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  1. Yes, thanks. It seems to go back to North up every other day or so regardless of which method was used. I keep the downloaded manuals (all 1,000+ pages!) on my phone, tablet & PC so I can refer to then when and where ever necessary. But I know not everyone is comfortable using screen based literature.
  2. I'm enjoying the car, but the mpg is a shock (that I was expecting to be fair) after my Gen 4 Prius, which generally did 15-20 mpg better in any given circumstance. My 250 mile round trip from Norfolk coast to Bedfordshire yesterday would have seen over 80 mpg instead of nearly 60 I achieved, but I'm not complaining, my hip pain has improved markedly since I swapped the very low Prius for the very high RAV!
  3. Nope, don't think this can be changed. What's worse, is the main full screen map keeps going back to North Up, but I can't work out what prompts it - sometimes when I switch the car on it's reverted, sometimes not. Weird! Fortunately, most of the time I have my TomTom on it's beanbag for the better maps, routing and traffic. [Traffic on the built-in SatNav is much better if the Internet-based system is used via a tethered mobile phone, but the routing around holdups is still not as good, and the TomTom will use very minor roads if necessary that the built-in system would never choose].
  4. I wouldn't mind getting one from the US if it had some of their spec that we can't get at any price, e.g. Camera-based rear view mirror (not affected by rear passengers or luggage in the way, and wider view than the rear pillars allow with the conventional mirror) ventilated front seats with 3 stage heating heated rear seats heated front windscreen heated washer nozzles cordless phone charger kick sensor to open/close boot paddle shifters Oh yes, and the steering wheel on the 'right' side ☺️ ... and their prices!
  5. I also did a 250 cross country round trip today, with air temperatures (according to the car) between 21 and 27°C. This is what the computer said about today's mpg (right hand bar): I had a few traffic queues, but mostly the journey was favourable, cruising with the CC set to 60 mph where legal.
  6. Firstly, everything I see on my RAV4 AWD displays leads me to believe the rear electric motor/generator DOES contribute to regeneration. Also, this morning I filled the tank for the third time since the initial fill on day 1. The results continue to impress me, not least the apparently much more accurate computer estimates of mpg compared to all previous Toyotas I've experienced - so far! These are my figures:
  7. The only two cases I've heard of where a Prius was fed diesel fuel, in both cases the engine refused to fire at all, and after too many attempts to run it the HV battery was depleted to the extent it was unusable. The first was a Gen 1, and it took a month for the dealer to join the queue for the only special charger in the whole of Europe to be brought to the UK to recharge the battery. The second was a Gen 2 a few years later (around 2007) and there was still only one charger, and by the time it got to the London dealer the HV battery had died beyond recovery. I suppose if a very small amount found it's way into the tank maybe the engine could still run, and I've no idea what colour any resulting smoke would be.
  8. Given how close the powered telescopic arms are to the hinges, they must have to develop a significant amount of leverage - is the 4.4 tailgate powered? I wonder if that has influenced the design.
  9. About 17mm at it's narrowest point when open - I think I see where you are coming from, the space is needed as the boot opens/closes?
  10. I'm glad this got raised, somehow I thought of the process for resetting Auto Windows after battery removal - I took the seat to each extreme setting and held the switch for a further 5 seconds, and hey presto! Working memories. In my case, 1 driving, 2 easier entry/exit!
  11. I think I'm doing it right, I've used them ok on some Lexus models I've been lent in the past (which also memorised the steering reach & rake, plus door mirror positions), and I had the manual page open on my phone when I was trying, but you never know. One way or the other, hopefully it'll be sorted Saturday.
  12. yes, you're pretty unlucky there - I hope they sort it for you. I may have a problem with the memories on my electric driver's seat - I can't get that to work, but maybe I'm not doing it right. My dealer will take a look on Saturday when I got to collect my full size spare wheel and have it's TPWS sensor coded to the car.
  13. The cameras are awesome, one of the best features of the car. I too was disappointed about the lack of self parking - I traded a 2016 Prius Excel for my RAV4 Excel - the (cheaper) Prius has a really good system, and the (smaller, cheaper SUV) C-HR gets it too - so it's pretty shameful of Toyota not to include it on the RAV4.
  14. When I had my Gen 3 Prius, I went into a shared drive where there was quite a steep slope, and something under the centre of the car made the most appalling scraping sound, even worse as I reversed back off it. I was alone in the car, but admittedly I'm no lightweight! My dealer said it was an air deflector on the underside which was bent, but they straightened it an repainted with some rust inhibitor (and didn't charge me). Both my Gen 3 and Gen 4 would scrape something underneath exiting my driveway if there was at least one rear passenger, but not enough to do any damage.
  15. Another way that usually works is to press the lock button on the driver's door armrest before shutting the door, and hold the outside door handle out as you close the door. It stays locked without activating the alarm at all. But make sure the key is not inside! This, and using the emergency key, is also useful if the 12V battery is on ti;s last legs.
