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  1. Well what can i say, it was 7am hadn't slept all night cos i wanted to put the carbon bonnet on :D just couldn't wait i guess ICE is the word here i think. Also check out my new mr2 website www.mr2raw.com, sign the guestbook people :)
  2. Hi, i wanna bring my MR2 down but will my bro be allowed to drive it as well as me. we are both gonna come in my car so how does it work???
  3. took the middle part of the bumper off, it was too low, but gettin my new bumper soon :)
  4. My pride and joy , Took some pics today woud appreciate some feedback, slowly but surely its getting there... My Ride: My New Tein Suspension: Thanks a lot to Rogue Systems :D My Carbon Fiber Wheels: My Custom Exhaust: My Interior: Special Thanks To Rogue Systems for all their help with my Engine, Suspension and New Dash Install. 8)
  5. Hi Peepz, Just got my Revision 6 Low Rise Headlight Conversion, big thanks to Rogue Systems Patrick & Matt who's always sorting my mods out 8) Took me a long time to save up for these lights.... The lights are excellent quality and i noticed the difference, don't have to strain my eyes on the road now. :D Thanks Matt & Patrick you lot made my day. Let me know what you think guys.
  6. Hi Peepz, Put my Carbon Fiber bonnet on today let me know what you think 8) once i get my new veilside bumper on everyting should line up perfectly
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