - so I almost jokingly told him to let me know if they got a T3 in white with the Infotainment upgrade package as a demonstrator to let me know. Be both laughed knowing the chances were virtually nil, but he phoned me a day or two later to say they actually had one as a business demonstrator on loan to a local radio station, and I could have it when it was 6 months old. The price was right, they added the cruise control switch and I got a 6 month old car with 3½k on the clock for a very good price. This is what it looked like when I took it for a test drive:
  12. PeteB

    Hell Is Buying a Used Toyota...

    When I bought my Gen 4 I wasn't expecting any discount because I placed my order before they were actually able to process it (Feb 2016), but without being asked they gave me a tiny discount, full tank and free velour mats. None of the web based firms would quote for a Gen 4 at the time. I got a price for my 4 year old Gen 3 Prius from WBAC at the same time, and it did beat the dealer's price but not by enough to make up for the inconvenience of selling it separately. However, during the 4 month wait for my car, WBAC regularly emailed to say the value had fallen (especially in March when the new registration plate came out), and by the time my dealer said my new car was ready the WBAC price was lower than my dealer's. Plus I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd found one or two reasons to drop further when they examined the car (although it looked perfect to me). I was really pleased when the dealer said they'd honour their original price, and the handover was painless - arrived in old car, drove away in new. The agonising 4 month wait was quickly forgotten.
  13. PeteB

    Hell Is Buying a Used Toyota...

    That reminds me of the situation when I bought my first Gen 1 Prius in 2002 - I had a test drive in 2000 when they launched and was very tempted, but wasn't prepared to have a car with no heated mirrors (not been without these since mid 1980s!) or rear wiper. Two years later though, the Hybrid system was SO appealing I took another test drive and decided I could just about manage without them (although for the next 9 years I regularly cursed their absence). However, in those days, the Hybrid system's reliability longer term was unknown and a perceived risk factor, so I decided to look at ex-demos to reduced the amount of cash I was risking if it turned out to be a lemon (seems silly now, I know). A new Gen 1 was £16½k, with a £1k government grant towards it, so a true cost of £15½k. Most 6 month old/6,000 ish mile demos were ... £16k+ - same insane pricing! Eventually, I found a dealer 100 miles away with an 18 month old/18k car for £12k. They were not too far from my parents, so I went and had a look during one of my monthly weekend visits and ended up buying the car. In those days, before the 2004 model year Gen 2 Prius was launched, only 60 dealers could service or sell the Prius. Fortunately, the people at this dealer seemed to know a lot about the Prius, and it turned out much of the mileage on it was from the sales team taking it home evenings and weekends because they found it so interesting! I've stayed with this dealer ever since, bought 5 cars from them (2 others were ex-demos), all my servicing (plus that of some company cars and my former partner's Toyotas), all my tyres, and recommend a number of people who've become customers. They've been 100% reliable, very easy to deal with and fair handed, and I feel I've been very lucky with them when I read of people's experiences with other dealers, like the saga here.
  14. PeteB

    Heavy Duty Car/Boot Mats Suggestions

    I had the Toyota boot liner in my Gen 3 Prius, costing £54 (I think my dealer discounted slightly). It was very high quality, quite grippy, and fairly thick, made it a bit more tricky getting to the under floor storage, but at the Gen 4 doesn't have that I guess less of a problem. I haven't bothered this time though. One thing to watch, I remember when specing my Gen 4 mention of a mat for high or low boot floor (presumably depending whether you have spare wheel or gunge), so looks like you need to specify the right one if you go for Toyota's. Their mats are good too, but if you want protection for mud etc probably better to go for rubber than the velour I've always had. Toyota mats obviously work properly with the driver's mat anchorages to stop them fouling the accelerator - maybe some 3rd party ones do if they're made for the specific model.
  15. PeteB

    New UK Excel Gen 4 Rattle

    Agree with above. Sounds like you've been unlucky, as I've seen so other reports of rattles in a Gen 4, and I'd have thought anyone else experiencing this would have commented here. I've certainly not had any such problems in mine, except a couple of times when it's turned out to be something in the armrest storage box. In my Gen 3 Prius I once thought I had a rattle from the centre console, turned out to be a key I kept in the glasses storage up by the interior light. Noises in cars are notorious for sounding as though they come from somewhere other than the true source.