  16. If you've got the new model with All Wheel Drive, you might have come across this display that sits below the "Drive Info" & "Energy Monitor" displays in the speedo's screen. As well as showing the direction the front wheels are pointing, which wheels are providing torque and whether any wheels are spinning, if you select Sport Mode it gains an additional g-force meter with a trace showing g-force history. Don't suppose I'll ever really need it, but looks cool!
  17. Finally remembered to look at mine and yes, it looks the same.
  18. There's actually a button on mine for that, so no need to go into menus. However, it's another two edged sword, but I prefer to keep it on just in case there's an incident where it's relevant whether horns were used, whether indicators are used on my vehicle (even though you can't tell which side, and other background noises (like tyres) and whether anyone says anything pertinent in the immediate aftermath. The PC software for the Nextbase does allow sound to be suppressed subsequently if the edit facility is used (to trim or merge sections) to my singing along to the USB music doesn't need to be heard! Of course, if footage was needed by the authorises for evidence I'm sure they'd want the original recording.
  19. I'd like one that I can select when appropriate that sounds like very loudly shrieking tyres!
  20. I had done lots of research on the current crop of dashcams before I realised Toyota had the deal with Nextbase, but when I saw their offering I decided the model I chose was close enough to my requirements and the price, fully fitted and including the hard wire kit was not unreasonable considering it was a mainstream brand and not a £30 eBay offering. On my last two cars I bought the dashcams directly from the manufacturer or franchise holder (RoadHawk & Road Angel) and got my dealer to fit them. The black box is like any two-edged sword, it could be a saviour or crucifer! The Police can also seek to obtain access to dashcams and black boxes after a serious or fatal collision (although sometimes this has been challenged in the courts), and I understand in the past they've sometimes gleaned useful data from car ECUs that control things like ABS, ESP and airbags. I had thought the type of 'black box' proposed as a future legal requirement for new vehicles was of the data (and possibly image) recorder type (like those on aircraft), I hadn't been thinking about the over the air aspect, but from what I've read it will be a recorder in the car, probably with some protection against impact, submergence, fire and tampering:
  21. sure, and this is what I've opted for. What I'm talking about is a system built in at the factory, where possible using equipment already in the car, such as front safety camera, infotainment screen & speakers and GPS. It Could then incorporate extra info such as lights in use, indicators, horn use, etc. Ideally, if not standard, it could be a modular upgrade. I've read somewhere there's an EC rule coming (that UK will adopt) that from around 2022 cars will have to have some sort of "black box", but I've seen no details of what it would need to record.
  22. PeteB

    Bodged jobs!

    I know were getting a bit OT here but anyway... I rather suspect someone obtained a voodoo doll and some pins for an electrician that set fire to the computer centre of a firm I worked for a long time ago. The building had been designed to house a £5M mainframe, and the computer kit filled a whole floor of the office. A small electric hoist linked the computer room with a Data Preparation room on the floor above and the post room on the top floor. It was mainly used to ferry large printouts and magnetic tapes between the floors. One day it stopped working, and an electrician from the maintenance firm arrived, found a burnt out fuse wire which he replaced. Shortly after he left, it blew again and he was called back, only to replace it again with the same result. When he returned again he decided some higher rated fuse wire was needed, and shortly he left that blew. The highest rating wire was then installed, only for that to do likewise just after he left. On his next visit he decided to put a double strand of top rated wire in (which doesn't double the impedance, it quadruples it!). This time, it didn't blow - something else did, rather more spectacularly - and he wasn't called back, the Fire Brigade were! As an aside, this firm was very hot (sorry) on safety drills, and once a month an evacuation test was carried out at a random time. The Admin Manager, who was in charge but left it to the receptionists to chose the timing, always had an old fashioned stop watch on a rope round his neck, and started it as soon as the alarm sounded. Stopping it when the last of the 150 or so staff arrived outside, the evacuation time was announced over the Tannoy, plus where it sat in the rankings of top ten fastest evacs. The Fire Brigade were always most complimentary, saying the firm set a shining example. Be that as it may, on this day, with a real fire, the fact the lights went off a couple of seconds before the alarm did instilled a more genuine sense of urgency and they knocked 25% of the previous record! The Fire Brigade, as always, arrived quickly and not too much damage was done.
  23. dealer's in Norwich!
  24. oops - so it was in this thread - been a long day! 🙄
  25. Sorry, I didn't give wheel price because I'd mentioned it earlier, but realise now that was in a different thread. Wheel is £318.08. For my last two cars they charged a one-off £40 incl vat to set up the storage facility then no further charge, plus £30 a time to swap four tyres including vat, valve and balancing. I expect to pay a bit more than £30 now as it's going to be 5 tyres to swap, but still very reasonable. I drop the car, get a nice breakfast at the hotel next door (sometimes joined by my Services Manager and Salesman) and by the time I'm full the car's ready. Yes, a great dealer.