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  1. A year ago I thought my Volvo V70 seemed to be on the way out so I checked out possible replacement estates. Quickly ruled out the Audi and BMW offerings since they were estates designed to look pretty rather than carry loads. I visited the local Toyota dealer and checked out 2007/8 Avensis Tourers. Not quite as big as the V70 but still a very practical estate. So I decided to buy one when the V70 finally expired. Well a year later the V70 is still going strong but I decided to check the new 2008/9 Avensis Tourer. What a shock! The new model seems to have joined the sports wagon brigade. Has naff boy-racer rear spoiler, low-profile tyres (so hard ride), sloping roof (which might make it difficult to get our mountain bikes in vertically) and rear window at 45 deg angle so cannot cary the proverbial wardrobe! Am I wrong? Davy
  2. Managed to get to drive a 2008 1.8 petrol Avensis - was pleasantly surprised by how nice it was to drive. Flexible engine; much better than the 2.0 litre diesel I drove. However, I felt it was let down by the centre console design. The satnav was placed low down over the radio. So was not easy to glance at whilst driving. Strange cos there was a perfect place for it in the centre of the dash - a space dedicated to a flip top storage box. But worse was the controls for adjusting the heat distribution. My Volvo has a rotary knob which I adjust by feel. With the Avensis you have to push a button which sequences through the options. You have to watch a tiny low-down display to see what option is selected. I felt that I could never do that when driving. DAvy
  3. A week ago I asked on here for view on 2.0 v 2.2 litre D-4D diesels and had very useful replies. But now I have been advised that since I do only about 5k miles pa I should consider a petrol. 2007/8 petrol version are easier to find and about £1500 cheaper. Any advice on the 1.8 petrol engine?- particularly performance compared to the 2.0 diesel; is it turboed? The 2.0 petrol seems almost impossible to find. DAvy
  4. Thanks guys for all the replies. Yesterday I did manage to test drive an Oct 2008 2.0 D-4D Avensis estate. I was pleasantly surprised how fast I could hustle it down country lanes - the surge from the turbo was noticable. However, when I changed from just bowling along to engaging the turbo the fuel consumption rose from 42mpg to 32mpg! But at 70mph on a motorway it had little acceleration left for lane changes. I felt that the engine had to be kept between 1700 and 3000 revs and so the 6-speed gearbox had to be worked hard. I have never driven a diesel before so this came as a surprise to me; I had believed that diesels had much more lower speed pull than a petrol engine but under 1700rpm it bogged down - or maybe the turbo doesn't come on till 1700rpm? Above 3000rpm and it was getting a bit rough. So Revbands comment that the 2.2 engine is smoother and has more low down pulling power is of interest. DAvy
  5. I am about to buy a 2007/8 Avensis estate and would like advice on which diesel version. The 2.2 is obviously more powerful, but the 2.0 litre more economical and lower tax in the UK. Any thoughts? Davy
  6. When the 40k mile service came up on my RAV4 I asked my local Toyota dealer about rotating the tyres. They said they did not recommend it since it 'makes the steering light at speed' but nevertheless could do it if I really wanted. I requested that the spare be rotated into the mix. They said that they don't normally do this. I asked what would happen when the road tyres wore down to below 4mm tread depth and if then I had a puncture or a ruined tyre - because of the large difference in wear between the unused spare and the road tyres I would not be able to make use of the spare - and I would have to replace all the tyres. They went quiet, then said they could include the spare in the mix if I wanted. At the service they rotated the 5 tyres as I requested and charged me just £16. Whilst the wheels were off I asked them to fit the genuine Toyota mudflaps I bought for half price on ebay. They charged me £4 to fit the mudflaps. At these prices it is not worth doing the job oneself! PS the steering did not feel at all light at speed on the way home - in fact felt better than before. Davy
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. My reason for wanting to put the spare into the rotation pattern are two fold: - the spare is now 4 years old and according to the Toyota owners manual ageing of the rubber will mean that the spare will need to be inspected at 6 years old whether in use or not. - more importantly, if my road tyres wear down to below 5mm tread and then damage causes a road tyre to be replaced, I will not be able to either use the unused spare or a new tyre because of the differences in circumference. So I will have to throw away my 5mm tyres and buy a complete new set. Also if I have a puncture and use the spare, because of the differences in circumference between the spare and the old tyres I will need to limit my speed to 50mph - tiresome on a long journey! cheers Davy
  8. My 2002 RAV4 is soon to go in for its 40,000 mile service. The road tyres are all fairly evenly worn but I was wondering about asking the dealer to rotate the spare tyre into the other 4. But the spare is unused with 8mm tread depth; the other tyres range from 5 mm centre wear to 6.5 mm outer wear. Is there too much difference between the tread on the spare and the others to allow rotation? thanks, Davy
  9. I have a 02 RAV4 bought from a Toyota dealer 10 months ago with a Toyotas 12 month guarentee. The front alloys are begining to bubble. I don't know if this is likely to be just the varnish or the metal. Anyone any experience of having this rectified under a used-car Toyota guarantee? thanks, Davy
  10. I live in rural Wiltshire and commonly get cow muck splashed up the side of my 2002 RAV. It is a natural binding agent and very difficult to get off. I am thinking of fitting Toyota mudflaps but they seem to be a bit small. Has anybody fitted these, and are they effective? Any experience with 3rd-party mudflaps? thanks Davy
  11. I have recently purchased a 2002 RAV4 GX so am still learning my way. At night it is very dark in the glove box and boot - I sort of assumed that the bulbs had failed but I cannot find the locations of these lights. ARE there lights in these places? Davy
  12. My fitter is about to install metal phone brackets in my 2002 RAV4 and 2002 Volvo V70. They go just to the left of the radio housing. However the brackets seem to canted into the area where the passenger airbag deploys. Worse still the phone cradles are attached to brackets using self-tapping screws which protrude from the rear of the brackets and thus may cause the airbags to tear or puncture during inflation. The brackets can be seen here: http://www.dashmount.co.uk/Additsaugust/71321.htm Anybody any advice? many thanks David Stokes
  13. I would recommend rubber mats from www.offroadmats.com They form a well so that all mud and stones are captured and does not get onto the carpets For the RAV4, on the drivers side they need minimum cutting; bit more difficult on the passenger side. But in neither case does the well have to be breached. Nice company too.
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