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  1. I've got the cam-belt and the more reliable engine (not the oil eating thirsty lump VVT ) I know the cam-belt was changed at an early mileage but it was due for changing age wise, 60.000 miles or 5 years which ever comes first. I doubt i will hit 60.000 miles for at least another 5 years yet. Safe driving all

    Brake Discs

    Did you go for the EBC pads because of the lower brake dust then? (help preserve your nice wheels) Good choice on the disks you wont regret it when they're worn in but just take it easy for the first 100-150 miles, then you can try and make them glow like an F1 car Mick.
  3. Whats that old saying... better safe than sorry? Just had my cam-belt replaced at 27000 miles on my 1999 CDX, at end of the day it isnt a huge and expensive job to do (unlike if your belt/chain brakes and tries to eat at everything within your engine bay) If your wanting to keep the car for a while or just mechanicaly sympathetic like me i would definatley get it done sooner rether than later. Mick.
  4. Hello As said above whip out your cabin filters (x2 of them) and replace with new ones theyre probably filthy and clogged up which would explain all the dirt/dust and the poor strength of the blowers trying to clear the windscreen. Give this a read it tells you where you need to be looking in your car and where you can sorce the new filters from, http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...hl=cabin+filter Mick.

    Brake Discs

    Bit of a late post i know but ive been busy, I got the Black Diamond combi (drilled and grooved) discs and pads for my 1999 CDX and i just gota say, WOW Well impressed just when you think your at full braking force they bite even more and stop you in no time. They dont come cheap but at the end of the day i think your brakes should be the first upgrade you do and not the last (safety first!). Just glad i got rear drums so i did'nt have to pay for another set!
  6. Hello If its behind the front wheels and roughly under where your dash is situated above it will just be the moisture coming from the air-con and dripping out of the pipe underneath, so no need to worry Regards Mick
  7. Hello Matt, Not had any experience in having bought one of these but i have heard they are very very expensive, but if you can afford it they do sound like the dogs danglies, just wish they did one for the petrol engined Avensis, Regards Mick.
  8. Hello Cheryl, Sorry to here of your troubles, dont mean to rub salt in the wound but for future reference when you hear something strange get it checked out soon as you possible. As for sleeping tonight have you tried nytol?
  9. Hello chap read this link tells you where you need to be looking http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=54725
  10. Hi, anyone know where i can look to find out what "cars/models" these alloy wheels will fit? "Four (x4) Wolfrace Drift 17" inch Alloy wheels in a shadow chrome finish with gold studs and have a deep dish look, 7x17 with a 35mm offset and are multi fitment (5x100 and 5x108) with Falken Ziex tyres fitted and balanced ready to go..."
  11. I only know what you know I pay a little extra to have GTX magnatec put in by my local garage and the rest of the stuff i just leave to them Sorry to be of no use mate but least i replied/tried
  12. His prices are cheap, my cam/timing belt using the genuine Toyota part was only £110 fitted and i know from ringing Toyota myself the belt alone cost £35 and when you bare in mind what a big job it is to do (time consuming removing everything from left hand side/corner of engine bay, remove engine mounts and jack the engine up just to get access to start and do the job etc etc) i dont know how he can charge so little Just give him a ring or pop down and see him for quotes on jobs, i gave him try and he exceeded my expectations and im as fusy with my car/bike as anyone ive ever met
  13. Told you so :P It was so worth subscribing to this forum just for that little gem of information "Note to-self no expensive steering rack needed"
  14. Relisted yet again at lowset ever price... cant believe theyre not sold yet... :( http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Wolfrace-Alloy-Wheel...1QQcmdZViewItem
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