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  1. On the Gen 2 you insert the key into the key slot, and press Start - the alarm stops once the car enters 'Ready' Mode.

    You have to do the same rigmarole on the Gen 2 if the car's 12V Battery has been flat. Once you restore power (i.e. connect jump leads or a jump starter) the alarm will probably go off, and starting the car is the way to stop it.

  2. I couldn't agree more.

    I bought my first Prius in 2002, and only left it that long because I hated the idea of going without heated mirrors and a rear wiper.

    But frankly, to think Toyota came up with such a radical system and launched it (in Japan) in 1997, and here in 2000, is still something I marvel at. If Hybrids had not existed before today, and the Mk1 Prius arrived tomorrow, I'd still be blown away (especially if they brought the equipment up to 1990s standards - sorry 2014 standards!).

    I've said it before, and I'm afraid I'll probably say it a few times more: how can a firm that can be this good on the engineering side, be such a compete waste of space on the marketing side - have they been bought by Ford or something?

    It's certainly no surprise they haven't driven some of their cars - it goes some way to explain these shortcomings - but surely, the people who make these equipment level and type decisions have looked at the competition? Again, sadly, probably not.

  3. ... tracking was spot on but the car still strangely pulls to the left...

    this may be due to the camber in the road (to help water drain off) - it's often almost imperceptible, and also we're all so used to it we hardly notice it, but it can be enough to make the car steer slightly left

  4. Did they check/adjust the wheel alignment?

    I used to often find in the 1970s & 80s if a dealer, tyre shop etc touched the tracking, the steering wheel went off centre (ended up taking steering wheel off and realigning that in severe cases, but not likely these days with an air bag in the way!).

    In my early dealings with my Toyota dealer in Norwich (on my Mk 1 Prius!), the first time I asked for an alignment check, I asked the Service Manager about making sure the steering wheel stayed true - he told me it was a result of places that only adjusted one side, and that his boys knew better - they've adjusted my tracking many times since and never put the steering wheel off centre.

    When I replaced 2 tyres last November and 2 more in July, each time I had my dealer move the rear wheels to the front and put the new tyres on the rear, so I never had brand new tyres on the front straight away, which may tie in with what GC said.

  5. This isn't a new phenomenon - when the BMC original Mini was launched in 1960, it was hailed as a car that could do 70 mph and 40 mpg, but no one expected both at the same time!

    I once owned a Fiat 126 (600cc 2-cyl 24 HP lawn mower engine in the boot) - driving like a saint on a good day, I got 62 mpg, hammering it to fail to keep up with Minis, Hillman Imps, Morris Minors etc I only averaged 42!

    In my current 2012 T3 Prius, driving sensibly but at or near the speed limits on my 120 mile each way trips I do nonce or twice a month it's not hard to get 72-74 mpg on this display (so minus about 4) which I'm very happy with.

    Equally, longer local journeys at 20-40 mph get up to low 90s! But most tank to tank values are in the low to mid 60s, pulled down by lots of cold starts, more so in the winter.

  6. What you say makes sense but as the tyres warm up so quickly why are winter tyres recommend when the temperature drops below seven degrees Celcius?

    it's mainly a softer rubber compound that doesn't go so hard as summer/all season tyres below 7C. They will grip better even on a dry road, but also on snow or ice.

  7. That looks suspiciously like the notorious Acle straight, near my favourite Spanish restaurant!

    You would indeed be correct Pete. Whats the restaurant like? Never used it myself and never seems to be many cars in the car park.

    I've sent you a PM as interest is likely to be limited

  8. I think GC is right - on my second Gen 1 Prius that I ran from 2002-2011 for the most part I was doing a 40 mile each way cross country commute during the week. I was driving at speeds where the ICE was running a lot of the time anyway, and my tank-to-tank fuel consumption averaged about 55 mpg both winter and summer.

    On my present Gen 3, where I do lots of short journeys, the winter mpg gets hammered, but I think that's mostly due to the ICE working more as a heater. Again, this is at speeds where air resistance is not the major factor.

