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  1. The only suggestion I've seen is for people who have a card to access a gate, office car park etc. I don't think you can stop the 'Home' screen starting by default, and the SatNav view's not much good even if you wanted it as on that view it only shows North Up. If you haven't found out already, you can tap one of the small screens on the display to take you there - it's easier to hit than the little buttons. I agree it would be nice if the car displayed the same screen that was visible when you switched off. Precious Toyotas I've owned did this. Even the main SatNav screen keeps going back to North Up when you select it after starting the car, but strangely, not every time. Others have said Toyota know about this and will fix it in a future update.
  2. My dealer, at least, is happy to fit other dashcams - they did on my last 2 cars (for a fee, or course). But on this one, the Nextbase seemed close enough to my requirements so I went for it.
  3. On the way for my evening meal, I popped into a large empty car park and took a shot of the AWD display in use (in Sport mode to get the G-Force indicator). Note the front wheels are turned to the right. Mixed view on the dashcam - I like they way it's set up generally, and the way it's meant to work, but there are a couple of issues: When getting into the car, or starting the car, or closing a sun visor, or even clicking shut the SOS button cover, the camera goes into protection mode, so the protected clip library is unduly filled with recordings. Not the end of the world, it's not causing recordings to be lost, but annoying and unnecessary. I've set the sensitivity to the lowest level too. More seriously, there have been a few incidents where it froze, just displayed video mode screen or "Nextbase" screen without recording. I either needed to press record, power off then on or use the hard reset tab. It happened just a few times in the first month, and I thought I'd wait to see if it settled down. I reformatted the SD card a few times, but it seemed to be a continuing problem so I started logging incidents on my maintenance database from 24th August. There have been 5 to date, when I've had a couple more I'll report it to my Service Manger first, and ask if he wants to handle it or if I should first seek advice from Nextbase. I feel it probably needs replacing, but we'll see. It's worrying that an incident could occur when it's not recording. If these issues were resolved I'd be happy enough with it. The quality of recordings is quite impressive.
  4. If I've done my sums right (and I'm by no means certain!), that about 8½% average gradient. I can't speak for the Yaris, and it depends also how many bars are lit when you start the descent, but on a Gen 1* or 2 Prius (the only cars I've experience a 'max out' on), it took between 4 and 5 miles on a 20% gradient (according to the road signs) in Scotland to max out. To be fair, we'd have started with less than 4 bars because of the climb to get up there in the first place. The HV batteries have got slightly lower in capacity over the generations, plus I believe the Yaris battery is fairly small compared to larger Hybrids (again, might be wrong on that) and you may start with 5, 6 or 7 bars, in which case it may be feasible to reach true 'max' capacity. It should be fairly obvious, you should hear the engine revving even without using B mode, and when you level out it should behave like an EV without using the EV Mode button as the software tries to make some room for any further regeneration.
  5. I wish I could video it in use - on roads it's just very interesting; it might be very useful to anyone going off road (or maybe on snow/ice). The front wheels show the direction they're pointing, a wheel flashes when struggling for grip, and the 5-bar indicators next to each wheel show how much of available torque is going to each wheel. Interesting to watch, as you accelerate from rest it often starts off even (say 1 bar each front/rear lit pale blue) and quickly goes to more torque to rear wheels (maybe 2/3 or 2/4 F/R) then more at front again then front only. It seems to add torque to the rear when cornering. When power is being provided the relevant axle(s) light up pale blue too. Trick is to glance at it and not use it as an excuse to crash into something! 🙄 I wish the dash was just under the bottom of the windscreen as it is in the Prius - much safer as nearer line of sight out of the screen, and less eyestrain - the muscle power needed to focus increases exponentially the closer you focus, which is why manufacturers put the instruments furthest away and centred on some models - Honda, Renault & Citroen seem to like this, and there used to be an excellent system on the Yaris until the 2012 models onwards.
