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  1. Why does Celica club uk initials change to toc?
  2. I'm ams on TOC!, tried to become a corporate member on here but had no response, cheers for the recommendation scarlett-arrow, what's your user name on TOC!
  3. Hi Id like to become a trader on here - PM sent to Steve, thanks
  4. i c u drive a celica now! what gen is it? are u joined up on www.celicaclub.co.uk?
  5. Ive been gone for a while - moved into the celica world and havent really posted on toc for a long time, now have a 2000 vvti veilside lambo doored celica, a 87 celica convertible, a 72 celica. Was speaking to a chap over on celica club on friday - asking me if i had pics of my old paseo and i got the paseo bug - bought 2 paseos since then! One ive collected and is white, body a bit tatty but a descent motor otherwise, the other is the green colour and has some body damage, not sure what to do with them yet, but im moveing away from modifying and more into restoring so that may be the fate of these 2 babies. Good to c a few of the old faces like jamesb and 96paseo still about - can u remember when we used to post on paseopimp? is that still going?
  6. got mine from booster tuning, but be prepared to pay about 500 and wait 6 months as they are now made to order
  7. Ive spoken to him before and he is very expensive, I sold my ta40 complete for £190 - had a good engine and gearbox in it!!!! Keep an eye out for a complete ta40 as it will be cheaper than getting one off shaun
  8. toyota still supplyt the fobs - think its £70 for fob plus £70 for the recode - try another dealer
  9. have you thought about painting them red? A few guys with paseo's have done it and it looks quite good
  10. check that the new light wiring isnt earthing out anywhere.
  11. booster kit is expensive but is a very high quality and easy to fit kit, expect to wait 6 months for it though. If you've spent £1300 on the car, and you want to make it look descent - u r looking at about £500 for rims (17) £500 for kit and £300 for fitting / painting. Why not sell it and get a celica instead, u can pics up a decent gen5 for around £1000 now and it will leave the seo for dust even if u spend 2000 on engine mods
  12. I got a little bit of water down the plug holes, even though I covered them, took ages for me to clear it, every once in a while it would miss, it was more hassle than worth, the celi has loads of dust on it and could do with a blast but I dont think I will
  13. thats a lot of cash for a respray mate, but looks nice,
  14. I sold my last st for 1200 with more miles, so Id say its a fair price, you can pick them up for as little as 700, if you spot them
  15. at about 20mph, stick it into 4th /5th let the clutch off and put ur foot down on the accelerator, if it revs but doesnt accelerate, get the clutch changed, change the clutch before it completly goes as u could end up damaging ur gearbox aswell.
  16. how loud is it? Is it enough to cause a disturbance at night?
  17. I had similar consumption issues with one of my paseo's (5e-fe), it wasnt using a lot about the same as what you guys are getting, changing the rings cured the problem.
  18. if its the front bumper - then im guessing the drunk driver was you?
  19. personally think it looked better before - are they 14s?
  20. happenedto a mate of mine, he put a letter through each box asking if anyone had seen anything and the person owned upto it themselves. A polite letter may be worth a try mate.
  21. sounds to me like you may have a minor leak somewhere, or as other people have said the brake fluid might have gone bad.
  22. no way ae86s?? - they fetch serious money man, post some pics the next time ur up that way, could use a lot of the parts on my mk1 / mk2 celica projects
  23. when i was looking for my 7 i was told on several occasions by various dealers that cars were 190 - and i corrected them when most were 140's
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