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  1. My low fuel warning light normally comes on somewhere between 27 and 33 miles remaining. When I've filled up with 20-25 miles remaining on the display it's taken about 47 litres to fill suggesting about 8 litres left in tank - and I do fill almost to the top of the filler pipe so as to be as consistent as possible for my tank to tank calculations.
  2. Wouldn't your dealer have replaced the 12V battery under the 5 year warranty? I suppose they might not as the warranty is nearing the end, but my dealer replaced one on my very first Prius in 2002 when it was nearly 2 years old, and again on my 2016 Gen 4 Prius when it was 13 months old. I was surprised the warranty covered the 12V battery when I needed the first one, though not the second time!
  3. Hi Trevor. They don't mention specific brands or prices, and I've not made any enquiries. This is the relevant page of the email: I do keep a mini jump starter in the car, which is discussed here: https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/190773-low-voltage-12v-battery-failure-gen4-some-advice-please/?do=findComment&comment=1516994 I've also used it a couple of times to help out people with 'ordinary' petrol cars and they've been astonished something so small starter their car. The brand I have isn't listed by Amazon any more, but in case it's of interest, they
  4. I had an email from my dealer a few days ago with details (but not prices) of a couple of smart charges they are now offering. It invited me to call them to discuss.
  5. I've never come across the HV battery check issue since the Health Checks started so can't comment there. I agree very much with the sentiment about the way the Hybrids drive. I bought my first Prius in 2002, but after just 6 months/12,000 miles it was totalled in a crash. In fact, I had just left my dealer (0.4 miles from the scene) and got on the phone to my salesman while waiting for some lifting equipment to recover my Prius from where it had landed. Long before the crane arrived, I'd agreed a deal to buy their 6 month old demonstrator as soon as my insurance coughed up! I may
  6. PeteB

    Keyless theft

    Might be worth checking the manual for your model - my last 2016 Prius had the same options, and possibly (although I'm not absolutely certain) the 2012 Gen 3 Prius I had before that.
  7. Hi Jerry. The image is of the music MP4 that was playing when I took the last pic (you can see it here if interested) https://youtu.be/my_ZHuDodfE I have a folder structure on my PC containing all my music files and videos. Then using a Windows file synchronising app called Goodsync whenever I add or change anything on the structure, I bring the USB stick indoors and synchronise the files. I've only got 2-300 music files and a dozen or so short videos, so my 4GB stick is more than sufficient. I believe the USB stick must be formatted to FAT32 format, but I've used the same stick s
  8. PeteB

    Keyless theft

    However, when a key holder unlocks one door, by default (at least it was on mine), all the doors and boot unlock. I went into the menus on mine, and set it so that if the driver's door is unlocked using keyless entry, or if you press the unlock button on the remote, only the driver's door unlocks. It takes a second press of the fob button, or holding the driver's door handle more than about 5 sec to unlock the rest of the car.
  9. And here we go:- Select Menu, USB, Browse, Videos. Then select video you wish to watch from list. Hope that works for you.
  10. I'll try to get out to the car tomorrow and take some pictures. That camera system is awesome, isn't it. You can press the camera button (in the row of buttons to the right of the steering wheel) when the car is below about 8-10 mph to bring the cameras up. While the cameras are showing, there's an on-screen 'button' marked "AUTO" - if you press that, then the cameras come on whenever your speed drops below about 8 mph. When I first got my car I found it a bit distracting, but after a while I tried it again and like it in AUTO mode all the time now.
  11. Assuming your infotainment system is similar to that in my 2019 Excel (although I do have the JBL upgrade - didn't want it, but I wanted the Panoramic 4-camera system which only came as a package), it will play .MP4 and, I think, .WMV and .MOV files (but only while stationary with the parkign brake applied). Again, from memory, you want the menu to search for Artists, Genres etc. One of the options is Folders, and you can search for a folder containing the file you want. There might even be an option to list video files, next time I go out to the car I'll check and let you know unless s
  12. Yes. The Gen 1 Prius had quite a severe parasitic drain. A really strong battery, fully charged when left, would be lucky to last much over 3 weeks without regular driving. A half hour in READY Mode every week or so should be enough to keep it topped up as long as it's in good condition. These very cold days this week will make matters a bit worse too. A Gen 1 Prius I had from 2002 to 2011 still had the original 12V battery in it when I sold it, so they can sometimes last a fair while. Locking with the key instead of the remote will help the charge last slightly longer if, for ex
  13. The Gen 3 Prius got DRLs from the 2012 facelift - my 2012 T3 had them. It's not impossible yours has them fitted but not connected, after all, every Prius ever made has had a complete Cruise Control package installed, but on many just the switches were missing! My dealer fitted the CC switches to 2 Gen 1 "Classic" Prius, a Gen 2 and my Gen 3 T3 for me.
  14. I use mine all the time too. I also like to let the CC take care of accelerating a lot of the time, when leaving roundabouts for example - in ECO mode it's smooth and gentle. The 5th Gen RAV4 CC can be set down to 18 mph so I find it incredibly useful in 20 mph zones (we have some fairly long ones around here). Also, the CC can be set to resume from 0 mph, so at traffic lights I can hit resume while stopped (even with nothing in front of me), take my foot off the brake and the car stays stationary. When the lights change, touching the resume button (CC is now buttons on steering wheel
  15. I had the cruise control switches fitted to all of the first three generations of Prius by my Norwich dealer, the first one way back in 2002. The fourth Gen Prius had Adaptive CC as standard on all trim levels, so didn't need upgrading. Gen 1 & 2 Prius needed the brake light switch swapped for one that had an extra terminal to cancel the CC under braking. After the introduction of the third generation of the Hybrid system first seen in the 2009 Gen 3 Prius only the master switch and a few trim pieces were needed, and it just worked. Even the green CC indicator light on the dash was
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