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  1. :( sorry cant help with that one, i learnt to live with opening it manually but we dont get many sunny days here so it was no hardship. the real.........
  2. White lithium grease ?? thought thats what bipolar peeps took. I guess any grease will do. regards.....Tao
  3. Please tell us how they sorted your problem Sjoerd. Couldnt they just disconnect the "lean-burn" bit of its brain as this low fuel to air ratio mode makes for an unresponsive drive. It would be even handier if they could rig a switch in the cabin so it could be switched off when required.That way we could salvage some of the cars excellent fuel economy. p.s mines an avensis but same engine as yours. :P
  4. :D I've also noticed reduced performance from my air-con. ie ..worked fine when it was warm out but not so when it was HOT. I've since done a few trials and came to the following conclusions: 1) Nobody wants a chill. 2) Opening all windows to "get rid of" latent heat then setting the vent to rescirc while air-con is on and windows and "moon-roof" closed will result in an ambient temperature within. ok.... this only works within the test parameters which include a top outside temp of 23 C. Perhaps the Avensis was built for Scotland
  5. ;) camryblue...re your sunroof prob, Try retracting the roof fully with the switch,then manually shove it back with your hands (It may take a bit of prising if it hasn't moved for a while).When you've got it fully opened and the motor thinks its open, then close it with the switch. If it works then grease all the visible rollers and cams. If it doesn't then grease them anyway and operate it by hand:remembering to engage the motor/switch beforehand. This sounds straightforward to me but then again i've done it before.........any problems just ask. :bookworm:
  6. With a name like gon ya b******, or rather ganyb i would have thought you would be paying much less than list price for your sub-standard corolla. You don't give your location, so perhaps you live in an area where "Toyota" sell their cars to guinea-pigs with an attitude (for less than cost) to identify faults. Looks like the've struck gold with you........ Sorry mate, no offence intended ,but one must get things off one's chest :P
  7. I have given up "trying to write a review" summits up somewhere lads and it aint our fault...... So go on accept the blame for lack of dealer reviews :hokus-pokus:
  8. :ffs: squeaks ? rattles?.... Oh sorry boss i couldn't get to work today: my car squeaked when i drove over a pothole........ Would you sell your house if your floorboards squeaked? would you go to the doctor if your knee creaked? It's a well known fact that when nothing is obviously wrong with a car we will find some minor irritation to complain about.....Give the car a change of season to expand and contract and in the meantime concentrate on the more important things in life
  9. I've started using shell optimax petrol and have noticed quite a dramatic increase in flexibility with the 1.8 lean-burn engine. Average consumption has risen from 40 to 45 mpg and i no longer get the "put the foot down and nothing happens" syndrome, between 3000 and 4000 rpm. Has anyone else tried it, or more importantly ......am i doing the engine more damage than good ??
  10. If i were unfortunate enough to be in "a crash", i'd much rather be in a Camry. For every accident which is your fault----------expect the same number which are not. :P
  11. Rhaines i don't intend to "live with it" im only trying to get an idea of whether it's a common problem as , so far , i've not been very impressed with the attitude of the Toyota dealer who sold me the car. Perhaps it has something to do with it being an "Arnold Clark" franchised dealer but when i called to book my free 600 mile service i was told "oh we don't do that sir" Only when i read the "Auto-assured" document verbatim did she admit her error. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt in the hope that all my complaints are sorted without fuss. It's good to have an idea of the problems faced by other owners before-hand. :)
  12. Now now, wide tyres with a 60 profile and high pressure on a family car spells "irritable ride" Give me airbags for tyres ,i aint gonna race anybody with a lean-burn engine anyway. -_- -_- -_-
  13. Thanks sjrainsford for your reply. Perhaps i've been spoiled by the ride of my Camry but i find the Avensis is "jittery" over broken surfaces. I thought my tyres were too hard but they are all at 32 psi (which is high) but normal i'm lead to believe.You say there is too much body roll,but i encountred a blind corner on a country road today (in the wet) when i thought i would need the airbags but the old dear held the road like a limpet.......thankfully it was a smooth road. I'm thinking of reducing the tyre pressures to 29 all round to see if it makes a difference before i ditch these tyres and go for a softer compound. P.S. The handbrake only rattles when its off and i deliberately shake it from side to side. Goodness only knows what the groan is whan i pull away but i'll get it sorted under warranty. B)
  14. The problem you are experiencing is common amongst similar aged camrys.It is caused by fine particulate dust collecting inside the disributor.It only becomes a problem during wet weather when this dust becomes damp and causes arcing within the distributor itself. Solutions? move to dry country or dont stop the car for at least 20 mins, by that time the heat of the engine will have dried it out....p.s. stripping down or replacing the distributor is not cost effective..
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