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  1. Unlike Britain Japan has excellent transport so they dont use there cars as much!
  2. That picture you posted offended alot of people, why dont you get a ban?? and you offended Jim lad!!! be honest who else have you offended???
  3. Its the BBC we pay or License fee for so you wrong! ;)
  4. Im out of here soon as well!!! ubik <the spuds of lurrrrvve>s ubik ****** **** ubik *****
  5. Can we say our opinions or are they only allowed if they dont offend???? Cos it seems that when any thread get interesting its closed!! I imagine no one would have a problem with or be offended by someone saying Christmas is when everyone gets drunk alot, makes a fool of themselves and generally act like typical brits! But yet when you say that Eid is when all the Asians act like mentalists, its classed as racist by the mods, white mods at that! Dont let this site end up like the country, WHERE THE MINORITY GET THERE WAY!! Some others have had threads closed because they have strayed from there original point (jesus have none of you been in a meeting!) I imagine that TOCS last meeting about the dismal amount of hits/users on the site ended up in a similar way!!!!!! :!Removed!: Now this is probably the last time I will post as Im on my final warning, a warning which I could not care less about! but maybe I would if there was one toyota club, but like most on here I find myself elsewhere these days! Thats a shame as there are a few on here I like chatting too, even if I dont actually admit it!! :!Removed!: ;) The whole time I have been on here I have stayed loyal to my old owners club and they have gone from strength to strength, whilst on here its become a ghost town populated by a dozen people! Someone should be clever enough to figure out why! One last thing, I have never met anyone on this site under 18, so why is everything we say or do got to be family friendly!! Put an over 17 ;) content warning on it so that we can all act normally! Im sick of seeing that 'sad muppet' comment as it makes me cringe as it was obviously made up by some old man who thinks he is being hip and clever, its not!!! In the same breath the same people can thinly disguise a foul word and get away with it!
  6. thats brilliant! one question, why have they not oved on in terms of smoke created from tyres!?!?!?!
  7. Special Red


    Jones- What are you on about?
  8. He left without saying why!!! He obviously does not get on with the management and thats the problem, they would gag any comment he made!!
  9. I wanted one of those :( Went to get one today and there are none left Only takes afew attempts before you master it!! Lovin it!! BTW there are loads on ebay for about £20!
  10. Special Red


    Chav, who has a whale tail and tinted lights and a dodgy number plate?? Just winding you up mate!
  11. Snap the TRD owners hand off mate! It will be well worth it! One thing why do the have two types of alloy???? I'd hope the grey standard 16 alloys were for track use as those others are sick!!
  12. I got Indoor helicopter £500 cash 212 and Hugo Boss Aftershave 400 bensons Cars DVD Jumper Socks Beer Book Champers and cognac Tshirt Tank of fuel (Grandad always does it!) and the obligatory chocolate orange!!! and if my old company pay me some compo then there could be another £1000 on its way which means GT4 Time! Dashowstopper - why are you not a chelsea fan!! lmao
  13. There is no way a good theif can get one off in 20 secs as it has to stay on for over a minute (or two) IIRC to get thatcham approval! Can't remember how long it took to get off as I watched the video about 5 years ago but all I will say is that the steering wheel was <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ed when they were done!! Not exactly usable for the average thief! ;)
  14. Should I buy it????????????????????????????????????? arrrrrggghhhhh
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