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  1. Happy Birthday ponzer!

  2. Email from TTE 17.10.2007 Total 604 where converted to "Compressors" by TTE Köln.
  3. Yes there is, the 2004+ 2zz have a "air injection"
  4. I have always liked your style emsii B) 5door 4tw :D
  5. It better be soon!!!! I want to buy a Lexus!
  6. That was my favourite Compressor Im glad to that you are OK! It's just a car that can be replaced :)
  7. Thanks, they are 18" x 7.5 :) I did a "circa" calculation and the mod are about 1.4m ISK (without the respray) that is 6.760GBP now with the Icelandic krona very weak, but when our currency was fine last year it was twice as more or around 13.000GBP, but the most expensive thing I have done with it and I did not include in the calculation was to import it to Iceland from Luxembourg that cost me at the time 1.2m ISK or 11.000GBP. Circa total is= the cost of the car itself + 13.000gbp in mods (w/o the respray) + 11.000gbp in import cost and tax. Emsii, I don´t know if you have heard/seen the word "Landsabanki" lately, the bank the owns Icesave that many in UK should know about, I was working there in the IT dep, but after the financial crisis here in Iceland I lost my job so now im unemployed like so many people here :( man, i thought ireland was dear to import a car into, thats mad money, your car looks like s*x on 4 very sweet wheels lad, fair play, how does a lad who works in IT know so much about cars and spraying though? is it finished now ? you might get to do a few miles in it now :D , best of luck with it I did not respary it myself, it was done by a paintshop.. thanks :) Well the car is now going to be garaged over ther winter and will be back on the roads next summer B)
  8. do u really notice the difference? not that as much wheel hop? ive been told it makes the car shake a lot more? It shakes a little at idle but I recommend this for any hard driven car :D btw it does help reducting wheel spin alot!
  9. http://store.monkeywrenchracing.com/produc...products_id=482 I have them and i love them :D
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