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    Very nice car Jess! ;) What are you lowered on, how low, any issues what so ever?
  2. Dont get me wrong, the lightened flywheel and perrin crank pulley are good, but if you go and do the rest of those mods as well, then you will feel quite a noticeable difference compared to standard, I say go for it! ;) Im on this too...
  3. Probably would make some difference, but dont expect much, a supercharger or turbo would be your best bet if your looking for a lot of power... If you do the lightened flywheel and pulley, you might as well do exhaust, manifold, clutch, air intake, unichip perhaps, then you will feel a difference compared to standard. ;)
  4. Ive also heard that this is possible in some way. Try giving Kevin a call @ Envy Performance... ;)
  5. Ive got the Envy CAI, its really top notch!!! If Kevin can get his hands on one for you, then there's nothing else to talk about, get on it!
  6. Yeah definitely you have to speak to Kevin, he's the Yaris man over @ Envy, but Gaz also can help, he knows his stuff too! ;) Anyways the exhaust you want is the second one, this is the one for our cars... http://www.envyperformance.com/index.cfm?f...Product_ID=4654 Best bet is to give them a call, much more easier and faster to order and ask questions then by mail...
  7. Yeah I agree, I guess its down to personal opinion, RS*R is very good as well, so is HKS, you just have to choose...
  8. Hi and welcome! Just my 2 cents worth... Lower using TEIN S.TECH springs 35F/38R (Upto £250) Best choice for springs only, or you can always go with a coilover setup, the Tein Basic Damper is fully adjustable regarding height, will cost you around £500 though. Upgrade either the front or all 4 Brake pads with EBC Greenstuff or Endless SSS pads (Upto £150) Good choice, stick with either... Fit either 195/45/16s or 205/45/16s Stick with 15's instead, 195/50/15 is the best setup in my opinion! Fit either K&N Typhoon Air Intake or Blitz SUS Power Induction Kit (Upto £200) K&N over Blitz
  9. Thanks a lot, will try this soon because its quite annoying...
  10. Hi! I have a phase 2 TSport and I noticed recently that when I press the clutch, there is a squeaky noise. It seems to be coming from under the bonnet and not from inside the car. Could this just be a lubrication issue with oil or WD40 that I can solve, or is it something worse instead? Thanks! ;)
  11. Then another £300 for the install isn't that much, atleast it would be done by Toyota Motorsport in Köln, where Kimi got her's done, they atleast know what they're doing, I hope! :o
  12. Yeah thanks, I saw pictures of the massive piping size of the Fuji, its amazing! Kev also mentined just like you that the Fuji is the best exhaust for power gains, Im going to have to think it over... Im also considering the TTE supercharger perhaps, will have to talk to kimi about some details, also find out the current price.
  13. Thanks guys! Tuned up, definitely the way to go is Envy, I highly recommend them! ;) Armored, I called Kev @ Envy about the RS*R and he mentioned that they discontinued the exhaust model for the Yaris, so unfortunately he doesn't have anymore in stock. I dont know about a decat, there are frequent inspections on the roads around here, I might get caught and be fined, so I really dont know if thats a safe route to go with? Might still think about the Fuji though, will have to ask Kev's opinion on this as well... Cheers!
  14. Check out these vids of the current setup, the first one is only of stock middle section taken out and replaced with high flow resonator and Megan backbox, the others are with the current Megan manifold, Envy CAI, and Envy sports cat and Envy middle section as well as Envy/Megan backbox. Would the Fuji be louder or better? The current price of the Fuji is around 330 pounds from Envy. You can tell the difference between the 1st video and the others regarding sound, its so much better now! In all the vids all you can here is the little Yaris! Cool What do you guys think? Enjoy! Cheers,
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