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  1. Driving around is better for the tyres as well. Keeping them in the same spot for too long can cause flat spots and also weaken the side walls.
  2. I would say the 1st port of call would be try changing the data/charging lead. I have an Iphone and had this problem with charging even at home using the wall brick. Look at the contacts on the lead, you will probably find one is black or scratched.
  3. Try putting a couple of Silica Gel bags under the front seats. You get those bags in any electrical goods wrapping.
  4. Does your friend know anyone else with an Iphone 6 who is on a different network? It could be that the network signal is to close to the frequency of the key. Putting the key in a faraday cage would block the car from seeing the key and cause all sorts of issues.
  5. Get that bald tyre removed and replaced with a good one.
  6. The Personal Hotspot in Phone Settings will NOT make any difference. Try making the connection from the phone in Bluetooth settings. Or try, in the audio setting on the car, setting it to auto connect to phone.
  7. PeteB is correct. On the Gen 2 it was only possible on the US models and some European ones.
  8. The button to disable the ultrasonic alarm is on the panel around the courtesy lights.
  9. Don't hold your breath! For some reason car manufacturers seem to be hell bent on crippling systems on cars for the UK market.
  10. Very glad to hear that the "issue" has been resolved.
  11. Hi, Just mention it to them at the time. They will clean up the rims before fitting the tyres. They did mine a couple of weeks ago on the rears when I had the fronts changed.
  12. quite possible. I notice the cycle sign on the road immediately before the stop was triggered.
  13. European law states that all speedometers MUST read a percentage plus 1-2 mph above actual speed. Odometers Must be accurate for legal and insurance reasons.
  14. I think the top button is to be able to switch off the internal movement sensor. This is to allow the alarm to be set when leaving a pet inside the car without the alarm going off when the pet moves. HTH
  15. Try changing the cabin filter behind the glove box. I had the wet dog smell in my Gen 3 when I purchased the car. I replaced the cabin filter and the smell disappeared. HTH
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