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  1. other then the gt4 engine is ther an easy way to put a 2L turbo in it? and what gearbox do i need to change the engine to run 4wd?
  2. mattwho


    hum i had a standerd starlet turbo with nakers shocks on the frunt and i still did a 15 1/4 mile
  3. some of you might know that i want to make the 98 rally car! well its time to start looking but i need to know what car to make it from! its got to be the right shape so 98-99 i guess but whats the biggest powerfull engine ther is from that year? thanks
  4. im lucky my dad has been scratch building cars for years so we should be ok can we list what needs doing and the parts needed? all in order if poss
  5. so let me get this right i need a gt4 for parts lots of help lol and a 98 corolla 2 door is the 98 shape same as the 97-96?
  6. looks like a biggy might have a think about a starbo turbo engin in 1 drop that my misses like the look of a corolla 4wd 2L turbo lol so looks like the plan
  7. anyone made 1? gt4 running gear and done a propper job lol im thinking about it just wanted to know anything you can tell me matt
  8. mattwho

    Rally Rep

    thanks man glad i got a reply ill let you all know how i get on
  9. mattwho

    Rally Rep

    so looking into making a rally rep of the corolla rally car whats the year of the car i have to buy as a base is it a 97 or 98 allso whats the body kit called? i know im only going fwd and that would mean an engine transplant but what will fit that has some grunt? allways wanted a rally rep and the corolla is my fave one other then the 6r4 and the rs200 lol
  10. mattwho


    where can i get this kit from and how much does it cost? any links plz
  11. forgive me if im wrong but is the 4afe the starlet turbo engine without the turbo? if so buy a that engine and put it in thats 135 hp standerd and u will never forget that boooooost
  12. mines for sale and im 6 foot and i got loads of room but i have the recaros ther a bit thinner then standerd seats and makes moor room
  13. mattwho

    Help Plz

    hello all need a lil help plz im after a car but i dont realy know what so ive just got a few idears i wonna give u to help me. i like this rally corolla i know im not gonna be able to aford the real thing but i like the looks and the wheels so its a good place to start what year is this car? (older the better as i still have to buy one) what body kit is it? are the arches this wide on the street car or not? how much do theas street cars go for? what engines can be put in them with the least hassle? ty in advance mattwho
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