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  1. As above, plenty of faults can occur with MMT. Many different technical bulletins to search through when diagnosing these faults:(. From incorrect clutches fitted (must be a self adjusting cover), stroke sensors, faulty actuators or even loose bolts on the selector shaft.
  2. Hi Moonstone

    a few years back you hinted it is possible to open a yaris bonnet when release cable broken. This happened to our w reg yaris, can u help?



  3. Hi Moonstone Mart,

    I just read a previous post of yours about a TPA800 fault.

    I have just installed a TPA800 and it is not functioning. All fuses are ok and get good voltage at reverse lamp and 7.2mV at the main power end (when ignition on) - on terminal 18 of connector IM2 which should read +15.

    Any idea what can be wrong?

    Thanks in advance, Martin.


  4. DOH! Just looked again... He's spot on - there's a jack hiding in there just like he says! ;)
  5. Check behind the removable plastic panel in the boot - drivers side.
  6. As above, most of them dont come with a filter for some reason but the space is there for one. Mart.
  7. you have to be pretty close so i wouldnt worry about it being unlocked when you are at work. it also wont unlock itself until you have actually put your hand behind the handle. Mart.
  8. if you are worried about it - take it to your local dealer and ask them to check it. better done before the extended warranty runs out as it will be a hefty bill if/when you have to pay for it.
  9. in your pic the retaining clip is pulled out...was it like this when fitted to the car or did you pull it out? when fitted, the clip should be pushed in to keep it in place. Mart.
  10. as the owner hasnt replied we will never know - but i have seen a yaris diesel engine block cracked in half due to this....the driver never mentioned exhaust smoke as it was over too quickly ;) i doubt a warning light/buzzer could have helped at all if this were the case.
  11. This is what i suspect has happened - seen it before.
  12. It doesnt say what the failure was. 'Blew up' isnt really a technical term lol. Did the oil leak internally and fill the bores? Lose all oil and score/sieze the shells? Mart.
  13. If they are genuine toyota fitted sensors then there are 4 little 'feet' that need to be pushed in before the sensor will pop out. But with you mentioning the plug on the rear is 3 inches from the sensor it makes me think they are non gen sensors so i wouldnt like to say how they remove incase you break them :) Mart.
  14. Tints are usually fitted on the inside of the glass. Mart.
  15. The glovebox lid has 2 clips & screws that hold it in - they dont just clip in. But still very easy to fit :) Mart.