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  1. Very good point Joe. I did use "B" mode for that very reason last winter when we had the sudden snow in Stoke.
  2. "B" mode is just like using low gears to help reduce brake application on long down hill runs. It really only has a use in the above situations as it helps reduce brake "fade" from over use of the brakes causing them to over heat and fade. "B" mode is just about no use during normal flat-ish driving.
  3. On my Gen 2 I had the same issue. I bought a Tesco own brand with a spoiler and that worked very well without any wobble.
  4. Sooty


    Hi Richard, Two things spring to mind immediately. 1st, are you pressing the brake pedal hard enough, or 2nd, Check that the brake lights are coming on as it could be the light switch has gone faulty. This is also very dangerous and illegal on the roads.
  5. Another way to clean/ operate the rear brakes is to reverse quite fast in a safe area and brake. This way the weight of the car is transferred to the rear and the rear brakes will apply harder. Also Regen braking does not work in reverse as far as I know. HTH
  6. A lot of people tend to forget that the HSD is a "battery assisted petrol engine system" and not a "petrol engine assisted battery system".
  7. This is normal. I get the same on my Gen 2 Prius. It is just the friction between the pads and discs. A bit like if you rub your hands slowly on a metal surface. I am sure that this is nothing to worry about.
  8. It is a default setting in IOS 11 that when it detects travelling it assumes you are the driver and mutes all incoming calls and messages. I don't have IOS 11, but I believe you can disable it in the "Do not Disturb" area of settings. HTH
  9. Thanks for your input Peeps.
  10. I fully agree with this. My Gen 2 has 90K on the clock, I have done 58K of those. A lot has been motorway driving and I don't hang about. At 75 - 80 MPH I only hear the ICE if I boot it to pass another vehicle or if going up steep hills with my right foot down near the floor. Generally a very quiet car.
  11. If it was tracking, wouldn't only the front wheels have the wear on the same edge. All 4 tyres have the same wear on the inner side. This is what makes me think it is the camber as set up during manufacture. I put new tyres on the front a couple of years ago, possibly 25 -30 K miles ago. They have minimal wear over the rest of the tread and the rears have done at least 50K on them. I am due to renew the rear ones soon due to age and getting low, so can't complain about that. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the wear only on the inner edges on ALL 4 tyres.
  12. Thanks Keith. I have had the tyre pressures 1 or 2 PSI above the recommended pressure for fuel economy reasons. Would have thought that the MOT or service would have picked up weak springs though.
  13. Hi, I have noticed recently upon checking the paperwork after the MOT and 90K service that it is mentioned that the inner tread on all tyres have worn more than the rest of the tyres. Have any of you noticed this? Is this normal? I suspect that it could be the camber on all four wheels as set up by manufacture. I would be very interested to know if this is normal. Many thanks.
  14. A very nice and good write up. Thank you for your insight. I own the Gen 2 T Spirit and would not want to drive a "conventional" car again.