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  1. On my Yaris Verso there is connectors for front foglights, centrallocking and seat "warmer". When I installed my foglights I was happy to see that toyota used the same cables on all Versos so everything was in place.
  2. It is so easy, thanks to TOC and the pictures I did it in less then a hour...Good luck
  3. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=8945
  4. Hi, I've fitted an aftermarket head unit today to my Yaris and everything went fine thanks to this "old" workshop submission. Great help and glad that it still is on TOC... This weekend the front doors will get new speakers, also thanks to the information on TOC. :P
  5. Is there really only one interior light in the "normal" Yaris? The Verso has three one in front, one in the middle and one in the back.
  6. They fit my Yaris...is it not the same... ;)
  7. Hello, Long time...I still love my Verso. New Remus backbox fitted and on monday mrT takes care of if as there seams that some of the Yaris and Yaris Verso have problem with rust under the floormats and this is fixed under the extended warranty. The will keep the car for 2 days and rip out the whole interior??? Have you recived the same letter in Norway???
  8. My is a Verso and I was able to remove the mount thru the "innerlight" I dont know where the aerial is on the "normal" Yaris. Sorry for not being able to help you more. BR Fredrik I Guess nobody knows :(
  9. Yaris Verso...or not...maybe...please...?
  10. Just saw this post, the far right on is for the display and volume control, I think, I had a Dension Ice-link and it was connected to the right one. As you will not use the volumecontrol and display (this will be done on the new HU) I think you just leave this unplugged. I will install a Alpine this weekend so I hope this is right....:-)
  11. Your car is so clean...Nice. I just ordered the foglights my did not come with any...
  12. I use my car so little so I always disconnect the battery when I park the car and It works without any problems (radio and clock is reset..) I had problem that the battery was dead when that car was parked for more than a week. Thats right disconnect with minus and connect with minus (ground).
  13. I´m located in Stockholm and today we had +22 and it was great. I will call my garage on monday to see if they can order the badge for me. Your car looks so clean, I try to keep my as clean as yours but...two kids...a wife...I have still not find a good antenna for the Verso, the ones that fits on the Yaris (non verso) goes not fit on the Verso. My futher plans for the verso is right now...Bodykit, lowering, sportsseats, backbox, painting mirrors and front lights...We wife will hate me...All my cars ends up the same...
  14. How much was the badge? Would you help me to get one? Maybe you want to be the only one with the Fun Cargo badge...Please.. Have you found any good antenna? I bought a beesting but that did not fit good so that one is now on a VW Polo...
  15. Maybe, We can help each other. I´m looking for a bodykit for a Yaris Verso 2002 and found that in Malta there is some Verso (funcargo) with this kits. I buy my wheels from this site and I can ask them if they can ship to you. www.infosite.se some black rims but maybe you want other brands, the one I bought was good but some on TOC say they are chaw..:-).
  16. Yes...that one was really, really scary....
  17. Looks great... Colourcode the mirrors. Debadge if not...:-) Was it hard to lower??? Im tying to order a complete bodykit for my Verso form JP.. http://www.topgear.se/yaris/DSCN5185.jpg
  18. Nice car...Eller fin bil som vi säger på svenska...Letar efter en till mig själv. Jag vet att det skall finnas 40 stycken sålda plus en eller annan privatimport. Welcome to the club.
  19. Looks nice, Clean... Best regards from sweden. -Fredrik
  20. Ehhh! 18" or not...I went for 15" as I was very concerned about not changing the handling to much, my wife uses the car daily...And also I dont want any problems with the bearings and stuff like that.
  21. The wheels look better in real life... Lowering (I use it all year around so maybe this is not so good). Colourcode mirrors. Take off VTTI badges on the side. Backbox??? Foglights or LED in the spoiler
  22. Please let me know what you think...with chaw alloys and everything Input and your opinions,please... Yes, the OZ stickers is no longer...
  23. Please let me know what you think...with chaw alloys and everything :D
  24. Ugly??? I think its kind of nice...or ugly... I cant really decide, but one thing is for sure it special... Today I put on new wheels and did some debadging...Will post pictures right now...
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