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  1. ONLY fit an AGM battery as it is inside the car. The last thing anybody needs is for battery acid flying around the car after an accident. Also ensure that the battery has vent points that connect to the vent hose on the car.
  2. Does the Yaris Hybrid have a traction battery cooling fan and vent like the Prius has? With the lately warmer weather I wonder if it that fan that can be heard, especially if anything is covering the fan vent / grille.
  3. 1st thing I would do is to look at the cabin filter. If it is blocked or very dirty you will have no or little cooling and also possibly a smell like a wet dog.
  4. Another way of cleaning the rear discs is to find an empty space and drive in reverse quite fast and brake hard. This will force the rear brakes to act and also help to free of any "sticking" calliper slide pins.
  5. As Ivan suggests, put silica gel bags under the front seats. I have put a couple under each seat that came from any goods bought that has them in the box or packaging. Since placing these under the seats I have not had any condensation issues on the windscreen.
  6. I have seen something similar on a Nissan Navara. When reverse is selected the MFD screen shows images from all around the vehicle. Cameras are fitted front, rear and under both door mirrors. Great for manoeuvring in tight spaces.
  7. Hi Tony, No, the Gen 2 Prius does NOT have the "Hill Assist" function. My Gen 2 T Spirit certainly didn't. I believe it came in from the early Gen 3. My 60 plate Gen 3 has it.
  8. Hi Andrew, It is possible that a door or the boot lid was not fully shut. This will stop the remote fob locking the car.
  9. No Guy, In europe they measure fuel consumption by how much fuel is used in 100km or approx 64 miles. so the lower the amount is better. In UK we measure how many miles we get per gallon so the higher the better. It confused me for ages when I lived in Germany many moons ago.
  10. You could try asking neighbours to turn their WiFi off while you test your key fob again. Ask them 1 at a time as that will help to narrow down which one is causing the issue. I had this once when staying at a hotel. Asked them to kill the WiFi for 5 mins while I tried the remote and all worked. They turned WiFi back on and the remote failed.
  11. Sooty

    The flood

    Does the engine turn over when you try to start it? If not, then you have flooded it with water and have got a hydraulic lock with water sat in the cylinder(s) which will not compress. Only solution would be to remove the spark plugs/ injectors soonest and try to turn it over. If not head removal and severe clean and oil change is needed soonest before the water ruins the internals. Moral of the story - DO NOT drive through floods.
  12. Check the settings on the MFD in Audio mode. Ensure that sound is central and BASS is normal or low.
  13. #Cyker, have a look at this link: Toyota Yaris Review (2021) | Autocar This may explain your question. Also, looking at the Yaris GR it seems to have a 1.6ltr engine. Don't know if that could be the difference.
  14. Could the 2 types refer to whether they are "Run Flat" or normal tyres?
  15. Take the car to a different garage, preferably a Toyota dealer. Get them to fully examine the braking system. It sounds to me as if the mechanic didn't know what he was doing with the Hybrid braking system. If Toyota find an issue then get the first garage to pay the bill.
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