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  1. I`m going abroad in a few days, I`ll have a look at a few engines and get them. I need help in installing some gauges, I can`t locate the vacume Pipe on my engine, all other gauges are installed and runing. Yuni
  2. Hi there, I`ve got a 98 GLi Corolla 4AFE. I taken out some parts and put in new ones. I`ve got an Airintake and an exhaust system, without headers. I`ve got a really good fuel economy with this stuff, I get 18 KMs per liter on long drive with A/c, in an average speed of 100 - 120 KMs in a mountainous terain . My cars Cluster is 180 KMs I can easily reach that speed. Now I want more from my car, can I get a turbo for it ? or should I swap engines, and then which one. I dont want to go over 1.6 . so what are your suggestions what should I do Yuni
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