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  1. Nash

    Mpg Check

    My yaris t-sport was gettin about 29/30 mpg....that was on 17's and that without driving with a heavy right foot....my 2 litre clio is getting 34mpg WTF?!?!?
  2. When i had my yaris i got a mate to record the speedo with digi camera on a 0-60 sprint, then uploaded to my pc. Just timed with a stopwatch watching the movie clip from 0-60 and it was about 8.8 secs....and that was a 1.5 T-sport.
  3. Check the link http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW There not mine....honest B)
  4. I had my t-sport on gmax springs and 17's...£80 to get fitted. I would recommend getting your arches done as whenever i had anyone in the back it would rub under a bit of acceleration.
  5. Did anyone hear that victoria beckham was having an affair with Michael Jackson?? Jacksons lawyer said its impossible as he was in Brooklyn at the time....
  6. Cost me £80 to get some GMAX fitted to my yaris. If anyone on here is interested ive got some Yaris T-Sport -20mm springs for sale....£15 + delivery email snatton@hotmail.com
  7. I once had my yaris T-sport off the clock...and thats without any mods. It was a private stretch of road of course. It felt pretty stable but i was still sh*tting incase a big gust of wind knocked me off course....bye bye life.....very dangerous at that sort of speed!
  8. There was a vid posted a while back showing someone called Oli doing a 16.1 run in his Yaris T-Sport.....think it was pushing out 121bhp ......not bad at all!
  9. Nash

    Pic On 17's

    I will try and find a pic of my old yaris...that was on standard suspension for a while and it did sit very high with 17's on........just get it lowered it will be worth it
  10. Nash

    Bye Bye

    Cheers mate, Like I say this is a quality forum......the difference between this one and the clio one is that not everyone on here is obsessed about racing people and bragging about which cars they've smoked!! Keep it up
  11. Nash

    Bye Bye

    I know the Yaris is a fast car but I wanted something that was more powerful and I cant afford a Celica T-Sport :( and i dont fancy a corolla T-Sport. I'm going to miss the build quality of Toyota.....cos i no renault cant touch toyota for build quality. I didnt have any bother with my TS. So a unregistered Clio 172 Cup at £10500 is a bargin, insurance is a nightmare but im sure it will be worth it.
  12. Nash

    Bye Bye

    Well the time has come where im no longer gonna be driving my Yaris T-Sport....all thanks to some :censor: crashing into me. I wanted to buy a Celica T-Sport but boy are those pricey!! So I guess I will just be popping back now and again to see whats happening on the site. I've really enjoyed driving my yaris and this has been an excellent forum I finally decided to go from Japan to France dont send the lynch mob round !! I'm picking my new Renault Clio 172 Cup up on Friday.....ive already been on the cliosport.net site and the forum is not as good as this one. Anyway bye for now.... ps some mods are still for sale....email for more info snatton@hotmail.com
  13. Im selling my 17" tsw ribs with Nankang 205/40/17 tyres. The tyres have only covered about 2500 miles and the wheels are totally unmarked, never kerbed. As good as new. Taken from Toyota Yaris will fit any toyota with same offset. £425 ..... buyer pays for delivery or buyer to collect......Im based in Washington, Tyne & Wear You can email me at snatton@hotmail.com for any questions
  14. Nash

    Bye Bye Yaris

    Cheers Kieran, ive received the payment. The gaitor is on it way right now. Thanks again Nash
  15. Nash

    Bye Bye Yaris

    Yeh i have gmax springs but it would cost more to remove them and sell them so im just leaving them on....however I have a set of T-Sport -20mm springs for sale at £35 exc delivery if anyones interested
  16. Nash

    Bye Bye Yaris

    Yep I ordered an Apexi induction kit , but they are such quality people at Evny they said they wont charge a re-stocking fee for my cancellation of the induction kit. Top people at envy....saved me a lot of hassle....
  17. Nash

    Bye Bye Yaris

    Well I dont really want to talk about some b :censor: d crashing into my car.....so lets just leave it at that as im a little bit upset to say the least.....actually im totally gutted to lose my yaris....
  18. Nash

    Bye Bye Yaris

    Kieran, havent received your email mate...make sure it sent to snatton@hotmail.com Dannyb999, The alloys are TSW Rib and come with Nankang 205/40/17 tyres...they've only done about 2500 miles...the wheels are also unmarked. I would imagine they would fit on any toyota yaris....i live in washington near newcastle upon tyne........i will pm with price if your still interested
  19. Nash

    Bye Bye Yaris

    Well a little bit of misfortune has meant I have to lose the Yaris :crutchy: .....this means I will be putting my 17" alloys up for sale along with my clear rear clusters.....and the richbrook gearknob and leather gaiter...see pics below if anyone wants more info just email me at snatton@hotmail.com or pm me
  20. Very nice car mate, Where did you get that heat sheild for your induction kit if you dont mind me askin?
  21. Nash


    I've just been to halfords to order a Mongoose cat back exhaust system. The problem is the guy said its designed for the 1.3 Yaris so he's not sure if it will fit onto the 1.5 T-Sport. Can anyone shed any light on this as I want the exhaust!!
  22. Nash

    Jus' Signed Up

    Hello mate , I also live down the road from you in Washington.. Its good to see more T-Sports in the Northeast!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Thanks for the comments.. Carl, the gear gaitor was pretty easy to fit and the gearknob was the easiest.....the handbrake handle was the hardest to get off, took about 20 mins to work out that if you pull the handbrake handle hard enough and twist at the same time it eventually comes off, then you just slide the leather and new handle on and tighten a few screws and your sorted!! The gearknob and leather gaitor are richbrook at £53 for the pair, the handbrake and leather was only £25
  24. Just added the ripspeed handbrake and leather cover..... lets hope the pictures are shown!!
  25. Nash


    Mine too........ :P Cant wait to hear that sound!!
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