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  1. Because i dont want to be ripped off. Honestly if i'd wanted toyota i would have said so hence the content of the thread, but thanks anyways
  2. Does anyone know where to buy engine mounts or bushes other than toyota? for MY2007 mk2 d4d Thanks
  3. Okay thanks, whats the score/run down on removing the fuse box that sound easier! Cheers
  4. ^ agree , I dont what its like on the yaris but the ball in sometimes develops a nipple on the slave cynlinder - sanding that down and greasing may help your problem.
  5. Hi, has anyone replaced the dipped lights? The passenger side light looks like a right ball ache to access and i think you need to remove the bumper, but has anyone found better ways to remove the actual housing without removing the bumper ? or at least pushing the housing its self forward for access? Cheers
  6. I think the mk1 looks crap compared to the mk2, but the mk1 t sport is my favorite shape. I have a tuned d4d at the moment and used to have a tuned t sport 7 year ago.
  7. Highly unlikely unless you can somehow squeeze it through the pressure plate, but even yhour going to have to open it up.
  8. I think the clutch maybe going just wondering how long it takes to replace and if you have to do the flywheel at the same time? Anyone used clutchs other than toyota ones? Cheers
  9. I don't know where you got the 10.7 0-62mph its 10.4 0-60mph http://www.parkers.co.uk/cars/reviews/facts-and-figures/toyota/yaris/hatchback-2006/36144/ I have a 405BHP Honda S2000, and the yaris is moderately quick for what it is. I had a remap and it upped to the power from 90BHP to around 108 and an increase of around 25 lb ft. I have gave a 318d a real good go LOL, ultimately very higher up i would lose. I noticed with the remap the power doesnt die off and its got more go uptop too,
  10. Thanks Adam, i thought it would be odd those wouldnt light up. I dont think i would get a garage to do it though lol, i have replaced a light for a starter button in a honda s2000 and that was difficult :( thanks
  11. Hi thanks. The air con light does in the middle, but when driving at night none of the symbols light up. http://www.carpages.co.uk/toyota/toyota-images/toyota_yaris_interior_13_04_06.jpg cheers
  12. Hi thanks. The air con light does in the middle, but when driving at night none of the symbols light up. cheers
  13. Hi thanks. The air con light does in the middle, but when driving at night none of the symbols light up. You can see the middle dial here http://www.carpages.co.uk/toyota/toyota-images/toyota_yaris_interior_13_04_06.jpg cheers
  14. . Hi, On a 2007 d4d zinc, does the heat selector light up i.e the one to select face, feet etc etc - middle knob? The other two do One in the middle http:// www.carpages....or_13_04_06.jpg Cheers
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