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  1. Happy Birthday filcool!

  2. When it comes to things like this i would be very picky and fussy about it not looking the same, but having said that im also a bit OCD about rattles and if they had to drop the headlinging out and put in a new one,no doubt there would have to be trim pieces removed to get it in,this could cause its own problems with marked trim pieces.slackening of clips and the rattles that could follow from them being removed. in this case i would probably rather live with the fuzzy patch but it depends how you see it, Why cant things just be easy. phil
  3. I had a similar noise on my car just before the service,it was 1 of the rear pads dragging on the disc slightly,you can test if it is that by having the window open and applying the handbrake while coasting,it will either stop or get worse,but at least you would find out if it is that. I told the garage and during the service they stripped the brakes and copper slipped all the slides and runners,hasnt happened again since that was a few months ago. Havent noticed anything with my reversre camera,i have noticed the displays in the speedo are a little slower when cold,must be the lcd screens. phil
  4. I use a product called kurust,its made by the same people as hammerite,you dab it on the affected area,leave for 15 mins and it neatralizes the rust,then touch in the chip with a touch up colour stick,i use a cocktail stick to apply the the paint if its only a small chip,a bit neater than a big blob off the brush.
  5. Decided to give the car a good clean and polish today as a bit of a treat,the white really looks good when its all clean and polished,just a bit of a monkey to keep clean. i put on some wind deflectors and vinyl stripes as well a while ago to make the side not quite so plain. phil
  6. My dad has a 1.6 tr and it does the same thing,i did look through a few old posts about this and some seem to say its some sort of emissions control measure,the blip of revs burns any excess full in the system when accelarating fairly fast. Also just test driven the new yaris and its the 1.33 and does the exact same thing,a small blip of over rev like you havent lifted of the pedal fully but your foot is right off. I dont really like that as it seems like you cant drive properly but i think it must be a new feature or quirk of the new breed of toyota engines. phil
  7. Ive had an auris HSD for a few months now,this is my first hybrid car,i agree with what everyone else says about comfort and smoothness of the car. Ive still not got the best from it MPG wise it currently gets 42.1mpg,having said that,thats because its mostly on the power mode and in the power band,it just seems wrong driving a hybrid fast but i just cant help it at the minute because its so smooth and seamless accelaration,it does it so well. Im sure if driven sensible it can achieve better mpg as others have proven. I would just say you have to change your driving style,im not mental and thrashing on doing 100mh just brisk accelaration up to the speed limit and staying there,if you put it into eco mode i just find the throttle very dull and lifeless,i sometimes just leave it in normal which is none of the modes selected,but mpg stays about 42. If your a resonable fast paced driver it say youll never reach 70mpg,just depends how you drive your current car. Not a complaint of the car though just some info for you. phil
  8. Ive just removed a single din cd player from a 54 plate yaris because im selling the car,i fitted it years ago and it did not effect the clock or mpg display,it just stopped displaying the radio station,i just left the old stereo in place as i could nt find a repalcement pod to replace whole radio.if you remove the rectangular plastic cubby above the ashtray itll fit in there no problem. i never had any other electronic problems with the locks or any other of the part of the car. When i fitted it i bought an aftermarket harness so i didnt have to cut any of the original car wires,just plug and play,made it a lot less hassle and it can be put back to original should you ever want to.
  9. After reading and replying to this thread i decided to have a look over my own auris to look for any rust spots,mines an 19 month old hybrid model,bodywork wise no rust which i wouldnt be hoping to find on a car at that age. under the bonnet there is a few of the hose clamps starting to show signs of rust,also the bonnet catch has a wee bit on it,although i think that is to do with lack of lubrication,ive now put on some proper grease. Ive never really noticed these things before until i really looked,i just kind of expect a bit of that with it being just metal parts,alot of them not treated to prevent from rust,i doubt ill mention it to them at service because i would already kind of know the reply,i dont think ill try to get these sorted because sometimes it causes more hassle than its worth. Good luck with your case though,you never know if you dont ask. phil
  10. Although i would also probably be unhappy to because im really fussy with my cars,im sure toyotas thinking is that these are only cosmetic problems with your car,they would only probably act if everybody starting complaing about the same things as yourself,as for there not being quality,im sure the car in other ways is such as engine and running gear is reliably which is probably the most important thing with a car. The steel wheel issue im sure if you checked other steel wheeled cars 99 percent would be rusty after 2 to 3 years old,not just toyota i mean all car manufacturers,to much cost to properly paint a steel which is never seen in usual service. As for what to do next dont know what to suggest,dont think you would have much of a case against toyota with these things or not? phil
  11. Havent had any problem with mine yet ,maybe because its a bit newer so hasnt showed up yet. The seat runners would only really get rusty if first the paint had been chipped of and then the runners were continuely wet or damp for a fair amount of time,so i dont think they would sort that out unless it was extreme corrosion which i would dont think it would be as inside the car should usually be nice and dry. steel wheels always rust,as do the nuts,the nuts are just untreated metal so will rust quickly,the wheels are painted black but never as good as alloys are so salt and rain soon rust them up,usually hidden by wheel trims so again unless extreme corrosion i dont think that will be covered. bonnet stay i dont know about that,painted but not the quality of body paint so probably chips and water spray rust it up,replacement i would have thought not as its not a critical part to sure the stay could be removed and spray painted with a tin if you wanted to tidy up the bay,and the runeers could be touch up with some brush on black metal paint. only my take on things others might say different, phil
  12. I would say that the disc s and pads need a settling in period from new to get the best out of them.theres always going to be slight oil and contaminents on the pads and discs from production and these need to be burnt of with some firm braking from higher speeds,braking at slow speeds in towns is not enough to get them bedded in properly. Ive replaced pads and discs on a few cars and the brakes are always poorer for a while than the ones i took off but they just need bedded in to get them working at full power.
  13. Hi there you can get genuine toyota lowerings springs for the auris,just wondered do they fit the hybrid model or do you have to get a different set for that car,and also if you do have to get a different set,is there a genuine set available as i cant seem to find one. thanks phil
  14. filcool

    Dirty Brakes

    If the brakes do need a clean they could be binding slightly which could cause sqealing at different speeds,not on my auris but previous yaris it made quite a bad squel when turning one direction,but after i cleaned the brakes it stopped so it could easily be just the brakes needing attention. When taken for a service at a toyota garage i dont know if the brakes are stripped down and cleaned or just a visial check is caried out,i always strip my down even after a service just to make sure everythings oiving freely,i hate noisy brakes. phil
  15. filcool

    Dirty Brakes

    I just serviced the brakes on my auris hsd the same way,dont know if you did the same but i put a small amount of copperslip grease on the areas the pad slides on this ensures everything stays nice and lubricated,you can get away with doing this every year and everything will remain silent and no squealing. phil