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  1. hi I am trying to sell my celica GTi quickly any advice would be good
  2. hi good place to look ----> http://www.toyotacelicaonline.com/bodykit5.htm
  3. I havent been on here 4 a while cause me comps been f***'d up. Been saving hard though and new job means more cash to blow on a car yippeeeeee!! Anyways thanks for help guys, I think I'll just keep my eye open for a standard uk spec GT4 around April June.
  4. well motec is the best and probable the most expensive way to go, it has plenty of zones for those techies to play with and there are some extras that motec make which also cost alot that will help.
  5. hi de hooooooooooo Been away from this forum for quite a long time, anyways I'm back now and I've got money to burn on a new car, thing is I need to source one. I'm after a gen 6 GT4 around the end of april (8-10k to spend). I've been looking at imports but I'm not sure about them as tracing history seems like it could be a problem. Any of you guys know of a UK specialist in GT4 sales Cheers DJ To all private sellers, not interested looking to trade my car and want a warranty TAH!!!
  6. Hello (1st post in a while) I don't understand the reason for the disc error on the PS2 I have had one for two years with no problems. It would seem to be a waste of time to get a new one rather than get yours sorted. Make complaints to sony and the shop and keep bothering them. Most likely they'll replace it with a new one. If not then get an X-box it's by far the more surperior machine and is now getting all the game licensing. Here's an idea though why not wander into a shop that sells secondhand units and buy one of those, at least it doesnt cost as much and you know the machine has been tested.
  7. Deejay

    Supra Tt

    Where are you buying it from? Is it an import? Colour? HI it's a silver/grey import from a local dealer he keeps one TT and an N/A at a time
  8. Deejay

    Supra Tt

    Thanks lads, I was begining to think no one posted in the Supra forum. Anyways should be geting one it in the newyear, can't wait! :D
  9. I own a gen 5 but would suggest a gen 6 simply because they're newer cars and have some revised parts that make them more reliable and also marginaly quicker (on paper anyway). Plus you get those nice quad lights and a better interior.
  10. Deejay

    Supra Tt

    Hi I'm looking to get a supra TT - I need to know if anyone on here is in the same insurance category as me and what they are paying. I'm 25 have 3 years N/C, live in a low crime rate area, and the car is a P-plate. My insurance company have quoted me £957 per year over 10 monthly payments. Is this good or bad and what are you guys paying
  11. :D Just record that wav file, play it really loud on your stereo and you too can have the sound of an "asthmatic field mouse being dropkicked" :D :D
  12. HI, Looks very good in the pics can't wait to see the finished job. As to wether there is a market for it I would say definetly yes, loads of lads like graphics. Might pay to create a website with pics of your designs. Could make a few quid out of it!
  13. HI, Just wondering how your cars fair on emitions tests without a CAT, anyone had experience with MOT's?
  14. HI, It's not easy finding UK stockests of celica kits but there are a alot of foreign ones, of course you'll have to pay for shipping. The link below has a guide to makes from US, Japan and Europe, I havent looked throught them all. Some of them look !Removed! awful, but there are a number of nice ones http://www.toyotacelicaonline.com/bodykit6.htm Here's a couple of useful links for tuning parts etc. http://www.hyperformancedirect.co.uk/ http://www.streetracers-bodystyling.co.uk
  15. Deejay

    Celica V6

    What's crazy about it he's done a good DIY job, nothing wrong with it..................You're problem is, if it aint got a hairdryer attached it aint worth it. There's nothing wrong with being enthusiastic about cars and trying different things. And the N/A converstion is a good way to go, if you're technicaly able to do it yourself One more thing every post about performance you've posted is always about horsepower, torque has alot to do with it and so does power to weight ratios, two things you never take into consideration. :fishyface:
  16. Deejay

    Celica V6

    One of the problems the guy said was wheel spinning in fourth, must be fairly light, but I suppose that can also be attributed to torque.
  17. Deejay

    Celica V6

    Found this on a US forum Would of done the 3sgte swap myself, but still it's a good idea for any N/A v6 lovers Car: 1990 Toyota Celica GT Coupe Engine: 1997 Toyota Avalon 3.0L V6 Stock Rated Power and Torque: 200 & 220 Tranny: 1999 Toyota Solara 5spd Axles: MR2 Turbo & GT4 hybrid setup Radiator: GT4 w/ custom lines
  18. Here's the link http://www.perfectrun.com.au/carparts_list...omputerlist.htm
  19. If you are thinking to get 3S-GTE (GT4 engine) onto your ST202 CELICA with 3S-GE, youfll need this product, which enables you to plug-in 3S-GTE ECU onto your ST202 CELICA instead of standard ECU. By simply using this special harness kit, you wonft need any modification to original wiring harness of your car. Has anyone here used this and if so how easy does it make the engine swap?
  20. Your going to see more and more posts change from the original thread, that's quite common. I'll stick with what I said about the 57i for the celica, but like I said before "I have a 5gen so it may differ". Also as the car moves quicker then surely it should improve cool airflow? F :censor: it let's just agree to disagree keep playing with the air filters until you're happy with it.
  21. Firstly youve just contradicted yourself, secondly it isnt a proper cold air feed pipe, it's just a larger capacity tube (bit pointless I made my own) and the filter is designed to be lower restriction than standard. If the area surrounding the airbox is hot then the air that passes through it is hot If you want a cool air intake then buy one and you'll see the difference, but if like me (gen 5 celica) nobody does one for it then you'll have to make your own
  22. The K&N isnt a cold air induction kit, it's simply K&N's cone filter kit, used to help fuel injected cars breath better than a standard airbox. If your car was running worse than standard then your filter isnt fitted properly. The air box draws warm air too (check it when the car is hot). If you setup the filter again and reset the ecu it should be fine. It is going to need an air-intake. I put two in, one behind the battery casing near the front wheel arch and one from behind the front lights. Of course yours may be different as I have a gen 5. If K&N dont know what they are doing then why are they world renowned?
  23. Sounds like your cars going to be a serious piece of kit when you're done, You'll have to post the dyno sheet when your nitrous is done. If you get the garrett turbo and front mounted intercooler with those forged pistons you should be close to 400hp, it'll be a even closer to 500 hp with a 75/100 shot of nitrous
  24. At a guess 3500 to 4500 should be enough to take you close to 400hp. With 2k to start with you could get quite abit done to it, or not alot depends on the quality of parts you want - Suggest a Blitz Nur Spec or mongoose exhaust system, HKS or blitz induction kit, HKS BOV & dastek unichip/motec engine management. Get the chip fitted after the exhaust and induction kit to, or you'll have to have it setup again.
  25. Deejay

    My New Celica!

    Cool... The 4th gen seems to be popular down south from what i could gather.. saw them all over the place and hardly any 5th gens... Including me there must be at least 3 of us
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