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  1. PeteB

    Beeps and light

    If there's a position marked "AUTO" on the bit of your wiper stalk that you rotate to set the wiper speed, then you do, if it says "INT" these it's ordinary intermittent. Smaller ring in the stalk with widening marks sets either the auto sensitivity or intermittent interval. If there's a button somewhere on the lower dash like this then you have auto high beam. A green light on the button glows when it's selected on. When the headlights are turned on and this button is turned on a lamp like this glows green on the dash.
  2. PeteB

    Satnav update

    I bought my TomTom GO 6000 4½ years ago for £200 (special offer), and so far have been amazed by the quality of the maps (4 free updates a eyar) and most of all the live traffic which is downloaded from the mobile phone data network every 2 minutes. (The Toyota built-in system traffic is not too bad if using Internet base traffic data via a tethered mobile phone, but it doesn't match the TomTom for avoiding problems. However, unlike the TomTom, it won't save multi-stop journeys via the in-car screen). I would be surprised (and disappointed) not to get at least another 4 years' updates out of it, but they're already advertising their top model to existing owners for 30% discount (price to pay £257) which adds WiFi update (no PC ro Mac needed) and free Speed Camera updates to the deal on my 6000.
  3. PeteB

    Satnav update

    You should see some of the quotes for updating the Hard Drive based SatNav in the pre-face lift Gen 3 Prius! Someone from a Toyota HQ had to visit the dealership with a computer of some sort that they connected to the car for an hour or two - quotes were in the £400-£800 bracket IIRC.
  4. PeteB

    Beeps and light

    If your car has Adaptive Cruise Control (the radar type that slows down if there's something slower in front of you) and you're using it when you hear the four beeps, that's the sound this system makes if a hill makes it go a little faster than your set speed - usually, it has brought you back close enough to your set speed a second or two after the beeps. The other time it might happen is if you've used the accelerator to briefly exceed your set speed and then lifted off to let the speed settle back to you set speed.
  5. same here, just idle curiosity as it seemed odd that only one car appeared to have it Couldn't agree more - insurers can be quite funny, and you certainly don't want to find out how much so as you're trying to claim! At my last renewal, one firm I approached for a quote had a list of things they wanted to know about which even included magnetic signs on the doors. A few years ago, Co-op Insurance actually declined to quote because I had the official Toyota body side mouldings to help protect against other people's careless door opening in car parks! The lady put me on hold to speak to an underwriter, who confirmed the ½ inch thick strips meant they couldn't quote because "it changed the car's dimensions". Wow!
  6. In the last few years, I've only had a few slow punctures that with the help of my own aftermarket Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (as opposed to Warning System that's built-in) I've made it to my dealer without changing the wheel (this has a small display that shows the actual pressure all 5 tyres, and monitors temperatures too - Google Tyrepal if you want to know more)). If I get to the stage where I only ever drive a few miles from home (as one or two older neighbours do), I might think differently. However, since 2000, I've driven nearly 400,000 miles (about 320,000 in Hybrids, BTW) and had almost 20 occasions where a wheel change was necessary. Four of those would absolutely certainly not have been repairable with gunge (especially one where there wasn't a shred of rubber left on the rim by the time I got to the hard shoulder! - unless there is some very clever gunge available!) three more where success of gunge would be dubious and the remainder where it would probably have worked. Even one slow puncture that probably could have been dealt with by the repair kit to get me home needed a new tyre since the damage was at the shoulder. It took 10 days to get the replacement winter tyre, and even a space saver would be a liability for this length of time in wintry weather. I avoided space savers as long as possible (a trip on the M1 at 50 mph in a Volvo with one was hair raising, to say the least). My RAV4 came with one, but as there's room under the boot floor for a full size, I bought one. I've heard of a few stories of people who've been massively inconvenienced by the gunge not working, and a couple who didn't even know they had no spare wheel until they were informed by the AA/RAC person they'd called to fit it! Here's another interesting tale:
  7. New one on me, but maybe if all else fails get one of the Faraday pouches and pop key in that when you go there? Beware, some of the pouches work, some don't. If you stand next you your car with the key in a pouch and the smart unlocking doesn't work, then it should be ok.
  8. These 2 posts from JillG suggest you need an order number and an email from your dealer.
  9. Thanks, but I'm not looking to get it, just idle curiosity since it seemed (and still does) that one person got the badge.
  10. The Prius plug-in version, available since 2012, has always been LiON. I doubt if forthcoming plug-ins will use anything less. Some trim levels of Toyota Hybrids also use this technology in some countries, but not in the UK.
  11. Nope: daiashthomas posted a pic saying his didn't - it was Gweeds in his video here:
  12. I think you're almost certainly right. It's why I didn't get the original plug-in Prius, the second generation added lack of rear wiper to the list too.
  13. I've also found if I play the musing from my phone via Bluetooth (my complete music library is copied onto to every device I own!) the playlists work on that too, but it's a little less convenient as I have to remember to start the music app on the phone before starting driving, and any dings etc. played by the phone when a text, email etc is received gets amplified through the car speakers too.
  14. The latest incarnation (on cars with Safety Sense Version 2 it seems) can have a 'set speed' down to 18 mph (very useful in 20 zones) and resume now works down to 0 mph. Yes, you can even select resume while stationary. It doesn't seem to disengage when cars turn off so readily, the only disconcerting thing until you get used to it is when a car in front turns to an exit and slows down, the ACC will briefly assume you're following an brake accordingly - which can also take the car behind you by surprise if you don't deal with it. Tapping the accelerator briefly cures this. I'm with you on the first two, can take or leave DAB, but that's a personal thing. I actually upgraded a perfectly good Gen 3 Prius to the Gen 4 partly to get the ACC, but also the other modern safety systems.