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  1. Thanks for that. CV full lock test is silent, rear bearings are as smooth as new, pads/discs look just fine to me. Tis strange this one ...
  2. Sorry - yes, I did mean Hybrid (ie Hybrid Synergy Drive). Have edited title ... Appreciate your response. The reason for the question is that the Yaris has suddenly developed a serious, intrusive drone at speeds >40mph (and is noisier than it was at lower speeds), and to my old ears it sounds like a wheel bearing on its way out. So, did the old jack up test, ... and both front wheels have a horrible rotational clunk/click, yet have no lateral play at all. I cannot believe both front wheel bearings have simultaneously started to fail on a car with <30K on it. So am starting to suspect that it is something upstream of the actual wheel bearings .... I really hope it isn't the Motor 😞
  3. The age old way of testing a wheel bearing is to jack up a corner, and rotate the wheel (whilst in neutral) to listen for knackered bearing noises, as well as testing for any play in the wheel. Is this a still valid thing to do to a HSD ? or is the fact that it is a HSD going to mean you hear other things (and I don't mean the obvious light scuff noise of the brake pads on the disk) Thanks for any insight 🙂
  4. It is. Firmware HE3934 / Nav version 6.9.0WL (2017 maps)
  5. Literally "folder.jpg" for all folders, regardless of folder name
  6. In case this helps, my OH's Yaris (firmware 3934) does display album art as long as the "folder.jpg" is in the same directory (i.e. not cover.jpg)
  7. On a D4D (1CD-FTV), what is the "bit" circled in red on the attached picture ? Was just wondering what it is :)
  8. Old post I know, but I would like to say thanks for the info contained within this thread. I had a aircon pipe rust through, and obviously all the refrigerant leaked out. After a "it must be the compressor" chat with one place, I found this info and the aircon diagnostics showed low pressure cct ( code 23 ). Leaky Pipe found under presure test, replaced and system regassed, and it back to showing "00" and working correctly - phew :) Obviously the concerns stated above about pressing buttons during the diagnostic mode are rather valid - its possible that you could reconfigure all sorts of things in a bad way, but this is an extremely useful diagnostic (if used carefully) to see if the ac system is at least trying to energise the compressor (without getting the multimeter out) Thanks again.
  9. This is my first Toyota, 55 plate 2.0D T3X. Good points -------------- Reliable - no major problems so far Quite quick and reasonably fuel efficient Comfortable Servicing costs are OK Dealers are quite helpfull and polite. Bad Points ------------ The lights are, frankly, terrible on dipped beam. The dashboard reflection on the windscreen is bad - much, much worse than the Vauxhalls, VWs, Fords that I have driven
  10. Thanks for the feedback - its appreciated ...
  11. Greetings ... Out of interest, how do any Avensis owners, with the radio aerial included in the rear window elements, find FM reception ? My previous car had a "standard" roof mounted aerial, and with a range of radio's fitted the FM reception was extremely good - solid reception with little or no "flutter". On my new Avensis, however, the FM reception is quite weak - very fluttery ... and quite annoying .... Am I unlucky ( i.e. its due to a fault ) , or is this how they all are ???? TIA
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