  6. yes & yes. Although you might not always have time to - I entered a medium sized roundabout the other day in ECO mode, intending to take the third exit (effectively turning right), when an Audi TT (or similar) entered at about 60 from the entrance immediately to my right, heading for the exit immediately to my left, more or less a straight line - by the time he came into sight I was committed, and just had time to stamp on the accelerator - about 1 sec or slightly less was enough, the surge was quite impressive and got me out of the way more than adequately. Additionally, if you have AWD, if you select the AWD display in the speedo area, going into Sport mode adds a G-Force graph to the display:
  7. 2 comments: the Hybrid system is less efficient in reverse than going forward because while reversing the MG alone has to propel the car and work against the engine while it is generating electricity due to the way the planetary gear system works, therefore it will take more electric energy to do the same distance in reverse than forwards. It obviously makes sense for this to be most efficient while going forwards. the 8th bar was possibly nowhere near full when you started your first test - the very few times I've seen the 8th bar lit, it's gone out very quickly too. The only times I've experienced a truly 'maxed out' HV battery (i.e. 8th bar 'full') was on very long, steep hills in Scotland and Devon, and it took quite a while after the last bar lit up before the noticeable effects of the Hybrid System refusing any further regenerated power. The chart in the link below (for an older Prius version) gives an idea of how the graph display works:
  8. Nope - I'm with you. I like them mainly as they offer some protection from careless door opening in car parks (as some clown demonstrated the other day when getting into his car while chatting away on his mobile, and didn't even notice he'd knocked my car hard enough to make it rock slightly. Luckily, the strip took the knock, which isn't always the case). I've had them either as standalone extras or as part for a 'protection pack' on my last 5 Toyotas. One downside is that insurance companies have become very funny about the slightest changes to standard spec, and Co-op Insurance even refused to quote for my last Prius because of the protectors! The girl spoke to an underwriter and phoned me back, and said it was because they "changed the dimensions of the car"!!! I pointed out their purpose, and that they were about ½ inch thick (much less protruding than door mirrors!) but didn't feel I wanted to deal with them anyway by this stage. I do religiously notify insurers of all my extras because in a collision serious enough to get an loss adjuster visit (or maybe just photos from the repairer) it might just possibly give the Insurer an excuse to try to say the insurance was invalid due to alterations not notified. Apart from the above example, it's never made any difference, but it sometime means I have to phone because I have too many extra to complete a quote online - thus missing an online discounts. Last time round, one company even included magnetic adverts on the doors in their list of things to notify.
  9. My steering wheel is quite high, and the material is more or less invisible. I'm sure I've seen other cars with similar solutions but can't remember which. Years ago, there was nothing there, just a gap! Further back still, no adjustment for rake or reach.
  10. First time I saw a RAV in the showroom last March (was Design trim) I looked under the boot floor and at first I thought it was a full size spare (it was the other way up, of course) - it looked larger than the main (15") road wheels/tyres on the Gen 4 Prius I was driving at the time - then I noticed the large "TEMPORARY USE" on the sidewall.
  11. although if you enter the details for the 5th Gen RAV4, you get this message: This item doesn't fit Toyota RAV 4 V 2019 MK V [2018-2019] SUV 2.5 Hybrid AWD SUV 2487ccm 178HP 131KW (Hybrid). It certainly doesn't look as robust as the alloy spacesaver that came with my car:
  12. I wouldn't like to put money on whether EVs or Hydrogen Fuel Cells (or something else) will win the day eventually, but a significant number of "experts" are forecasting Fuel Cells will become prevalent.
  13. One would hope it would occur to at least some dealers that if you're going to them for a test drive you might use them for servicing etc. if you get the car.
  14. Come to think of it, if it's dusk or darker, the auto headlights that I hate so much will come on too. If you're in READY mode and N, it will put even more demand on the HV battery. If in IGNITION ON mode (not READY) it will help flatten the 12V battery more quickly.
  15. You've got to be pretty determined to discharge an HV battery to that extent. The only 2 ways I've heard of, is leaving it far too long in "N" or putting diesel fuel in and repeatedly trying to start SO many times it flattens it. I've heard of this once on a Gen 1 Prius, and once on a Gen 2 on a fleet I later managed. I'm told Gen 3 HSD (2009 onwards) warn if N is used too long and one or two people have suggested the car then enters a charge mode, but I've not experienced this so don't know how true it is. I certainly have no worries about depleting the HV battery (on a Toyota at least) because I've seen so many ways every part of the Hybrid System protects every other part in the 17 years and 320,000 miles I've been driving them.
  16. The engine is started from the Hight Voltage (Traction) battery only. If it becomes too deleted, a special charger is needed. In the noughties, there was only one charge in all of Europe (might be more now,. but I wouldn't bank on it), and it could take over a month for a dealer to get hold of it depending on the queue at the time. At least one HV battery died irretrievably by the time the charger was available. The 12V battery runs some pumps for the brakes (the noise you hear when unlocking the car) accessories and the computers. When you press Start, it also operates a couple of solenoids that connect the HV battery to the Hybrid system and enable the car top start. This is one reason the Hybrids have relativity low capacity (and lighter) 12V batteries, as the process described above is less demanding than operating a starter motor, but does mean it's easier to flatten the 12V if you're not careful.