  9. I must admit this is a mild irritation for me. Cheap & nasty Fiestas and the like have done this for many years, but the Gen 1 & 2 Prius didn't even have heated mirrors in the UK, something that's been standard on lots of lesser cars for 30 years or so!

    I'm so pleased to have heated and folding mirrors I hardly like to complain, but why can't they at least stay active after shutting down, as the windows do? The number of times I press the fold button, switch off, then want to check in the mirror it's safe to open the door, only to find it's useless!

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  10. You might like to point them to Toyota's own web site at:

    where it states: "A free Hybrid Health Check is now included with any Hybrid Service. But if you're not due a service for a while you can still benefit from the Hybrid Health Check at a cost of £39."

    I think "any" means "any", even in Toyota's language!

  11. I had exactly the same thing in the 1980s. On a fire marshal's course, I persuaded the tutor to let me test my aged Simonize "hair spray" fire extinguisher in his trough of water and thimblefull of petrol - it only just coped as it ran out, and I no longer had any hairs on my wrists!

    I bought a 1 Kg Chubb Halon extinguisher and very soon came across a well alight Cavalier. The driver had stalled in the middle of a road pulling out from a T junction and pumped the accelerator whilst turning the key until the paint on the bonnet started blistering! He then had the presence of mind to fan the flames by opening the bonnet, and when that didn't help he tried to smother the engine bay with foam cushions!

    Then a passer by tried his extinguisher, which didn't touch it.

    I then passed by and it looked almost ready to engulf whole car. Parked well up the road, ran up, and a two second burst made the fire history. All the bystanders and I said "WOW" in unison.

    The owner wasn't impolite when I suggested his company (whose car it was) might want to reimburse me, but like GC I felt it not worth the hassle of pursuing.

  12. Hi Chris

    Sorry for delay, didn't get time to have a look before I went to London on business for a couple of days.

    I've tried the link on Google Chrome and IE11 and it does seem to be 'broken'. I think you'll have to wait for Toyota to get it fixed, which as you say may not be quick. Probably worth giving them a 'nudge' now and again.

    If you go to step 2-5 in the car (in my instructions above) the screen shows the current version installed (latest is EUH20131022).

    Regards, pete

  13. Yup! My first Prius was written off because the guy who went through a red light and hit it while I was passing at 40 mph had a blues & 2s ambulance behind him. These days, they're told to switch off the siren near traffic lights and junctions to reduce this risk. The only shock for me was when I learned later the other driver had told his insurer I was the one to blame for the crash! Fortunately, I had lots of witnesses, not least the ambulance crew!

    On the case of roof coming off, it can be costly being a good Samaritan -

  14. To be fair, aircraft efficiency has improved drastically over recent years, mainly in terms of engine improvements, better aerodynamics and super-efficient computer controlled fly-by-wire systems.

    Just look at an old film of a jet with black smoke streaming from the engines, something your rarely if ever see nowadays.

    I'm afraid the main problem in cities around the world at the moment relates to NOx gases from diesel road vehicles (pre Euro 6) made worse by people switching to them in large numbers because of the fixation on CO2. That's why Paris had to ban half the cars from the roads (hybrids and EVs excluded!) earlier this year, and many other big cities should have done something similar -they just 'preferred' to allow tens of thousands of people to die a year or two earlier than they might otherwise have done, and in the case of London pay £100M plus fines!

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  15. ...If you're buying used cars, you don't always get what you want unless you're more patient than I am ...

    yes - I got more lucky that I expected when I took my Yaris in for a service and bumped into the salesman I normally deal with - I was missing the Hybrid, and since the 2012 facelift, a T3 (15" wheels) suited my needs (I could get them to add the Cruise Control switch, the only thing I would really miss on that model).

    I told him to let me know next time he had a white T3 demo, preferably with T&GO+, expecting to wait a year or two, or even never hear from him.

    He rang me a couple of days later and said there was one on loan to Radio Norwich coming up for sale! I bit his hand off, even though I took a massive hit on the 1 year old Yaris! (my ex-partner was very happy though - I let her have it for a song and traded in her 4 year old Aygo)