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  1. If you've got the new model with All Wheel Drive, you might have come across this display that sits below the "Drive Info" & "Energy Monitor" displays in the speedo's screen. As well as showing the direction the front wheels are pointing, which wheels are providing torque and whether any wheels are spinning, if you select Sport Mode it gains an additional g-force meter with a trace showing g-force history. Don't suppose I'll ever really need it, but looks cool!
  2. Finally remembered to look at mine and yes, it looks the same.
  3. There's actually a button on mine for that, so no need to go into menus. However, it's another two edged sword, but I prefer to keep it on just in case there's an incident where it's relevant whether horns were used, whether indicators are used on my vehicle (even though you can't tell which side, and other background noises (like tyres) and whether anyone says anything pertinent in the immediate aftermath. The PC software for the Nextbase does allow sound to be suppressed subsequently if the edit facility is used (to trim or merge sections) to my singing along to the USB music doesn't need to be heard! Of course, if footage was needed by the authorises for evidence I'm sure they'd want the original recording.
  4. I'd like one that I can select when appropriate that sounds like very loudly shrieking tyres!
  5. I had done lots of research on the current crop of dashcams before I realised Toyota had the deal with Nextbase, but when I saw their offering I decided the model I chose was close enough to my requirements and the price, fully fitted and including the hard wire kit was not unreasonable considering it was a mainstream brand and not a £30 eBay offering. On my last two cars I bought the dashcams directly from the manufacturer or franchise holder (RoadHawk & Road Angel) and got my dealer to fit them. The black box is like any two-edged sword, it could be a saviour or crucifer! The Police can also seek to obtain access to dashcams and black boxes after a serious or fatal collision (although sometimes this has been challenged in the courts), and I understand in the past they've sometimes gleaned useful data from car ECUs that control things like ABS, ESP and airbags. I had thought the type of 'black box' proposed as a future legal requirement for new vehicles was of the data (and possibly image) recorder type (like those on aircraft), I hadn't been thinking about the over the air aspect, but from what I've read it will be a recorder in the car, probably with some protection against impact, submergence, fire and tampering:
  6. sure, and this is what I've opted for. What I'm talking about is a system built in at the factory, where possible using equipment already in the car, such as front safety camera, infotainment screen & speakers and GPS. It Could then incorporate extra info such as lights in use, indicators, horn use, etc. Ideally, if not standard, it could be a modular upgrade. I've read somewhere there's an EC rule coming (that UK will adopt) that from around 2022 cars will have to have some sort of "black box", but I've seen no details of what it would need to record.
  7. PeteB

    Bodged jobs!

    I know were getting a bit OT here but anyway... I rather suspect someone obtained a voodoo doll and some pins for an electrician that set fire to the computer centre of a firm I worked for a long time ago. The building had been designed to house a £5M mainframe, and the computer kit filled a whole floor of the office. A small electric hoist linked the computer room with a Data Preparation room on the floor above and the post room on the top floor. It was mainly used to ferry large printouts and magnetic tapes between the floors. One day it stopped working, and an electrician from the maintenance firm arrived, found a burnt out fuse wire which he replaced. Shortly after he left, it blew again and he was called back, only to replace it again with the same result. When he returned again he decided some higher rated fuse wire was needed, and shortly he left that blew. The highest rating wire was then installed, only for that to do likewise just after he left. On his next visit he decided to put a double strand of top rated wire in (which doesn't double the impedance, it quadruples it!). This time, it didn't blow - something else did, rather more spectacularly - and he wasn't called back, the Fire Brigade were! As an aside, this firm was very hot (sorry) on safety drills, and once a month an evacuation test was carried out at a random time. The Admin Manager, who was in charge but left it to the receptionists to chose the timing, always had an old fashioned stop watch on a rope round his neck, and started it as soon as the alarm sounded. Stopping it when the last of the 150 or so staff arrived outside, the evacuation time was announced over the Tannoy, plus where it sat in the rankings of top ten fastest evacs. The Fire Brigade were always most complimentary, saying the firm set a shining example. Be that as it may, on this day, with a real fire, the fact the lights went off a couple of seconds before the alarm did instilled a more genuine sense of urgency and they knocked 25% of the previous record! The Fire Brigade, as always, arrived quickly and not too much damage was done.
  8. dealer's in Norwich!
  9. oops - so it was in this thread - been a long day! 🙄
  10. Sorry, I didn't give wheel price because I'd mentioned it earlier, but realise now that was in a different thread. Wheel is £318.08. For my last two cars they charged a one-off £40 incl vat to set up the storage facility then no further charge, plus £30 a time to swap four tyres including vat, valve and balancing. I expect to pay a bit more than £30 now as it's going to be 5 tyres to swap, but still very reasonable. I drop the car, get a nice breakfast at the hotel next door (sometimes joined by my Services Manager and Salesman) and by the time I'm full the car's ready. Yes, a great dealer.