  17. Plus on the AWD, you get extra regen from the rear Motor/Generator. I can't remember enough about my 2WD test drive to say whether it actually gives slightly more engine braking, I'd need to do a back to back test for that.
  18. I don't have a problem either, but love the "Hold" feature of the current RAV4 that keeps the service brakes (and lights) on when the foot is removed and releases it seamlessly when the accelerator is pressed. If the wait becomes protracted I select P which also applies the parkign brake, to get the brakes lights out of the following driver's face. To keep my membership of RoSPA's driving section I have to take a demanding test every three years, and left foot on the brake would almost certainly be a fail.
  19. If you're buying new, there's not much in it. My full size silver 18" alloy and Bridgestone Allenza tyre came to £465, my dealer said a new spacesaver with tyre was over £400. Obviously, second hand or from a scrap dealer one can do better,
  20. PeteB

    Dealer options??

    If you download the full manual here: there is a long list of customisations, including info on where to change them (dash, info screen or dealer). That's where I found out about the open/close windows (& moonroof if fitted) from the keyfob and was able to ask my dealer to enable this before delivery. On my copy the list starts on P588 of the main manual (beware, on the Gen 4 Prius, the pages numbers changed depending on when the manual was downloaded). Otherwise, you can search for "Customizable Features"). There is a entry in the "Door lock " section "Shift position linked door unlocking function" that unlocks the doors when the transmission "P" is selected, not quite what you seem to want but might work for you. (On my car, opening the drivers door, unlocking via the fob and keyless entry only does the driver's door, but I mostly travel alone). One thing some people might find useful if different people drive a car with the seat position memory, is the "Driving position memory" options, which includes linking each memory button to a key, so that if the first key unlocks the car the seat moves to position 1, and position 2 for the second key.
  21. I waited until I'd driven a 2WD RAV4 before ordering, and had planned to wait for a test drive in an AWD, preferably in Excel trim (which is what I wanted), but when it become obvious that lead times were extending and it might be a while before an AWD demonstrator arrived, I took the plunge (in March), and no regrets (got the RAV 21st June). Plus, I needed one urgently - more later. After a bad experience in the 1990s with a Volvo, I was nervous about ever ordering again without driving the exact model. The car had just been launched and was factory order only if you were fussy about the spec (I was) - I wanted a V40 1.8 auto, and was only able to drive a 2.0 auto and 1.8 manual. I thought I'd be ok, but the 1.8 auto was a very different beast. It was actually worse on mpg than the 2 litre (much worse at 23 mpg!), and gutless until the revs reached 4,000 (28 mph in first) then went like a rocket. It was a liability pulling into traffic, and very noisy above 50 mph as they'd tried to balance the gearing of the 4-speed auto box with the poor low end power and relaxed cruising and got it horribly wrong on both counts. My last (4th Gen) Prius was ordered in Feb 2016 before a demonstrator was available (that came a month later), but the dealer gave me the option of cancelling if I had major problems with it. After having all three previous generations, I was fairly confident, and my initial impression when I got it after a 4 month wait was that it was the best car I'd ever driven. A lot of Gen 4 Prius owners say they feel the same way. Unfortunately, I later discovered that its amazingly low drag factor was partially down to a very low ride height and started having problems with my hips that became so severe I had no choice but to switch. The RAV4 was the nearest I could find that drives like a Prius, had most of the features I wanted (but very, very, VERY unhappy at losing the Head Up Display that Prius had since 2009), and the fuel consumption (though good for a large, heavy vehicle with the aerodynamics of a house-brick towing a parachute) is a shock after getting over 80 mpg on a cross country run (best in RAV 58). In a number of ways, the equipment on the 2019 Excel RAV4 is not as good as on the cheaper 2016 Excel Prius. Don't get me wrong, I'm very impressed with the RAV, but wish I could have managed with the Prius. I even started to look at getting it fitted with air suspension with adjustable ride height, but it was too complex, and would have meant sacrificing the spare wheel.
  22. Same here. I almost never switch off the A/C, but use the Demist button when required. I haven't had to yet on the RAV4, but on previous Toyotas I've occasionally needed to manually turn to outside air if the demisting function needs help, although often the demist button does this anyway (if recirc was in use).
  23. Hmm - maybe sometimes it would be a bonus if they only took the cat! Luxury car found stripped in Birmingham street -
  24. I keep the downloaded manuals on my phone so I can refer anytime!