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  1. here is mine with 18" wheels... and yes, it makes it a lot slower cuase theres more mass to move http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/gallery/al...lbum01/DSC00455
  2. no stikcers cuase i am not into that Fast and furius thing :D the neon is still faster :D
  3. it needs some cleaning, this weekend iam going to have some fun cleaning it
  4. i love this car! :P http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/gallery/al...lbum01/DSC00455 http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/gallery/al...lbum01/DSC00579 http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/gallery/al...lbum01/DSC00542 if you cant see the pictures, copy and paste the links but my dodge neon is still faster :hokus-pokus:
  5. mmm.. i am not a fanatic of "car clubs", but lets wait until i get the car first :D why dont you simply buy your stuff using miami express or whatever express services whe have in pma?.. they wont charge you nothing but taxes and shipment and you can save that extra cash people charge you for bringing you parts only way i buy something in Pma is : 1. i need it fast 2. will cost me almost the same and i dont want to wait rickdohc
  6. wazzzup Blackmika yea... if everthing goes right whe will buy that red TS!! I NEVER THOUGHT THAT U BUY A COROLLA TS///NEVER!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- :P why not?.. its a very good car, i know it wont be as fast as my neon as it is right now, but with some $$ it will be as fast or faster. but seems to me that i will have to spend mucho dinero to making it as fast cause an intake and muffler wont be enough every performance part i have found cost much more.... but if i can make a neon fast i can make a Ts even faster :D david... i need ur number.. i will call you back rickdohc!
  7. black rat?.. David?.. jaja.. ROLF :D yea.. its me.. guillermo I'm Assuming that you bought the red one ------------------------------------------------------- still waiting 4 aprovement this week, but chances are 99% that whe will buy this car Tremendo deal, All ready loaded by RPSA, Short Ram Intake, Springs, 18" wheels, Arospeed Exhaust System, Kicker sound system, Injen Covers and more. Felicidades paps, sit with us and we'll bust lot of competitors!!!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ur right..... loaded! i have a set of ra1's (15") ready for every tuesday :D those 18's are going to slow me a lot 1. Crower will have then in June 03. (Stoker kit is allready avialable) w/ valve train and other mods. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ thats nice.. crower makes very good products! 2. Chips are not ready yet but, Apexi power FC can make yr car open the light @ 5.8k and cut @ 8.7k ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thats the APEXI AFC that your using?.. whats that "light" that opens at 5.8k? 3. Stock Exhaust system sucks, U can Kiss goos bye the cat & resonator, TRD header + 8hp, universal exhaust system ex: N1 +9 ponies up, depending of your pipe diameter, You better than anybody should know that, remember or race in the strip in RH. ----------------------------------------------------------- what about the exhaust it has right now?.. will that work? where can i find that TRD header and estimeted price? 4. Weight, not sure but a good 2,800 lbs + the driver weight should do it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :( needs some weight redux, seems a little bit heavy this guy is the ex owner of the fastest neon in pty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ex owner?.. i still have and wont sell that car... its going even faster this month :D i got new "chicheme" in 2 weeks crazy: nice looking TS... what you got under the hood? are you running similar times like the RAT? :D hey david.. i got to call you or call me at 270-6751 whe need to talk WISH ME LUCK!!!
  8. in a few days my wife and I will be new owners of a Corrola TS so, here goes a few questions 1. where can i find a set of performance cams, cam gears and valvetrain? 2. what can whe do for the ecu?.. is there any aftermartket chip out there? 3. is the stock exhaust system good enough? will i see any hp gains with a upgraded header, exhaust pipe and a good muffler? 4. how much does a TS weight? thanks for your help! rickdohc <--- from Panama, Central America... yea!, they sell Ts down here! :D
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