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  1. what is the difference in engines and looks of a ep 92 and ep82 can anyone post some pictures for me email them to me so i can make my decision between importing or buy in the uk cheers chris
  2. im a tech my self and can verify that if too noisey it can fail a mot also the wing mirror problem did you have a ns mirror and rear view mirror all in use if so you is a total f##king idiot
  3. what can the turbo and internals handle power wise
  4. What insurer is that with? and is it in your name? Only reason i ask is my brother is looking at a GT Turbo and he was getting quotes of double that! yeah that was in my name with my brother on the insurance as he has 8 years no claims, it all declared mods and turbo and this is with elephant insurance
  5. hi just need some advice on insurance its looking like i will have to pay around 1500 pound for fully comp on gt turbo with exh fmic and suspension is this about right for a 18 yaer old with no ncb but one none fault accident as well
  6. thanks alot lads hopefully looking at a couple over the next few days cheers once again
  7. hi to all i'm looking into buying a starlet gt turbo import but i'm 6ft 4 and quite well built am i likely to get in one and what is the main things to look for on