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  1. hi. I've seen piccies of the TNS300 sat nav (the one with the LCD screen) on the new avensis with a remote control. does anyone know if the remote can still be used when in it's docked position by the handbrake (like it can on the old-style Lexus IS200 nav)? i wouldn't want to have to be unclipping it all the time and pointing it at the screen whenever i want to use it. my local dealers can't answer this question, is there anyone here with a new avensis + TNS300 who can answer??? or any dealers who could find out?
  2. AFAIK only the upgraded full-screen satnav is voice-activated.
  3. well if you're anything like me and can't venture 50 miles from where you live without getting hopelessly lost, then yes, it's a useful tool. i have used the TNS200 on a new Avensis which was dead easy to use and worked very well. The TNS300 as i beleive is basically the same but with an LCD screen showing a full map view. I have seen and used the simliar version on the Lexus IS200 which is very nice indeed and i am led to beleive is basically the same albeit the new Toyota version is a little faster etc. they are simple to operate, and do cool stuff like zoom in on roundabouts/junctions and show a small image of you as you navigate the junction while telling you which exit to take. the maps get out of date of course as new roads are built, but you can get new data CDs for approx £130, or if you are lucky you may be able to copy or download one from the net. most satnav versions also display points of interest such as hotels, petrol stations, theatres/museums and the like - usually you can punch them straight in as opposed to finding them by city/street.
  4. depends on what features you want and how much dosh you are prepared to spend and/or can afford really... all the models are excellent quality. take a looks at the grades on www.toyota.co.uk to see what model has to offer. There's also a showroom at www.toyota-europe.com where you can see 3D models and other cool stuff. the only performance option you have is the choice of either a 1.8 VVT-1 or 2.0 VVT-1 engine. When i test drove the 1.8 i thought that considering the car's size that a 2.0 would be more my thing. The 1.8 also has lighter steering than the 2.0 so i'm told.
  5. does anyone know how this compares to the similar-looking IS200 sat nav? - in particular, can the remote control be operated when the remote is clipped into its holder, like it can in the IS?
  6. what's the benefits of gold membership?
  7. i've heard a lot of talk saying the new avensis models are kinda ugly and boring. what do the rest of you guys think? there seems to be a lot of really dodgy out-of-proportionlooking shots of the car flying round the net right now - like the one on the TOC front page - looks pretty ghastly but also nothing like the car itself when you get to see it for real.
  8. That's nice to hear. i've lost count of the number of big trucks i've almost had to emergency stop behind on roundabouts..
  9. I've driven my wife round the bend deliberating over my next toyota. does that count?
  10. this may sound like a dumb questuion but why did engines require lead additives anyway and what changes have been made to engines in recent years such that they no longer require it??
  11. I went to C&G (where i bought my corolla from 4 yrs ago) to inquire about the new avensis and the guy i spoke to didnt really seem all that interested to talk to me (maybe i'm just too young/scruffy looking :) ) or able to answer my many questions so i went to lindop the next day instead. I arrived 5 mins after closing time and and the last sales guy who was just leaving and on his way home reopened the place just for me and we talked for about 20 minutes. I wonder if you can guess who's going to be getting my money? Maybe i'm just old fashioned but if i'm spending the best part of 20K on sometihng, I expect *impeccable* customer service or else i'll just go elsewhere. i'll write a dealer review when i take delivery of my T4....
  12. from my research i get the impression that the old avensis, while being a popular car, is a considered a pretty dull one (no offence intended to anyone, btw! :) and has captured the market of "reps and taxi drivers" like other dull cars such as the vectra, mondeo etc.. Hopefully the new Avensis will put that straight considering it looks more exciting and curvy - more like a passat or A6. In fact it's a shame Toyota actually kept the name for this new beast IMO. PS: site admins: your picture of the new Avensis on the front page of this site does it no justice at all. Has the piccy been squashed horizontally in any way? i have seen (and driven) this car and it looks nothing like the picture - even from that angle. The pic makes it look like the bonnet is about a foot long!! :D :
  13. focus and astra are soooooo boring - also everyone & their dog seems to have them. When choosing a car i like to go for something that looks cool and that i don't see that many of them on the road (at least where i live anyway) I'd probably go for the honda or a T sport.
  14. That's actually 2 cup holders if you include the CD player tray :P
  15. I was searching for reviews of the new avensis on google and stumbled by some forum posts, so i went to the homepage and registered an account.
  16. Hi. Thanks for replying pat2u. I'm very jealous by the way as i just can't afford the T-Spirit :D Glad you're enjoying it though! I test drove a 1.8 T3S today - slightly under the spec i am thinking about but it was a really great ride. Really solid and even quieter than my corolla was when that was brand new :-) Currentlly i am agonising over the engine size to go for on my T4 and whether to upgrade the satnav or not - i'm really tearing my hair out over it Which satnav have you got? how are you finding it? i'm desperate for more information on this particular topic.
  17. Evening all... Neither of my two local dealers seem to be able to answer my questions on the relative merits and demerits of the new Avensis standard turn-by-turn satnav against the upgrade with the 7" colour LCD screen. Info on toyota.co.uk and toyota-europe.com is pretty thin on the ground. One dealer says the 7" version is touch-screen which i think is incorrect. Although i have read somehwere that it is voice-activated as well as being able to use the IR remote. don't know if this is tue though. I am familiar with the Blaupunkt (standard stereo fit) turn-by-turn and the Lexus (IS200) Navigator and would like to know how Toyota's two offerings compare to these in terms of features and data quality. Are there any dealers or technology freaks like myself here who i can discuss these features with or could post a link to a review or proper technical data? is there a Toyota "technical support" contact i can speak to? Kind regards.
  18. Hi. I've been lurking in these forums for a while and have read a few posts about getting different quotes for the same car from different dealers - often in the same geographical region. as my next Toyota will only the second car i have ever bought (i.e. im a total newbie when it comes to the intricacies of car buying) and it will probably be pushing 20 thousand pounds or so, can one really expect to successfully play dealerships agains each other? is it actually possible to get even a small discount for, say, being an existing toyota owner? is it considered impolite to say "well dealer X quoted me £Y.00, can you give me a better deal?" Cheers.
  19. Hi everyone. I'm thinking about replacing my 4yr old Corolla with a new Avensis 2.0 T4. Can i ask if anyone here has bought one of these machines yet? what do you all think of it? Personally i think this car looks *way* cool - much nicer than it's predeccesor. It's a shame it's still an avensis really. Considering the comeplete redesign, i think Toyota should have called it something new as the old model was hardly eye-catching, the interior is real nice and the console and instrument panel are by far the most modern i've ever seen on a sub-20K car. The only problem i have with it is it looks massive!! now i dont have much experience with the family saloon-style but this seems bigger than most cars in its class - is it? And that 7" colour screen satnav looks like a cool toy too - it looks identical to the Lexus IS series satnav which i've always coveted. As alternatives, i've been looking at the A4, Passat and even some lower-end BMWs, but spec-for-spec they always go way above my budget and don't even look as smart as the Avensis - how do Toyota do it?? Regards. Freelancer.
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