  11. Paul? I meant to add, replay could be via the infotainment screen too, with PIN security if considered necessary. Regards Pete
  12. I'm pretty happy with the setup in my car. It's very rare I have anyone in the back, and I don't remember having 3 in the back for 10-20 years or more! These pics show the position of the camera from the driver's eye level, the previous pic was taken low because the question was about the mounting of it. I think it would be ok MOT wise, but at worst it might have to be reattached 5 mm or so higher (the kit includes a spare 3M adhesive pad). The two people in the back are barely visible, and it gives a clear enough view out of the back window. My previous car had a dedicated rear camera (also fitted by my dealer), but wiring that in was tedious (and expensive), and when the front camera had problems would have been a nightmare had I chosen to replace with a different brand/model. For my purposes, this system is an acceptable compromise and better than having no rear camera at all. I visited a dealer in Bedfordshire yesterday with a friend's car and the was display of the Nextbase camera on the Service Counter so it does seem to confirm this is a Toyota (UK) wide offering (which I thought already based on the products being integrated into the car ordering screens). It's disappointing a manufacturer like Toyota hasn't long ago seized the opportunity to offer a built in dashcam system, especially now as they could utilise the camera already built into the front screen for the safety features and the excellent rear camera offered in other countries for a camera-based rear view mirror.
  13. I've now ordered a 5th Bridgestone Alenza (£136.24) to use with the silver alloy full sized spare wheel and a TPMS sensor (£80.12). Tomfromfife: My dealer is happy the spare with sensor will work with the car's ECUs (to be confirmed!!) I've also ordered 5 Vredestein all-season tyres for winter months. I'll rotate the Alenzas until they are down to about 3 mm, then retire them and just use the Vredesteins in future - hopefully, I won't buy any more tyres for a few years (baring accidents). My dealer will store the tyres not being used and swap them each October/March until the summer ones are retired.
  14. Yes. One trick Gen 4 has is shutter for lower grill which blocks airflow while engine is cold and at the same time reduces drag.
  15. I believe the chassis was stiffened to improve handling and address issues with rattles. The facelift also acquired Daytime Running Lights and power folding mirrors.
  16. The original Prius had a blue thermometer symbol warning light for "engine cold" as well as the red one for overheating. The blue one usually extinguished by about 1½ miles, although I was never sure whether that meant 'normal' or just "not too cold". I can't remember if the Gen 2 had this, but the Gen 3 and 4 didn't. My new RAV4 has an old fashioned temperature gauge (sadly, with no calibration so idea idea what the actual coolant temperature is), and that seems to register 'normal' in just one mile after starting in the current climate. The roads are more or less level around here, no hills involved.
  17. Like when I've tried to discuss a "course" road surface - but spelt "coubik" correctly for the meaning, same result.
  18. I think this time it was finger trouble on my part! 😁
  19. but then some diesels aren't audible inside, but outside sound like a 50 year old Massey Furgusson tractor - I know this, the b***ders often park next to me while I'm chilling at the beach and leave their engines running (obviously not seen recent news reports about the fines for leaving an engine running (even in traffic jams) increasing to £100 for first offence - not sure how they'll catch people though!).
  20. Most get space saver, if you have the panoramic moon roof you get the gunge. I've had a quote for a matching silver alloy spare for my Excel (£318.08) and am about to order once I've had clarification from my dealer about a tyre query.
  21. Not actually got it yet, but have had quote from dealer £318.08 for silver wheel matching those on my Excel. see DaveKA confirmed his fitted under the boot floor and my dealer double checked by taking one of my wheels off. I believe Tomfromfife either has one or is getting one.
  22. Just in case it's not obvious to all, somehow TESLAs became "Team as" above. [I'm sure at one time we could edit our own posts for mush longer!] - mods?
  23. ... or one that feels like a family run business. The dealership I just described is part of a fairly large chain, but I it still feels to me like a caring, family run business.
  24. although it's possibly not fair to tar them all with the same brush... My first experience with Toyota, in 2000, was nearly my last: a top of the range Yaris with lots of extras was delivered without a couple of things that had been agreed upon, several things wrong with it, and servicing was a nightmare with every fault being initially "not found", a ride with the service manager finally getting agreement there was a problem. If it wasn't for the Hybrid system, I would have gone elsewhere next time and never come back, but I was very interested in the development of the Prius since it was launched in Japan in 1997 and the UK at the end of 2000. A couple of test drives and I was hooked, not on the economy or low emissions (although they were a bonus), but on the way the car behaved - silent in traffic, smooth gear-less progress, instant power on tap from the electric part of the drive train and modern almost futuristic displays - and a proper matching alloy spare wheel! I found a dealer 100 miles away from where I lived selling a demonstrator at a fair price and have been with them ever since (now live much closer, coincidentally). I've found them friendly, helpful, honest and utterly reliable. Just one blot a few years ago when accessory seat heaters were fitted to my 3rd Gen Prius (2 cars ago) and a dry solder joint left one of my tail lights inoperative (where they had tapped in for the back-light in the heated seat switch) which they failed to notice before returning the car. I turned up on their doorstep when they opened the next day, they looked at it immediately, readily admitted fault, and fixed it straight away. They often do little jobs for no charge (such as paint the underside edge of a passenger door which had grounded on a high kerb while the car was on a hoist), and when I ordered my current RAV4 I got a deal that was surprisingly better than I expected for a car only just available to order and in short supply. For a number of reasons I looked hard for a non Toyota to replace my 4th Gen Prius, which I was only swapping because the low floor had started to caused serious problems with my hips and it became intolerably painful getting in and out (but very comfortable whilst inside!). After just 2 weeks with the RAV4, the pain has nearly gone, thank goodness. One big factor that persuaded me to 'donate' another large sum of money to Toyota was that I was worried about using a dealer who was an unknown quantity and leaving one that has been so outstandingly excellent for 17 years (and I still deal with a number of the same people I dealt with in 2002, even though the dealership has changed hands 3 times).
  25. Yes, that's what it looked like.