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  1. anyone know where i could get an ae111 bz-r in uk as prices in ireland are too high and i really want one? any help appreciated.
  2. macatak

    G6r Wanted!

    cheers boy nice car serious miles on her though
  3. macatak

    G6r Wanted!

    I am looking to buy a 99/00 g6r
  4. macatak


    im mac an im from cork
  5. im in kinsale. had a good look on the net ysterday but couldnt find anything cheaper
  6. couldnt find anything cheaper than that :( im trying to get them as well. where are you in cork?
  7. macatak

    New Shocks

    Does anyone know a good internet site that sells either standard or uprated shocks for my e11? im thinking about lowering my car and wanted to see the price difference
  8. macatak

    Body Styling

  9. no i dont have the car lowered at all so i dunno how it happened but i know its gonna b expensive to get fixed. That puts all the mods on hold for a while anyway
  10. :censor: heard rattle from front of car last night, checked it out this morning and found that i need 2 front shocks,a cv joint a rear topshock mounting and to top it all, theres a leak from my sump!
  11. cheers boy hav 2 go 4 red i'd say. it'll definately will freshen up the dash
  12. anyone got lowering springs for a 97 e11 3dr and also clear side repeaters? and does anyone know where i can get a manual aswell?
  13. thanks i tried my regular shop but they dont have them. Any idea where i could buy them on the net?
  14. the bulb for my petrol gauge is gone and i was wondering if u can get different colour bulbs for it b4 i take out the instrument panel
  15. thanks wasnt sure if it was 15w-40 or 10w-40