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  1. Hello All, Am looking to fit a rear mount cycle carrier to the T sport, been for a look at what Halfrauds have on offer but the staff did not have any product knowledge whatsoever. Has anyone successfully found a suitable carrier for use, bearing in mind the spoiler's in the way? There's no towbar fitted so that's a non starter, and don't really fancy a roof mounted one. Regards.
  3. Hello, My 6 year old T Sport (04) is coming up on 120k in just a few miles, still does not noticeably use any more oil than when it was 18 months when I got it, it was always juicy anyways so can't comment on fuel consumption, the air con still blows cool - never been re-gassed, and apart from leaving the factory with a few problems, once they were ironed out all I've had to do is change oil and filters every 10k and the usual brake pads/discs replacement when required. The exhaust has been sounding baffly for 3 years but still on the original system. Gets lifted and driven hard every single day. Changed lift bolts at 100k, don't believe the hype - no upward gain in lift, you get used to it so you want more power at the end of the day, so where do you stop with that one? Sky rocket maybe... Cheers.
  4. Yup, replaced with a brace of new bolts earlier today. See this thread Here if you want for pic of how the old ones looked.
  5. Toyota reckoned it needed doing, which surprised me as I had not long parted with Mk2 Golf with 280k on the clock that hadn't had a clutch in 10 years, anyway I made sure I got the old plate back and found it would've still been good for a few tens of thousands of miles. Basically they must've been hard up at the time and obviously desperate for my £75 to keep the dealership alfoat. The factory fitted faults really amounted to a duff computer. Dingles of Norwich where I bought the motor tried to fob me off with mats and stuff, but having lashed out 10k I wasn't about to let them off with it. They even admitted the faulty computer and put new tyres on saying that would fix it. I suggested they send that particular service manager for retraining - new rubber to cure an electronic fault indeed..! That dragged on for soo long (bit like this post) it felt like there was always a problem, but with a week to spare on warranty another dealer replaced the unit for me. As well as a heater louvre that was beginning to fall out. It has the common dashboard fault, with the radio sitting proud. And always has rattles and squeaks from somewhere on the dash. Otherwise, it keeps going.
  6. I'm in Liverpool - I only live here though, not from here... I didn't use a guide, been maintaining my cars since the first one back in '88. Did you get your bolt out? I'm lucky to have always had a set of 4" stillys for small work like this, saved me many a time. Will take the bolt into work on Tuesday and one of the machine shop fellas will sort me out with a die to clean it up, to be honest for what it does and what it costs it'll do until I am passing Toyota next time. You can actually get your rocker cover off with the last spark plug cover stuck in there you know, just undo the nut holding your A/C pipe to the anti vibration mount and gently swivel the pipe up and over the rocker cover toward the front of the car. Once it's off you'll maybe find better access to get the bugger out. Cheers.
  7. I was reading your thread last night and was thinking that the screw in question came out very easily when I last changed the spark plugs so was fairly confident of removing it today. Ended up with the same result as yourself! Anyway, here's a pic following of my ex 110k mile lift bolts, the worst area is facing, round the back they're only lightly burnished. If you have good eyesight, the bolt second from left has an amount of galling just above and to the right of the worn step. I've had the new bolts for around 2 1/2 years but just got around to it. Been out for a spin - there is no noticeable difference in lift. Cheers.
  8. Just done my 110K (miles) service today, 04 plate. To be honest, since I managed to get all the wrongs the car came out the factory with put right, the only bother I've had is with the alarm going off randomly, oh, and the heater switch will not turn on the fan when it's winter - I have to press the windscreen button then change mode. Clutch was last done just before warranty ran out on around 40k, still going strong, replaced weak battery last October. Still running on original exhaust and dampers. It flew through the last MoT in February with an advisory for tyres which I was getting 4 off fitted right after the test anyway. I thrash the car every time I drive it - which is every day - within the scope of the law. Nothing major so far...
  9. Checking for ovality on a brake disc? Why? The OD is in fresh air
  10. Got an 04 T Sport here with the above problem. I removed the bonnet switch a couple of years ago which is still in the ashtray, so I know it's not that that's causing the problem now. My only question is does anyone know how to disable the alarm completely? I'm now fed-up with traipsing outside every 10 min on a night like tonight... Cheers.
  11. When you drained your coolant did you make sure the heater was set to hot? I'd imagine you would have it hot this time of year, but if not then that could explain your cold problem as the heater matrix wont have drained properly and you end up with an airlock in the cooling system. Also, I seem to remember a similar problem with an older car (the overheating) and it turned out to be a dodgy radiator cap, though am not sure how to check that, just bin it a fit a new one I guess. Cheers.
  12. Got new set of discs/pads arriving today, all tooled up courtesy of a colleague. Are there any pitfalls? Or is it a simple job as per? i.e. Caliper and carrier off, and disc retaining screw?
  13. Jock, thanks for the dimensions. I appreciate you taking the time. Redneck, good points you made regarding issues of safety, the most sensible route to go down. I'll make the call. Cheers.
  14. Morning. Would someone be kind enough to provide an answer to my query please? Front disc is warped, away from home working in a remote part of the country, no easy access to get replacement disc but there's someone at work willing to skim the disc for me... The car is 04 T Sport. Thanks. Would've done a search but the only internet here is on my phone which is patchy at best.