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  1. Thanks It was the rear hatch sensor, it's now working fine. It must have got knocked out. Cheers really appreciate your help.
  2. Hi Guys I am really struggling with this issue and it's draining the battery flat. My Yaris door light (red one in the dash) will not turn off, i think it could be due to faulty door switch but i have no idea how to check it if it's faulty. Is there anyway to turn this warning light off or is there a fuse that i could check? All fuses look fine, I've spent 2 hours today but couldn't figure it out and now battery is completely flat. Please help. Thanks Qas
  3. Only starter is turning, engine won't fire. It was running fine before only when it was parked for few minutes then it wouldn't fire up at all. Starter is turning the engine fine. I think it could be imobiliser or fuel pump but would they just fail like that all of a sudden? I haven't had any issues with this car before. Thanks
  4. Hi Thanks for reply. I tried jump start and push start but still nothing. Engine turns but not starting. Could this be to do with the key? Thanks Battery is more than likely your issue it is either flat or[What a sad muppet I am thinking I can overide the swear filter] try jumpstarting it and see if it starts. If that fail and i bet it works it will be your starter motor is either jammed ( try push starting her ) or[What a sad muppet I am thinking I can overide the swear filter] and needs replacing. :)
  5. Hi Guys I haven't been here in a while. Today i was driving the Yaris and all seemed fine until i stopped at tesco for bit of shopping. When i tried to start the car it would't start, engine turns fine but there is no ignition. It's a 2002 D-4d and has been running perfectly till today. It seems like a immobiliser issue but i cannot be sure. Engine just turns and turns but no ignition. Any suggestions or checks i could carry out? Your help is really appreciated. Kind regards
  6. Hi Guys I am going to buy a 2002 RAV 4 VVTI GX 5 door. I just need some info if possible. How reliable are these cars, i've noticed some people mentioning that they suffer from engine management light problems and are costly to fix. Also the fuel economy is pretty bad for the petrol version. Can any please ease my mind as i really would like to buy one. Kind regards QAS
  7. Guys I remeber seeing Mythbusters on SKY about month ago where they tested these silly myths like adding acetone to improve the mpg, and as a result they found out that Acetone actually decreases the mpg overall. So please don't ruin your cars and just drive carefully. Acetone will ruin any plastic or rubber pipes your car might have and after a while it will eat through the valves and may crode the fuel pipes. That's was the mythbusters conclusion. Cheers QAS
  8. Thanks for the reply Benno, very much appreciate it. Do you have any pictures of these items, and are they easily accessible and removable. Please let us know. Kind regards QAS
  9. Hi Les, Thanks for that. You are right that it is an annoyance although I would like to clear it up as I am afraid it is the start of something that could get more serious or even cause a breakdown. I am very surprised that I have had no other replies as I am sure there are Toyota technician members out there who have come across this. Can you suggest how I might post again and get more replies. Regarding putting it into a workshop, my fear is that as it is not a long lasting problem and does not show up any error codes they might do a lot of expensive trial and error procedures. Regards John I have exactly the same probelm, engine starts fine but after a minutes or so it starts going blurb, blurb, blurb. Once the engine is warm problem dissapear. This has been happening since last month. I would like to know if anyone has a solution to this problem. I took it toyota for a check up, unfortunately this only lasts for about 5 minutes and by the time i get to local toyota dealer the problem is gone. So if any Toyota techies have any idea then please forward to us. Thank you
  10. Hi guys I changed the front Brake Discs and Pads last week on my Yaris D-4D, I purchased the discs from local Part shop and Pads from Toyota main dealers. Installation went smoothly, but now every time i brake i hear the knocking like some one is hammering, from the front driver side wheel. I have checked and re-installed the brakes discs but the problem remains. Knocking is not very loud but it is anoying me a lot and i can't figure out what it might be. Could the disc be faulty?? Any advise is appreciated. Thank you QAS
  11. Right, I took it for a long drive and here is my conclusion. Car pulls fine, on the motor way however when i turn steering just slightly from left-right it does move from front, which might be due to tyres running low on tread, should low tread tyres cause this?. It make the car feel bouncer like i am driving it on a spongy road or something. Also when i brake the car hard, it does move to left a bit. I await your reply. Thank you QAS
  12. I am taking it out for a drive again and let you know how and when it does it. Thank you for your kind advise. QAS
  13. Nope, it does this in all lanes. When i move the steering quickly left-right (very slightly) it starts too move left-right kinda feels unstable instead of steady on the road. I might get it checked out. Did yours do the same thing, I am used to driving Pulsar GTI-R which is much more stable at high speeds and sticks to the road, but My MR2 doesn't. I Need help
  14. I have standard wheels and tyres. 205/50/15 front and 225/50/15 rear. Air Pressure = 36psi front and rear (as stated in MR2 guide book). Any Ideas? Can it be due to suspension bushes or something like that.
  15. Hi. I have just purchased a Mr2 Mk2 REV 3 and while I like it very much, driving on motorway at 80mph+ it seems to move about left to right a lot, especially when going over un even road. Also when i move the steering wheels left-right quickly it does the same thing, it just doesn't stay stable on the road at high speed. Is this normal with the MR2s? or do i need to replace something? like shockers. Please advise? Regards QAS
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